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  • Name: Tina Kandelaki ( Tinatin Kandelaki )
  • Date of birth: 10 November 1975.
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Height: 167
  • Activity: TV presenter, journalist, producer and public figure
  • Marital status: married Vasily Brovko

    Tina Kandelaki biography

    Tinatin Kandelaki Jorjadze was born in Tbilisi in November 1975. The girl’s father – Givi Shalvovich First of all, an economist by education. For a time he was in charge of the city’s vegetable base. On my father’s Tina Kandelaki can be traced to an ancient noble origin. Mother Tinatin Elvira G. Alaverdyan physician. She worked as a doctor-narcologist in one of the Tbilisi hospitals. In the veins of the well-known TV presenter mixed Georgian and Greek blood from his father’s kind from the Armenian and Turkish mother.

    Tina Kandelaki in childhood
    Baby photo

    Tina Kandelaki graduated from the prestigious 64-th secondary school for children of military personnel, which was located in the center of Tbilisi. Daughter delighted parents excellent grades and great erudition: childhood Tinatin loved to read and was a very inquisitive child. It is noteworthy that the read speed shown by Tina, impressive: 264 words per minute! (Looking ahead, we say that the talent of speed reading Kandelaki in 2010 was used in advertising the new sports car Audi R8. During acceleration to maximum speed Tina had time to recite a famous poem of Joseph Brodsky’s «Verses on accepting the world»).

    Tina Kandelaki in his youth
    A young TV presenter

    After successful completion of high school, the future television star easily accepted into medical school Department of plastic cosmetology. But Tina Kandelaki was always interested in communication with people and communication. Therefore, even in the first year of medical school, she won a casting for one of the channels of Georgia. The channel staff noted the elegant appearance of Tina and the ability to stay in the frame. But on the way to a brighter future Kandelaki there is a problem – the girl was not in possession of the Georgian language. But she wanted to work in television, she set a goal to learn Georgian for three months. And achieved it.

    The first live show Tina Kandelaki remembers as if it happened yesterday. TV guide asked her to lead the program, as all the workers at that time was absent. The father of the future stars of doubt that her daughter will cope with the task. And he secretly hoped Tinatin after the defeat will forget about a career on television and will focus their efforts on medicine. But his fears proved only partly true: Tina is really failed miserably it live on television, however, remained.

    Tina Kandelaki on TV
    On TV

    TV personality and today remembers their first crush, which one morning was met on the street. Young people were glad the meeting with the presenter, she was surprised that she knew.

    After some time under the supervision of the General producer of the Georgian TV channel Sergo Petaja future star went to Batumi on a television festival. Tina liked it so much to others that even the Georgian texts were copied for her with a Russian transcription.

    However, teachers of medical University were assured that television is just a temporary fad, which will certainly take place. The professors could not wait to see Kandelaki in a white lab coat of the surgeon, as education had given to her very easily. But the girl expressed preference for journalism. She left the Institute and entered the journalism faculty of VTGU.

    Tina Kandelaki
    Worked in radio | Instazavrik.ru

    During the studies Tina Kandelaki continued to «take» the peak after the peak and did a dizzying television career. In addition, she gained experience on «Radio 105». When the journalist reached Olympus on Georgian television, she went to conquer Moscow.


    In the capital, biography of Tina Kandelaki first time was not easy. Future star rented an apartment near the metro station «Kolomenskaya» and upholstered a lot of the rapids in search of work. She broke the number for the editorial offices of the Moscow media, offering his candidature radio or TV presenter. At one point, the efforts bore fruit: First accepted to work on the M-radio. But soon the charming Georgian moved to the WFD, where acquaintance was made with Stanislav Sadalsky. Stas took Tina Kandelaki to work on radio «Silver rain», but eventually she returned to the WFD.

    Tina Kandelaki and Stanislav Sadalsky
    With Stanislav Sadalsky | LiveInternet.ru

    For several years, the journalist tried his hand in various projects on radio and TV. It showed itself in the «Muz-TV» together with Pryanikova, worked on the edition of the program «Vremechko», and on the channel «TV-6», she was entrusted to lead three programs: «Oh, mother!», «Hello, people!» and «I know everything».

    5 years, starting in 2002, Tina Kandelaki led the program «Details» on STS channel.

    And in March 2003 he was appointed as the presenter of remarkable intellectual and entertaining show «the smartest». The program was very popular and got high ratings. Here the presenter took and her amazing erudition and ability to speak. Her individual style of transmission was reflected in a lot of funny parodies. Once the players of the Higher League of KVN devoted to the popular project and leading the whole room.

    Tina Kandelaki
    The leading intellectual programs | JetSetter.ua

    In 2005 Ukrainian magazine «Telenedelya» called Tina Kandelaki best presenter, and a year later, the TV star has been awarded the «Astra»: she won in the nomination «the most stylish singer. The ability to present yourself Tina was awarded the «Glamour» and entered the «Top 10 Sexy» as the sexiest TV hostess in Russia. In 2006 she was presented the award TEFI in the nomination «Best host of the talk show.»

