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  • Name: Tom Felton ( Thomas Andrew Felton )
  • Date of birth: 22 September 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: London, UK
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: British actor and singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Tom Felton: biography

    Fans of the «Harry Potter» the name of Tom Felton, of course, well known. But everyone knows the fans of this talented actor about his life off screen?

    Andrew Thomas Felton is a native of London. He was born in September 1987 and became the youngest child in a large family, where he grew up three more sons. Therefore, as the youngest, was the favorite. Parents quite early noticed that the boy has many talents. He was artistic and had a wonderful voice and hearing. Little Felton took in the Church choir. Later when Tom went to school, he was invited three of the choir.

    Tom Felton
    Tom Felton | Veop.Gee

    When the boy was 8 years old, my mother’s friend helped him to get to sample children’s movie «Thieves». Felton was chosen among 400 of his peers, who claimed the role. Career began continued in the coming years. The young musician was invited to play heroes 3 pictures, of which the most notable was the film «Anna and the king». 11-year-old Tom Felton here got the role of son of the main character played by jodie foster herself.


    Star cinematic biography of Tom Felton began when the artist was 13 years old. He came to the casting of the famous Harry Potter. On the samples So honestly that I did not read any pages of beloved by millions of teenagers book. But he did not believe that I will be able to try out. However, Felton took them more than successfully. At first he even wanted to give him the main role. But, on reflection, decided that the image of the antihero, Draco Malfoy Thomas will look more organic.

    Felton was glad that will play a negative character. After all, it is always better remembered to the audience and evokes stronger emotions. Tom is a kind and funny guy. So he had to work hard to mimic the evil and arrogant character. And it succeeded brilliantly.

    Tom Felton in
    Tom Felton in «Harry Potter» |

    After the release of the film Tom Felton even felt that well-executed play and «cinematic» image tightly «stuck» to it. Many friends began to treat him warily, suspecting him to have those qualities which were inherent in Draco Malfoy.

    In 19 years, when it came time to finally decide on their future profession, Tom Felton suddenly surprised everyone: he chose an occupation which was his longtime hobby – fishing. The guy decided to learn to «fish», claiming that he prefers noisy glory and the bustle of the village peace and quiet. After some time, Felton, to the great delight of his fans, he changed his mind.

    Today filmography Tom Felton is quite significant. All films except «Harry Potter», he starred in the famous blockbuster «planet of the apes» and several horror films. Among the highlights of the «horror stories» – paintings «Missing» and «13 hours.» In the last Felton entrusted a key role.

    Tom Felton and Joseph Fiennes in the film
    Tom Felton and Joseph Fiennes in the film «Resurrection of Christ» | MultiKino

    Of the new paintings that had the greatest impact and received high ratings, it should be noted drama «murder in the first degree» and «the Resurrection of Christ.» In the latest tape, viewers saw Tom Felton in the image Lucia.

    To fully describe this brilliant actor, we must also note his musical talents, which are not scored today. On his account there are two. The first mini-CD with 5 songs appeared in 2008. It’s called «Time Will Spent». Second Felton introduced in the same year, called «All I Need».

    Personal life

    The actor has not yet married, although the personal life of Tom Felton takes its course. On account of the hero of the «Harry Potter» novels a few bright. First love happened when he was 16 years old. A girl named Melissa. But youthful enthusiasm has passed.

    During the filming of «Harry Potter» actor persistently attributed the affair with Emma Watson. But most of all, it is only a rumor.

    Tom Felton and jade Olivia Gordon
    Tom Felton and jade Olivia Gordon | Cosmo

    Actually Tom Felton was Dating Russian model Olga Yurevich and jade Olivia Gordon. The last girl actor met when they filmed the last series of «Harry Potter». Olivia was assistant stunt coordinator. The romance continues today.


    • «Thieves»
    • «Anna and the king»
    • «Harry Potter»
    • Planet of the apes
    • «Missing»
    • «13 hours»
    • «Phenomenon»
    • «First degree murder»
    • «Resurrection Of Christ»


    Tom Felton

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