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  • Name: Tolgahan, Salesman ( Tolgakhan Sayishman )
  • Date of birth: 17 December 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Istanbul
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor, model, TV presenter
  • Marital status: not married

    Tolgahan, Salesman: biography

    Tolgahan, Salesman – Turkish actor and model who became famous in his country after winning the beauty contest «Mr. Turkey». International fame brought him the melodrama «Between heaven and earth» and «Time of tulips».

    Tolgahan was born in Istanbul, the son of an immigrant from the Greek city of Thessaloniki. The mother of the actor is Turkish. The boy from childhood very seriously and responsible approach to all its activities. He is a very good student in school and spent lots of time on self-development. In addition, Salesmen from 10 years started working, and it was his own initiative, since the family could provide all its needs.

    But for Tolgahan labor has always been a need, emotional need. Until now, he says that as soon as stops working, it can sometimes be stress or even depression. Therefore, from childhood the future actor worked at the neighborhood barbershop, as well as selling water in the market.

    After school the boy goes to dogush Istanbul University and became a student of the faculty of business administration. But one only training mega-active young man was not enough. So he enters into a contract with one of the modeling agencies and is beginning to emerge on the podium. At the age of 19 Tolgahan, Salesman involved in the beauty contest and received a special prize for «Model of the future.» After a year at the same competition he won first place and becomes Mr. Turkey.

    With such success came the invitation to the fashion capital – Paris, where Tolgahan became the first Turk out on the most prestigious podium of the world. And in 24 years, Salesman again win a beauty contest, this time on an international scale. And here it was after this triumph, he received the offer to star in a movie. Of course, he gladly agreed, because hiding from all this desire, he secretly dreamed of becoming an actor while still in his Teens.


    First of Tolgahan of Salesman invited in one of the episodes of the television series «Prisoners of the heart». The experience though was small but was quite successful, as it is called in other projects – melodrama «Form of macho» and a Comedy «Young witches». Historical drama «farewell to Rumelia» forced viewers to pay serious attention to the young actor, and the first big success in the cinema was expecting Tolgahan after starring in the romantic Comedy «the Goal of my life».

    But the real popularity came to him when he released the love story «Between heaven and earth» and the family Saga «Time of tulips». After that, the producers and Directors literally piled Salesman various proposals, of which he himself could choose the most interesting.

    Since then, the actor has decided to star only in the main roles, and took part in creating social drama «Exile,» Comedy «Mazlum Kuzey» historical painting «Tiger» and the romantic melodrama «Never give up». The last work of Tolgahan today is a colorful fantasy Comedy «Byzantine games,» which was released in January 2016.

    Personal life

    Tolgahan, Salesman does not suffer from lack of attention of fans. Yes, and the actor considers himself quite affectionate. He very often there are novels with a partner for TV series. Some of them are quite short, others more lengthy.

    So, on set romance «Tulip age», he met and began Dating actress, model and Vice — «Miss Turkey» Serena Sarikaya. But these relationships through time is gone, and Tolgahan plunged into love with a partner on the series «Between heaven and earth» Selenium Solder, which, incidentally, has the title of «Miss Turkey 2007» and participated in the contest «Miss World».

    With Selena, the actor was quite long, but they split after his infidelity casual acquaintance. In 2015, the name of Salesman linked with actress Amina Hulse. They starred together in a TV movie «Never give up», but this novel was over, and the heart of Turkish handsome freely now.

    Tolgahan, Salesman is an ardent football fan. His favorite team is the capital club, Fenerbahce, also the actor does not miss matches of the national team of Turkey.


    • 2007-2009 – Farewell Rumelia
    • 2008 – Love Eclipse
    • 2008 – Goal of my life
    • 2009 – Game of love
    • 2010-2011 – Between heaven and earth
    • 2010-2011 – the season of tulips
    • 2013 – Exile
    • 2015 – Mazlum Kuzey
    • 2015 – Never give up
    • 2016 – Byzantine games


    Tolgahan, Salesman

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