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  • Name: Vlad Dalakishvili Gocha ( Tina Dalakishvili Gocha )
  • Date of birth: 2 February 1991
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Tbilisi
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: the Georgian actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Tinatin Dalakishvili Gocha: a biography

    Tina (full name Tinatin), Dalakishvili Gocha was born in February 1991 in Tbilisi. Her name is translated from Georgian means «sunbeam». Tina is not the only child in the family. She has a sister. Mom studied Russian in school and with her daughters spoke it in Russian, so at Tina’s excellent knowledge of Russian.

    The girl never wanted to be an actress. By profession Tina Dalakishvili Gocha – landscape designer. She loves her job and continues to develop new projects.

    Tall and slender girl always was a congenital model. When Tinatin was 17, friends-photographers have given her a gift – their own professional portfolio. Thus, they contributed to Tina Dalakishvili Gocha significant changes. Soon she got offers to act in advertising.


    After appearing in advertising for Tina Dalakishvili Gocha noticed by Georgian film Directors, offering the work in short films. But notable debut role as film Rezo Gigineishvili «Love with accent». Initially, the Director saw the image of the heroine Lesia Oksana Akinshina. She was busy in other projects and declined. Then, Gigineishvili paid closer attention to the Dalakishvili Gocha, whose role in this project was to ensure that flicker in the frame during the shooting in Tbilisi.

    The painting «Love with accent» consisted of 5 short stories with different subjects. They all acted in different regions of Georgia. In the short story «Sochi-Batumi» Tina Dalakishvili Gocha has played beloved girl Lesya. She, along with her boyfriend Andrew, whose role appeared Nikita Efremov, forced to flee from pursuing her people hired by the father.

    The premiere took place in June 2012 and published in the framework of the program of the 34th Moscow international film festival. Box office was pleasantly surprised by this film, amounting to more than $ 2 million.

    It is in «Love with accent» Tinatin drew the attention of the Director Anna Melikyan. She was looking for an actress for the lead role in his new project called «Star». Previously unknown Georgian artist like Melikyan is his «prosrochennoy». The heroine of the new film was going to be just over 30. In the story Maria is dreaming about the glory of the actress, but lacks acting talent. Seeing the game Tina Dalakishvili Gocha, Anna Melikyan immediately recognized his Masha, although Tinatin was only 24 years old.

    Tragicomedy was released in 2015. Premiere of «Stars» took place in the summer at festival «a Kinotavr». For her role in this picture, Tina Dalakishvili Gocha received several awards including special prize of the jury of the 5th Odessa film festival «For the brilliant actor’s game» and a prize 10-th International film festival «Eurasia» «Best actress».

    Maybe, this film with the telling title will mark the beginning of a long and bright acting career of the Georgian non-professional Actresses. And although Tina and today denies the desire to become a movie star, but admits that she would like to play a negative character with a strong character and a sharp temper.

    Personal life

    Tinatin is currently not married. The girl talks about her personal life.

    Together with friends Tina Dalakishvili Gocha opened a café in old Tbilisi. Sometimes even goes to the visitors as a waitress.


    • Love with an accent
    • Star


    Tina Dalakishvili Gocha

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