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  • Name: Tinto Brass ( Giovanni Brass )
  • Date of birth: 26 March 1933
  • Age: 83 years
  • Place of birth: Milan, Italy
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: Director
  • Marital status: not married

    Tinto Brass biography

    26 Mar 1933 in Italy came to light meter of erotic cinema, Giovanni Brass. Viewers know it as Tinto Brass, he chose the name.

    Giovanni was born in Venice, of the celebrated painters. His grandfather was a painter, and in his childhood the boy often hung around his workshop and helped him. Grandfather jokingly called the little grandson Tinto, which translates from Italian as «color», «paint». The name of the child so much that replaced this parents at birth.

    At Tinto has Russian roots. His grandmother was born in Odessa, and after school came to study at the Sorbonne. There she met her future husband and moved with him to Italy.

    After school, Sandy went to law College, then worked in the prestigious archives in Paris, famous worldwide for its rich collections. Qualified lawyer Tinto Brass is back in his native Italy and took a job at a film Studio as an assistant Director. He worked with Roberto Rossellini and Alberto Cavalcanti and so imbued with their creativity, he decided to shoot his own films.


    Tinto Brass debuted as a Director when he was 30 years old. He made his first film «who are working, Who lost» in the genre of drama. Painting like the audience and inspired a budding Director to further work. A year later, in 1964, Tinto took the Comedy «Flying saucer» and intellectual movie «CA Ira, the flow of the rebellion.»

    By nature Brass is an experimenter, he tried himself in different genres of filmed short stories, parodies, political sketches, westerns. Worldwide fame brought him the erotic movie.

    In 1968, the Director made the film «Scream», which for 6 years was banned. In 1976, Brass was shooting erotic film «Caligula,» but the audience saw it only 3 years, and then only in a truncated version — a sex scene cut. After the premiere of «Caligula» by Tinto brass, was considered a success.

    The Director has a distinctive style. At the core of the stories are historical facts showing the brutality and immorality of society. The audience the impression that they are spying for someone else’s life through the keyhole. In the center of the erotic scenes in Brass – the sensuality, the joy of life, the psychology of the characters, the emotions.

    In the 80s, Tinto Brass directed the movie «Peeping Tom», which became his Manifesto. In his biography of more than 20 erotic paintings, among them — «Oh, woman», «Breaking the taboos», «Paprika» and others. For the painting «Vacation» Tinto Brass has received the prize of the Venice film festival in 1971.

    In 2012, the erotic meter of directing presented the film «Who killed Caligula?» is the updated version of «Caligula» in 3D. Brass explained to journalists that the previous version was too hard erotic scenes, which he as a Director did not consent. According to him, Caligula sexy, sensitive hero, no maniacal cruelty.

    In some movies Tinto acted in small roles. The Director calls his acting fun. In the film «Breaking the taboos», he came up with the scene in which the photographer for sexy butt girl, whose wearing a skirt with no underwear. Tinto was so pleased to touch the actress that he was repeating a scene 30 times.

    Personal life

    Tinto Brass — a widower for many years he lived happily with Carla Cipriani. They met in 1963, when the Brass had directed his first film «who are working, Who lost.» Since then Carl helped her husband, inspired him. In marriage they had two children — a son and a daughter. In August 2006, Carla was gone. The death of his wife was for Tinto Brass tragedy, from which he had long recovered.

    Advanced age does not prevent him to hit on the pretty Actresses. In the 2000s, the media actively discussed his romance with actress Julia Marchuk who starred in his film «Breaking the taboos».

    Now, Tinto Brass is credited with an affair with Catherine Varzi, who before the meeting with the Director was a criminal lawyer, was fond of psychoanalysis and had her own column in the newspaper. Catherine advised the crew as a lawyer, and in parallel helped Tinto, as a personal therapist. The girl immediately attracted the attention of the Director. The affair erupted quickly and violently leaked, although the people Catherine tried to maintain a semblance of decency, but the behavior of Tinto Brass, left no doubt as to their true relations.


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    Tinto Brass

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