Tom Cruise

photo Tom cruise

  • Name: Tom cruise ( Thomas Cruise Mapother IV )
  • Date of birth: 3 July 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Syracuse, United States
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: Actor
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Tom cruise: a biography

    American film actor, Director, screenwriter and producer Thomas cruise has Mapother IV was born July 3, 1962 in Syracuse (NY, USA). The future actor grew up in a large family (four children), he was the third child and the only boy. Tom’s father is an engineer, but his career was unsuccessful. Due to problems with employment, the family often moved from city to city. Tom’s mother was an actress.

    When the boy was twelve, his father left the family. After that, life became more difficult, the children had to earn money in your spare time, to somehow help her mother.

    At school the boy was uneasy, he had a rare disease – dyslexia (wrong perception of the written text). The disease was passed from mother, disease suffered. In school performance Tom was low, it even transferred to a specialized group, but the boy managed to cope with the problem and returned to a regular class. But that’s not the only thing that bothered the guy, he also suffered from complexes due to their low growth. So in school, So communicating with guys that were below him to appear on the background above. In order to grow a few inches, the guy active in sports and achieved good progress in the fight. Cruz planned to become a professional athlete, but due to a knee injury the young man was not able to build a career.

    The dream of acting came from Cruz at the age of sixteen, when he first played on stage in a production of the musical «Guys and dolls». Prior to that, Tom had other plans – he enrolled and studied in a theological Seminary, but dropped out and went to new York to build an acting career. Cruz’s goal is to become well – known for ten years.

    Tom cruise: movies

    In 1980, the future actor moved to new York, and the first thing it does – reduces your name, now he’s just Tom cruise. The guy attends various auditions and screen tests. A year after his arrival in the big city, a novice actor noticed and invited for the role of Billy in the movie «Endless love». Then there were several paintings with his occasional participation. But his first major role Cruz in the 1983 blockbuster «

  • Risky business», the film grossed sixty-five million dollars – it was a real success for the actor. But the final status of a Hollywood superstar stuck for a cruise after the movie «Top gun». Later, the actor starred in such successful projects as: «the Color of money», «rain Man». For participation in the film «Born on the fourth of July» (1989) cruise award Golden Globe and nominated for an Oscar.

    Tom had many successful roles, but the peak of his career is the film «

  • Mission impossible». Note that in this movie, cruise not only starred, but also produced paintings. Also a bright role which earned the actor millions of new supporters, the role of the vampire Lestat in the famous film»
  • Interview with the vampire».

    In 1996, the actor gets another Golden globe and second time nominated for an Oscar for best male role in the film «

  • Jerry Maguire». After four years on the big screen comes»
  • Mission: impossible 2″. The film was not only spectator, but also a financial success, gathering together five hundred and fifty million dollars. In 2001 short years, cruise starred in the fantasy drama»
  • Vanilla sky» for which he received the award «Saturn» for best actor. In subsequent years, the actor working on such famous films as «the Last samurai», «Partner», «war of the worlds, Operation Valkyrie and others. In 2011, Tom starred in the third part of»
  • Mission: impossible-Ghost Protocol».

    Tom cruise: Scientology

    Actor – open follower of the Church of Scientology, with this direction introduced by the first wife

  • Mimi Rogers in 1990. Therefore actively involved in various programmes and strongly supports the dissemination of Scientology and the recognition of science in Europe. As he stated in an interview that Hubbard’s teachings helped him to heal completely from dyslexia. After the terrorist attacks of September eleventh, Cruz acted as the co-founder and financial sponsor of the Purification program. Thanks to him, eight firefighters and the liquidators were able to undergo treatment in the clinic of Downtown Medical. For this, the head of the Church of Scientology, David Miscavige awarded cruise’s medal of Freedom.

    Note that the communication of the leader of Scientology and actor has worsened since Tom started Dating Australian actress Nicole Kidman, whose father was a psychologist and, perhaps, changed his religious views Tom. But after the breakup, which they say occurred without the influence of Scientology, Cruz again had established friendly relations with Mickiewicz.

    In 2004, in an interview, the actor admitted that he is against psychiatry, believing her to be a Nazi, and, in his opinion, this science should be banned.

    Tom cruise: personal life

    Tom cruise has been married three times. His first wife, actress Mimi Rogers, actor, lived three years (1987). Their marriage was considered exemplary, but in the end, the couple split up, allegedly due to the fact that Cruz refused to move to Los Angeles. Children from first marriage, no.

    In 1990, the actor met his second wife, actress Nicole Kidman. The couple met on the set of «Days of thunder». The lovers got married in the same year, after the Christmas holidays. The couple, Kidman, Cruz was considered the most durable, the actors were married for eleven years and adopted two children. In 1999, the lovers are together starred in the Thriller Stanley Kubrick’s «eyes wide open». Kidman and Cruz played for the couple who couldn’t deal with their problems. Two years later, the most beautiful couple of Hollywood has filed for divorce. The official reason was spousal employment. In the divorce, Kidman has seized the crews of ten million dollars.

    In 2001, Tom has tied an affair with the famous actress Penelope Cruz, they worked together on the film «Vanilla sky». In marriage the lovers are not joined, after three years of relationship the couple broke up. One of the reasons was jealousy of Penelope to the former wife of the actor.

    A year Ago, met his third wife Katie Holmes. Their beautiful novel discussed and was covered by all the tabloids. Cruz did the girl offer six months after the birth of their daughter Suri. The proposal of marriage took place in Paris. So I gave Katie a gorgeous diamond ring. The engagement of the couple officially announced to all of America on the Oprah Winfrey show. They got married in 2006 in Italy. The star couple had been married for six years, and in August 2012, Holmes and Holmes have officially divorced. But despite this, Tom is not going to leave his daughter, the actor loves kids and has long dreamed of a large family.

    It is noteworthy that little Suri was involved in a scandal. In 2007, the journalist E. Morton releases a biography of the actor, which classifies Cruz sectarian. In addition, he writes that Suri is not his own daughter, supposedly the girl was conceived specially preserved sperm Ron Hubbard. Of course, this completely denies and is suing the author of a biography. Data is really absurd and false, girl is very similar to Cruz, to verify this, just look at their joint photo.

    Tom cruise: filmography

    • Endless love
    • Legend
    • The color of money
    • Rain man
    • Far, far away
    • Mission impossible
    • Vanilla sky
    • Partner
    • War of the worlds
    • Jack Reacher
    • Mission impossible: rogue nation

    Tom cruise: photo

    Tom Cruise

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