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  • Name: Tom Hanks ( Thomas Jeffrey Hanks )
  • Date of birth: 9 July 1956
  • Age: 60 years
  • Place of birth: Concord, United States
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor, film producer, film Director, screenwriter, composer
  • Marital status: married to Rita Wilson

    Tom Hanks: biography

    Tom Hanks was born in the California town of Concord. And for his parents, for he was the third child. Tom has an older sister Sandra and brother Larry. His father Mefford Amos Hanks was a chef at the restaurant of Concord, and mother Janet Marilyn Hanks (née Frager) worked in a local hospital.

    When he was five years old, his parents decided to leave. According to the local laws of the state of California custody of the three children went to the father and the bulk of my childhood was spent that is Why with him. The family moved frequently, children are regularly changed the school and used quickly meets and to say goodbye to new people. Also remembers that the father was constantly changing girlfriends, one after another.

    While still in high school, the boy became interested in the scene. He participated in school productions and after graduation enrolled in the University of California to study the art of drama. While training at the University So several times participated in the annual «Shakespeare festival» held in Ohio. However, as soon as he had made an offer acting troupe from Cleveland, Tom Hanks did not hesitate to leave Alma mater and goes to conquer the theatrical stage.

    Pretty quickly the young man jumped from the stage to television. He participated in several television series such as «Taxi,» «Happy days» and «family ties» and the TV-movie «Mazes and monsters» and «He knows you’re alone».


    This Tom Hanks attracted the attention of Ron Howard, who invited her for the lead role in the romantic Comedy «Splash». The film was favorably received by the public, Hanks began to offer the role for the role, but oddly, all his films failed one after another.

    Another turning point was the shooting in a light Comedy «Big,» where the actor plays has increased dramatically in one night, thirteen-year-old boy. The ability of Hanks gently and softly to convey the fear of the child in the big world has increased the number of his fans and brought him «Golden globe» and the first nomination on «Oscar».

    The next few films — «Turner and Hooch», «the Bonfire of the Vanities, Joe Versus the Volcano», «a League of Their own» — was again well received by critics and viewers pretty cool, although the game Tom Hanks every time a whole new perspective.

    The most famous and popular actor occurred in the nineties. First, he in 1993, he played a single father in the movie «Sleepless in Seattle», then the homosexual dying of AIDS in «Philadelphia,» which was released in the same year. But the real triumph was waiting for the actor in a year when the famous Director Robert Zemeckis took a psychological movie «Forrest Gump», in which the main role of a mentally retarded young man played by Tom Hanks. The film won six Oscars, including the statuette for best actor in a major role, and the actor became a national hero.

    After triumphal procession on the red carpet, Hanks was able to choose the most interesting options of proposals. Therefore, soon followed by several other prominent works. «Apollo 13» — a film about the most dramatic time of human exploration of space, «Saving private Ryan» is a legendary picture that was included in the list of cultural heritage of the United States, You’ve got mail — a beautiful romantic Comedy, «the Green mile» — enthusiastically received film adaptation of the famous novel by Stephen king and others.

    In the new century, the success Tom Hanks is not extinguished. He has worked with such prominent Hollywood stars like Leonardo de Caprio in the adventure Comedy «Catch me if you can», with Emma Thompson in the biographical «Saving Mr. banks» about the author Pamela Travers, who is the Creator of the books about Mary Poppins, with Hugh Grant in the historical fiction film «Cloud Atlas» and other famous actors.

    Also behind Volume shooting beautiful adaptations of books, Jonathan SAFRAN «extremely loud & incredibly close» and Dan brown’s «da Vinci Code», «Angels and Demons». Now the actor acted in the movie based on the last book of this writer «Inferno».

    Personal life

    Tom Hanks is one of the few famous actors in Hollywood, which doesn’t give the tabloids. He is a great man, a caring husband and father.

    In 1978, Tom Hanks married his classmate at the University of California, Samantha Lewis. Mutual friends wondered how unidentified young man managed to win the heart of this girl, which is persistently rumored on the impregnable hunter fat wallet. Nevertheless, the wedding took place, and shortly thereafter Tom and Samantha are the parents when they have a son Colin, who later follow in the footsteps of his father, and later daughter, Elizabeth Ann.

    But because of the Mercantile wife queries, the regular scandals on financial grounds and regular weekends Samantha without her husband and children, the marriage was destroyed. And in 1988, Tom Hanks married again. This time his choice was actress Rita Wilson. The couple have two sons, Truman Theodore and Chester Marlon.

    Tom Hanks has already become a grandfather. His granddaughter Olivia, who was born in 2011, is the daughter of the eldest son of the Knees. Two years later, Olivia got a sister Charlotte.

    Tom and Rita are relatively quiet, modest and peaceful life. They regularly visit Church of the Constantinople Patriarchate, as both are Orthodox.


    • 1984 — Splash
    • 1988 — Big
    • 1993 — Sleepless in Seattle
    • 1993 — Philadelphia
    • 1994 — Forrest Gump
    • 1998 — Saving private Ryan
    • 1999 — the Green mile
    • 2000 — the Outcast
    • 2002 — Catch me if you can
    • 2012 — Cloud Atlas
    • 2013 — Saving Mr. banks


    Tom Hanks

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