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  • Name: Toby Kebbell ( Tobias Alistair Patrick Kebbell )
  • Date of birth: 9 July 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Pontefract, Yorkshire, UK
  • Height: 188
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Toby Kebbell biography

    British actor Toby Kebbell (Tobias Alistair Patrick) was born July 9, 1982 in Pontefract, located in the Western part of the English County of Yorkshire. Childhood and youth You spent in Nottinghamshire, where the family moved soon after his birth. He grew up in a large family. His parents divorced when he was a year and a half. The boy was left to live with her mother Michelle is a chef and landscape gardener.

    Among the interests of the young Toby Kebbell main was television — at the age of 17, he appeared on Central television in Nottingham. It was there that he met with the producer and Director Shane meadows, which determined his future career, however, already as an actor. The lack of appropriate education and experience did not stop You to achieve success in this field.


    Debut film Kebbell was the role of Anthony in the psychological Thriller Shane meadows ‘ «Dead man’s Shoes» (2004). Acting didn’t go unnoticed — he was nominated «most Promising debut» Award of the independent British movie.

    First starring role, opened to young actor a lot of prospects. With an enviable success he received offers from the Directors. Soon the audience saw it for the historical picture by Oliver stone blockbuster «Alexander». You made a lasting impression on the genius Director woody Allen, and that without preliminary tests and auditions, asked her to star in the film «Match point». The picture with the Kebbell came to the big screen in 2005.

    Toby Kebbell in the film
    Toby Kebbell in the movie «wild things» | OnlinesFilms

    A year later he played in the Thriller «wild things,» and in 2007 came the biopic «Control». The last actor appeared in the role of Rob Gretton, Manager of the rock band «Joy Division». The tape shows the life of vocalist Ian Curtis, a story based on the memoirs of his wife Deborah. Acting Toby Kebbell was highly appreciated by the critics. He won a number of awards, one of them – winning in the category «Best supporting actor» at the 10th ceremony of the «British Independent Film Awards» in November 2007.

    In 2008, along with Gerard Butler, Tom Wilkinson and Tandy Newton Toby starred in the movie «Rock-n-Rolik» Director guy Ritchie. On screen he portrayed the musician-addict johnny Kuida. Almost a month Kebbell had almost to starve, to convincingly show the image of the drug addict musician. Additionally, he learned to shoot a gun and play the piano. Labor of the actor is not in vain, because for this role, Kebbell won the award from the publication «The Sun». A future star, as he wrote in the tabloid, became the first in the nomination «Best male role». In addition, the actor was among the nominees for the prize of the British Academy in the category «Rising star».

    In 2010 the premiere of the film «Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time»: in the adventure Thriller Toby Kebbell played the role of Prince Garsiv. It is also worth noting the participation of the actor in a fantasy movie «the Sorcerer’s Apprentice», where he got the role of a magician.

    Toby Kebbell in the film
    Toby Kebbell in the movie «Ben-Hur» | HDQwalls

    The following years, Kebbell, never ceases actively to act in films. One by one go movies and TV series with his participation: «Black mirror», «EA», «wrath of the titans», «escape artist», «planet of monkeys: Revolution», «the Fantastic four». In 2016, his track record of acting added to the list of no less loud movies, «Warcraft», «Ben-Hur».

    Personal life

    As it became known in early 2009, actor Toby Kebbell Dating Rozvany Bashir. The pair met at the party the journalist Andrew Neil.

    Toby Kebbell and Rezwana Bashir
    Toby Kebbell and Rezwana Bashir | LIKESUCCES

    The choice of the actor — the former President of the Oxford Union and the United States Fulbright scholar. She is the founder of platform for booking adventure


    • «Savagery»
    • «Dead man’s shoes»
    • «Fantastic four»
    • «The sorcerer’s apprentice»
    • Warcraft
    • Wrath of the titans
    • «Match Point»
    • Veteran
    • «Escape artist»
    • «Alexander»


    Toby Kebbell

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