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  • Name: Timur Rodriguez ( Timur Kerimov )
  • Date of birth: 14 October 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Penza, Russia
  • Activities: Actor, singer, TV presenter, showman
  • Marital status: married

    Timur Rodriguez: biography

    Timur Kerimov Mikailovich (Timur Rodrigez) – a popular Russian artist, actor and singer, known for the participant of TV projects «Comedy Club», KVN, «Chomon», «one to One» and «southern Butovo». And he became famous as the presenter of the show «Dances without rules», «Crocodile», «BSNL geographic» and «Sexy chart».

    Showman was born in October 1979 in the Russian city Penza in a creative family of Azerbaijani Mikail Kerimov and Zlata Levina. The boy’s father was an actor and the founder of the puppet theater, and his mother – a teacher of foreign languages.

    Timur Rodrigez in childhood and now
    Timur Rodrigez as a child and now | Pro City

    Since childhood, the future star of the Russian stage was observed a special passion for the stage. Little boy interested in school science, especially precise. He is constantly skipping school, escaping to the theater, where he showed his talent in various scenes and performances. In addition, he has attended seven educational groups, including the sports section athletics, dances, choir, and even knitting. His day was scheduled by hours.

    Timur Rodriguez | Showbiz

    After graduating from the local high school №67, Rodriguez entered the Pedagogical University in his hometown, where he received higher education on speciality «Teacher of French and English languages». In his student years he met his future partner on the stage Paul Will, who studied in the same University. The boys played in the KVN team «Valeon Dasson» created by them at the University.

    In his free time from school and school competitions time Timur Rodriguez worked as a singer in local night clubs, performing a repertoire of George Michael and Elvis Presley.


    Well-known leading TV career began with «Be VJ of the channel «MTV Russia», where Timur defeated and won the prestigious award. After the first triumph of the young man began to work the leading Muz-TV in two projects – the TV show «WORLD championship» and «swapping».

    At the same time Timur Rodriguez developed his vocal talent. He took part in the popular contest «New wave» in Jurmala, which together with Katya Shemyakina made up the Duo «Mickey and gold.»

    Timur Rodrigez
    Timur Rodrigez | Rodriguezz.sitecity.ru

    Biography of Timur Rodriguez developed rapidly. The actor not only worked on Muz-TV, worked as a DJ for popular radio station «Hit FM», music editor of the TV channel «ReN-TV», a leading television projects «Basel Geographic», «Suitcase stories», «Infomania» and «Dances without rules».

    But the most popular showman has brought comic show «Comedy club». Timur Rodriguez wowed the audience with its original and unmatched musical performances, which put all the energy, humor and enthusiasm. For the current young generation is a bright showman – a real «Wikipedia» progressive thoughts. The artist has the unique ability to «represent» clever ideas popular youth language.

    Timur Rodrigez in
    Timur Rodriguez in the Comedy club | Rutube

    In 2008, the famous TV presenter took part in the show «Ice age» and won the «Intuition» million rubles.

    In 2013, the rating of the show reincarnations «one to One» Timur Rodriguez won several editions of the project. He became the third winner of the finals of the competition, gaining about 150 000 viewers votes. The artist believes participation in the competition is a very important period in my life, because in the framework of the project it got great lessons and the necessary experience in musical and theatrical career.

    Fans of the show «one to One» appreciated the room Timur Rodriguez, who brilliantly reincarnated as Lyudmila Gurchenko, performing the song «Want?» her voice. Another successful room – the reincarnation of the singer Nyusha.

    In the fall of 2015 the artist had a TV show «Wild game» on the channel STS.

    In December 2016 Timur Rodriguez appeared in «Where is the logic?» Azamat Musagalieva. Paired with Juliana Karaulova he fought with the popular stars of show business and actors of the series «Sashatanya» Andrew Giulana and Valentina Scar.


    As a singer Timur made his debut on the big stage in 2010. The first songs of the singer became «Sick of you» and «About you». In addition to solo compositions Timur Rodrigez and Ani Lorak recorded a duet of the hit «Passion».

    Clips of Timur Rodriguez always fall in rotation on popular Russian musical TV channels. In addition, the singer has been practicing shooting videos in a blatant and obscene formats that become hits on the Internet.

    In 2013, the work of Timur appreciated outside Russia. Foreign fame singer brought the single «Welcome To The Night,» which was named best foreign hit Latvian music channel OE.

    Talented and hardworking performer produces several new hits. One of his last works was the video for «Shards of memory» with the participation of the famous actress Svetlana Khodchenkova. Video was presented in black and white. The plot of the video – memories of a young man of the brightest moments of life with a former lover.

    In 2015, Timur Rodriguez became the first pop artist which got right to the show-concert in the historic walls of the famous theatre named after Maria Yermolova. The concert was completely sold out. Among the considerable crowd of guests could learn of the Director and the star of Russian cinema Oleg Menshikov.

    In this concert, the showman presented his first directing job – a short film called «New World.» The main roles played by Svetlana Khodchenkova and Konstantin Khabensky.

    A few months Timur Rodrigez together with Igudina took a beautiful video for the song «Stop».

    Movies and theatre

    Acting the way famous showman is bright enough. Timur Rodriguez skillfully performed many successful roles in Russian movies and theater productions.

    Actor on a regular basis works in the Vakhtangov theatre. His theater the game can be viewed in several productions. Especially outstanding works of Rodriguez’s considered «groom from the world» and «the Servant of two masters».

    Timur Rodrigez in the play
    Timur Rodrigez in the play «the groom from the world» | Around the TV

    Timur Rodriguez scored in the Russian cinema. The actor has played notable roles in many popular films and television series. He appeared in the film «the Golden mother», «Office romance. Our time,» «the Spare instinct» «Masuichi», «little Red riding hood,» «the New adventures of Aladdin».

    And he works as a sound artist. The voice of Timur Rodriguez can be heard in such animated films as «Sammy!», «The Union of beasts», «gnomeo and Juliet, rise of the Guardians» and «Turbo».

    Personal life

    Showman Timur Rodrigez personal life which was no less successful than his career, is married to a business lady Anna Devochkina. With his future wife he met in the capital’s nightclub. At the time, Rodriguez was already quite popular in society and believed that they are able to bring happiness to every woman.

    Timur Rodriguez and Anna Girl | KP of Belarus

    Burning interest of TV presenter sparked the indifference of the girl to his star persona. It turned out that Anna has never watched the show «Comedy Club» and is not a fan of Timur. This fact intrigued the young man. Rodriguez soon realized that truly fell in love.

    Almost a year Timur Rodrigez courted his beloved. But decided to open only in 2007. He made the beloved original proposal of hand and heart on top of the volcano Etna.

    Soon, Rodriguez and the Girl played a small wedding and still happily married. The wife of Timur gave her husband two sons. The first-born Miguel was born in 2009. And the second son Daniel was born in 2012.

    Timur Rodriguez and Anna Girl children
    Timur Rodriguez and Anna Girl children | HELLO!

    Timur Rodriguez and Anna Girl madly in love with their children and do not exclude that soon will give the sons a little sister.


    • 2006 — «Happy together»
    • 2006 — «the Spare instinct»
    • 2006 — «gold mother»
    • 2008 — «Soldiers-15. A new call»
    • 2010 — «Masuichi»
    • 2011 — «Office romance. Our time»
    • 2011 — «the New adventures of Aladdin»
    • 2012 — «Red Riding Hood»
    • 2014 — «Mom-3»


    Timur Rodrigez in childhood

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