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  • Name: Tina Kuznetsova ( Kristina Kuznetsova )
  • Date of birth: 16 August 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Kazan
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: Russian singer, composer, arranger, participant of the project «the Voice»
  • Marital status: married to Yuri Usachev

    Tina Kuznetsova: biography

    Christine A. Kuznetsova, which we know as Tina Kuznetsov, was born in August 1982 in Kazan. Her father was a physicist, mom a pianist, worked as an accompanist and teacher of piano at the local Conservatory. Mother Kristina took over musical ability. In addition to Tina in the Kuznetsovs grew older brother and sister.

    In 4 years Tina under the guidance of her mother she began to study music and play the piano. 6 years old girl went to a music school, where in addition to piano mastered the violin. According to his mother Kristina, the daughter already at school age she was able to pick up chords to any music. Perhaps this talent for improvisation, it is passed from grandfather – engineer-inventor who taught himself to play several musical instruments and owned seven foreign languages.

    In 1997, Tina becomes a student of the music school of Kazan, where he studied piano and piano. During this period the girl is fond of jazz. And so, because of this passion refuses to continue his studies in the Netherlands. Tina transferred to the Department of jazz and pop, where falls into the class of a brilliant Professor Anatoly Malygin. Here Kuznetsov learns playing jazz piano and does vocals at the same time.

    In 2000, the young singer received the Grand Prix at the festival «Nevskaya Lear» in St. Petersburg. It was the greatest reward of several dozen honored singer in the last decade.


    In the framework of various competitions and festivals Tina Kuznetsova frequently visits the capital. During one of his visits she gets with pianist and fellow countryman by Renat Gataullin. Together they created a Duo and began performing. The fruit of successful cooperation becomes the Grand Prix at the jazz festival in Moscow club «Blue bird». This award Duo of Kuznetsova-Gataullin won the best jazz vocal. Just then Tina said one of the members of the jury – Yuri Saulsky. Thanks to him, Kuznetsova was able to transfer to the budget Department of gnesinka, and once in the 3rd course of pop-jazz vocals.

    In 2002, Tina Kuznetsova created his own group, calling it a «C4 Project». The vocalist performs jazz compositions in original improvisation, which deserves special attention jazz music fans. The creativity of Tina highly appreciated at the festival «jazz in Hermitage garden», where the singer received the Grand Prix and awarded the title «Young hope of jazz».

    In 2006, Tina founded a new original project, which is called «Zventa Sventana». It is based on Russian folklore. In the spring of this year, «Zventa Sventana» performed at a private party one of the most popular Moscow clubs, after which the team became well known in Metropolitan circles of jazz lovers.

    In 2006-m the first album came out, Tina Kuznetsova and Alena Romanova, songs for which collected during the expedition of the Russian province.

    In 2007, Kuznetsov Yuri Usachev has created an electronic project called «My-Ti». This is club music, with which the pair successfully performed in many clubs of the capital. After a year, joint work with Usacheva brought the shadow of the award «Triumph», which is awarded to young performers.

    In September 2014, the girl becomes a student of the Institute of modern art, where he studied at the Department Tatyana Markovich.

    Show «The Voice 2»

    In 2013, biography, Tina Kuznetsova got a new page: the singer has filled out the questionnaire and came to the casting of the 2nd season of the show «the Voice.» After a performance of the song «Feeling good» blind audition the girl returned to their seats for four members of the jury. Tina was in a group to mentor wringing.

    It was a very strong tandem, in which the master brought Tina to the finals of «the Voice». Tina will perform well in the final, with Pelageya singing the song «Now We Are Free». She didn’t win, but has acquired many admirers of his talent.

    Personal life

    My husband and Christina met in 2004, when he was still a member of the group «Guests from the future». In the fall of 2009 Yury Usachev and Tina Kuznetsova got married. The following year was born the son of Gabriel. The family now lives in the capital.


    • Feeling good
    • Live smiling
    • Vanya
    • Sparkle sing
    • Ah you Gypsies!
    • The Skies Of London
    • Party rain
    • Dunyasha
    • Now We Are Free


    Tina Kuznetsova

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