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  • Name: Timur Taniya ( Taniya Teimuraz )
  • Date of birth: 17 January 1980
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Sukhumi
  • Activities: actor, the player of KVN
  • Marital status: married

    Timur Tania: a biography

    Timur Taniya – Abkhaz actor and cheerful and resourceful, is widely recognized as the captain of KVN team «Narty from Abkhazia», and also thanks to television sitcoms «Friendship of peoples» and «Once in Russia».

    He was born and raised in Sukhumi, where he graduated from secondary school, and in 1998 entered the Abkhazian state University on economic faculty. In this University he made his first appearance on the stage. This happened in the framework of the contest «Student spring», where he gave audiences a humorous miniature. Later on another creative festival Timur Taniya was the winner in the category «Best pantomime».

    In the second year he has finally decided that studying the specialty will not become his profession. Moreover, that Economics and Finance are unable to capture the young man and the economic situation in Abkhazia is not allowed to rely on the application of knowledge. Timur says that the coursework he used to use the expression «If» as applied to the method of Providence financial banking. So soon he was fully immersed in the creative process and in addition to playing in the WHC, which to graduation was engaged professionally, Tania competed in the state dance ensemble «Caucasus».

    Later, intrigued by the film and having worked in acting, Timur Tania decided to get special education and took courses in directing.


    When the game of KVN became popular in Abkhazia, Timur Tania were actively involved in comedic performances. He immediately joined the team of the Abkhazian University, which won the student competition in the country. Soon, on the basis of the team specially for the festival in Sochi has created a national team of Abkhazia. The team, which was later renamed «Narty from Abkhazia», first appeared in the Voronezh League «Start», and then in 2002 came to the Moscow League «Olympus».

    In the same year, Tania, who became the captain of the «Narts from Abkhazia», together with the team won the right to play in the Premier League of KVN, and the following season became the Vice-champion and won the Grand Prix at the Jurmala festival. In 2005, the «Sled» in the final scored the same number of points with the members of Moscow «Metropolis» and for the first time in its history, became Champions of the Higher League. Later Timur Taniya lifted over the head of the Summer Cup KVN 2008 and 2010 years, as well as Gold and Presidential Kivinov Jurmala festival in 2009.

    The humor and presentation of the joke teams from Abkhazia was not only bright, but also quite specific, as the boys sought to preserve the national character of his people, and in addition often sneered about the mentality and characteristics of Caucasians. Also the «Sled» is one of the few professional teams, which are always sung at the concerts alive, without a soundtrack, even if I have a series of 50-60 performances in a row.


    In 2002, Tanya and a few of the members from the team «Narty from Abkhazia» was invited to appear in the Russian military blockbuster «August. The eighth». The role of the controller in the bus was not for Timur’s debut, as he appeared in an episode of crime series «police Comrades», but it was after the military drama called one of the best films of 2012, he decided to continue the cooperation with cinema.

    Breakthrough for Tanya as an actor occurred after the release of the Comedy series about the life of the Russian-Caucasian family «Friendship of peoples». Family Muslimov constantly gets into funny situations, and shows the audience interesting solutions to everyday problems.

    The right to play the head of the family of Timur Taniya beat such stars as Mikhail Galustyan, Dmitry Nagiev. Also this role was seen actors from Austria and the United States, but the Abkhaz kvnschiki approved personally by the Creator of the project Shaban Muslimov. Despite the fact that according to the actor he has nothing to do with his character, in many situations behaving like a henpecked all shifts on the shoulders of his wife, played by Catherine Skulkin.

    Another popular project with participation of Timur was launched in 2014. Comedy show «Once in Russia» began to broadcast on the TNT channel, and is a Comedy drama on the verge of absurdity. In the Tanya wide variety of roles, but most of all he loves to Gibddshniki and other authorities.

    The dream of the actor is left to play a dramatic role, as he was used to seeing in the role of a comedian, and a desire to try something new is present in each artist. While he’s waiting for such a proposal, Timur Tania is preparing to shoot its own film, in which he will serve both as a Director and as a screenwriter. Picture will be a Comedy about a veteran of the great Patriotic war and his great-grandson, and the place of tradition in the modern world. For Tania chose stories of the war years, which are mainly taken from life.

    In addition to the film Timur and involved in the theater. In the Comedy play «Fools» he plays oligarch, who are being hunted not only by the authorities and competitors, but also from the women who surround him, whose roles are performed by participants Comedy Woman Nadezhda Angarskaya and Tatiana Dorofeeva.

    Personal life

    Timur Tania — great family man. The interests of the wife and children are his priority.

    Timur Taniya doesn’t recognize loneliness. For him the best recreation to be in a fun and friendly company. The artist often goes on hunting and fishing, although the game and the catch for him is not important. Most importantly – walk in a circle of close people.


    • 2011 — Comrades officers
    • 2012 — August. Eighth
    • 2012 — Most rzhaka
    • 2012 — beauty and the beast
    • 2012 — Hello, have arrived!
    • 2013 — Alkhas and Juliet
    • 2013 — the Friendship of peoples
    • 2014-2016 — One day in Russia
    • 2016 — hurry up, baby


    Timur Taniya

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