    At the moment Tina is the most bystrosbornye journalist on Russian TV. Kandelaki sure that it is impossible to speak neither in the air nor in the personal or even a virtual conversation.

    It seems that journalism is so tight «ingrained» in the biography of Tina Kandelaki, even in the rare free time she continues to write articles on the Internet or to inform about their lives many fans in personal blogs.

    TV Presenter Tina Kandelaki
    Stylish TV presenter | Health & fitness

    Tina Kandelaki were noted in the literary field. In 2007 was published her two books: «the Big children’s encyclopedia Scrabble» and «Designer beauty».

    Particularly rich in events for Tina Kandelaki was 2009. The journalist continued cooperation with several Central TV channels of Russia, and also appeared in some international projects. By the decree of the President of Russia it is appointed a Member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation.

    And the Georgian-Russian star starred in the small episodes in the movies, often in roles cameo. Saw her in the movie «My fair nanny», «Not born beautiful», «Daddy daughter» and «Traffic light».

    Tina Kandelaki and Ksenia Sobchak
    Together «Two stars» | Opened!

    As megazvezda, Tinatin often take to become a party to various popular shows. Viewers watched her on the TV shows «Two stars», «the Festival » New wave», «Fort Bayard» and «Tashir 2009».

    Like all bright person, Tina Kandelaki repeatedly came under a barrage of criticism. Her name is connected with several scandals. For example, in November 2006, the TV star was in a car accident in nice. As it turned out, she was in a Ferrari, at the wheel which was a Russian businessman and state Duma Deputy Suleiman Kerimov. The car for unknown reason swerved off the road and crashed into a tree.

    Later Tina Kandelaki admitted that he really was in the car with Kerimov. In the field of burns, which appeared as a result of the accident, the reporter got a tattoo.

    Tina Kandelaki and Ramzan Kadyrov
    With Ramzan Kadyrov on the «short leg» | Spletnik

    In 2013, a new scandal erupted. Socialite Ksenia Sobchak, Tina Kandelaki accused in an affair with a married man. Meant Ramzan Kadyrov. Of course, no evidence said Sobchak was not, but the story made a lot of noise. Two stars made the details of the personal lives of each other on public discussion.

    We will remind that earlier, in 2007, Tina Kandelaki has already drawn the attention of the scandalous kiss at the award ceremony GQ «man of the year». Xenia said then that the Shadows much better in blue than in red, hinting at the story Kerimov. Then enterprising Georgian co-host approached and kissed her passionately.

    In the summer of 2015 Tina Kandelaki had an argument with editor-in-chief of sports channels «NTV Plus» Vasily Utkin. The dispute ensued after the phrase Tinatin about the desire to create editorial channel from scratch.

    Tina Kandelaki and MATCH TV
    At the presentation of the MATCH TV channel | Journalist

    At the moment, Tina Kandelaki – the General producer and Deputy Director of the editorial Board of the sports holding company «Gazprom-media» and General producer of TV channel «Mattw». She’s also co-owner of a media company «the Apostle.» Star capital owns a chain of restaurants of Georgian cuisine «Tinatin».

    Personal life

    At the beginning of his victorious path to the conquest of the capital Tina Kandelaki got acquainted with a good guy. He was a businessman and artist Andrey Kondrakhin. Romance broke out and escalated into a real novel. Two years later, the personal life of Tina Kandelaki was already strongly associated with blond and blue-eyed by Kondrachine: passports brunette and blonde appeared cliches about marriage.

    Tina Kandelaki and Andrey Kondrakhin
    With Him Kondrachine | vlogspot.com

    In this, as everyone seemed happy Union two children were born-dogodkov: daughter Melania and son Leonty. But after 11 years suddenly appeared rumors that the couple is on the verge of divorce. The crack in relations indeed appeared, but Tina and Andrew for the sake of the children tried to revive the old relationship. Unfortunately, the attempt was unsuccessful. The couple broke up.

    On the causes of divorce, none of them never told. In one version, the couple just got tired from each other. The romance has evaporated and live by inertia they did not want. On the other – have Kandelaki and Kondrahin had disagreements of a financial nature.

    After leaving Tina Kandelaki did not forbid the father to see the children. Loud the division of property was not there. Melania and Leontius left to live with my mom.

    Tina Kandelaki with children
    Son and daughter | misstits

    In the winter of 2015, it became known that Tina Kandelaki second time married. This time for my business partner and TV presenter Vasily Brovko. He’s a Junior Tinatin 10 years.

    Tina Kandelaki, it seems, enjoy family happiness, and even shares with his fans his secrets. In her Instagram sometimes there are interesting posts. Recently she told me that, among other things, her and her husband share a love for food.

    Tina Kandelaki and Vasily Brovko
    With her husband Vasily Brovko | LiveJournal

    While Tina Kandelaki manage at my age – a woman over 40 is to look. The secret is that over her figure as over career, TV star used to work actively. She loves sport and regularly gives your body a good exercise. Often in leading Instagram puts photos and videos of fitness workouts, which deals with a professional trainer.


    Tina Kandelaki

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