Tom Hardy

photo by Tom hardy

  • Name: Tom Hardy ( Edward Thomas Hardy )
  • Date of birth: 15 September 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Hammersmith
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: British actor of theater and cinema
  • Marital status: married to Charlotte Riley

    Tom hardy: a biography

    Tom hardy was born in mid-September of 1977 in the Western part of the London district, Hammersmith, and was an only child in a Catholic family, Ann and Edward hardy. Soon the family moved to East Sheen – cozy Bohemian district of London on the river Thames. Here is a favorite place of residence of the creative elite, writers and especially artists. Tom’s parents are quite consistent with the place of residence: Ann fashion artist Eduard wrote commercials and a good Comedy.

    The boy grew up in a creative environment and in the school years, began attending theater courses. Parents wanted to give her son a good education, but with Tom it’s complicated. The guy didn’t want to learn. For the 13 young hardy learned what alcohol. A year experienced the influence of drugs. For this reason, and for bad behavior he was expelled from a prestigious boarding school.

    In 15 years, Tom hardy did my first tattoo. Subsequently they will be set. At 19 the guy won the contest and signed a contract with one of the modeling agencies. But there he was soon expelled. The reason is the same: drugs. A short time a young man attended one of the theater schools of Richmond. Training was cut short as all the previous ones. In the end, he continued his theatrical education at the London school of drama, where he trained in the Stanislavsky method.

    Tom hardy: movies

    Tom hardy under the guidance of talented teachers in his time taught the Anthony Hopkins, studied 3 years. But when he was called to play ordinary John in the popular TV series «Brothers in arms», an aspiring actor decided that study time to finish. He starred in this film about the Second world war, but was not. But the Thriller «the Fall «Black hawk down», released in the same year, «light up» a young artist.

    But soon Tom hardy changes the subject and appears on the screen in the melodrama «dot «and». It seems melodramatic direction is not liked hardy because he switches back to the militaristic paintings. For the filming of another war picture, he even moved to North Africa. The most notable film of this period is the tape of the enterprise. It’s a sci-Fi ribbon. It is even more successful work. This is a project with a huge budget, the size of which is up to sixty million dollars. Name of the movie «Star trek: Nemesis». This picture many consider to be a real springboard in the career of hardy.

    For operation in the following picture Tom hardy came in his native England. He was invited to the role of the hero in the Thriller «LD50: Lethal dose». This movie was released in 2003 and told the audience a dramatic story about the attacks of a terrorist group Greenpeace at the laboratory where the experiments were conducted on animals.

    I must say that in between filming, hardy successfully plays on the stage. In 2003, he even won a prestigious theatre award for his work in productions of «Arabia, we shall be kings» and «Blood.» A year one award of Lawrence Olivier.

    With joy met numerous fans of Tom hardy its appearance in the historical film «Marie Antoinette». In this film, Tom finally had a lot, and spectators quite enjoyed the image of the handsome and brilliant game.

    At the end of 2008, hardy appeared in the famous Comedy guy Ritchie’s «Rock-n-Rolik». I must say, got the role quite controversial: he played a criminal on sexual orientation. It the film falls in love with a gang leader, played by Gerard Butler.

    In 2009, Slovenia inherited a large role in autobiographical drama Winding Refn’s «Bronson». This is a story about the most dangerous criminals of England, who had been in prison for about forty years. For greater similarity with the original Tom hardy even has gained 20 kg.

    One of the films, especially love, not only in England but also in Russia, it is «Wuthering heights». In it hardy has played a major role, and very professional.

    Latest popular ribbons Tom hardy be the Thriller «inception» and the action movie «Mad Max.»

    Tom hardy: the private life

    Personal life Tom hardy until recently was very stormy. As he argues, that in this life you have to try everything. Hardy himself admits that he’s had relations with both women and men. But solely for the sake of the experiment.

    While studying in London he met the actress Sarah ward. Bright three-week affair ended the wedding. But in 2003, after hardy got into a rehabilitation center, where was treated for drug addiction, Sarah left him. For some time Thomas met with presenter Linda Pak. When these relationships ended, others began, with actress Rachel AIDS. Rachel gave birth to That son, but the relationship, the pair did not registered.

    On the set of the film «the Storm gate» in hardy broke a whirlwind romance with Charlotte Riley, who starred with him. After a year, hardy proposed to Charlotte, and she said Yes. In 2010 they got married.

    Tom hardy: filmography

    • Brothers in arms
    • The fall «Black hawk down
    • Dot the «I»
    • Enterprise
    • Star trek: Nemesis
    • LD50: Lethal dose
    • Marie-Antoinette
    • Rock-n-Rolik
    • Bronson
    • Wuthering heights
    • Mad Max

    Tom hardy: photo

    Tom Hardy

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