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  • Name: Kizyakov Timur ( Timur Kizyakov )
  • Date of birth: 30 August 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Reutov, Moscow oblast
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Timur Kizyakov: biography

    Timur Kizyakov, a well – known broadcaster and author of scenarios of gear. His most famous project «While all houses» is known and loved in all corners of the country and even abroad.

    Timur was born in the suburbs, in the town of Reutov, which is the capital just a few kilometers away. His whole family was attracted to the technical professions. Mom was an engineer, and his father all his life served shoulder to shoulder with military equipment and left the reserve with the rank of Colonel.

    About anything else except military career, thought and Timur himself. From childhood he was engaged in their physical education and after high school he applied to the Yegoryevsk aviation College at DOSAAF and in 1986 came out as the pilot of the helicopter «MI-2».

    But to stay in the service he did, so the higher education young people went to the civil institution, but also technical. Kizâkova the choice fell on the Moscow energy Institute. However, in fact, still a freshman Timur began to work on television and at the time of graduation he had already quite a good success among the audience.


    Although the TV Timur Kizyakov got, almost by accident. His comrade, who studied at VGIK, told him that there is a competition for a script for a new children’s program, and participate everyone can. The guy decided that nothing to lose, and offered his idea to the leaders of the project «early». And that his idea was a winning one.

    Thus, Kizyakov since 1988 began to work in the Main edition of broadcasting for children as a sponsor and presenter of the program «early morning», which became a substitute to the popular Soviet children’s show Sunday Service.

    Later, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, this edition has been transformed into an independent company «Class», and Timur Kizyakov proposed a new idea – morning entertainment for the whole family the guests which were to become known and respected people. A new show called «While all houses» and the first one went presenter Timur Kizyakov to visit, was the legendary actor Oleg Tabakov and his extended family.

    In addition to simple gatherings and socializing, Kizyakov invented to diversify its program different regular columns. For almost 25 years they changed a lot, but the most popular was «my Beast», «Crazy hands» and «you will Have a child.»

    During his career, Timur Borisovich many times was nominated and the winner for the best TV presenter of the year according to the organizers of a professional prize «Golden Ostap», «taffy», «Person of the year».

    Personal life

    With his only wife Elena and Timur met in 1997 in «Ostankino». The girl was a professional journalist, a graduate of the specialized faculty at the Institute of friendship of peoples. At the time of the meeting, Elena has held the position of editor of the program «Vesti».

    On the part of Timur, and it was love at first sight. It wasn’t stopped by the fact that his beloved is married. Dung said that does not lead another man’s wife, and taking his wife. Soon Elena divorced her first husband and married the TV presenter. Now Timur and Elena not only live together but work in fact, already family project «While all the houses». Elena Kizâkova there is a heading «you will Have a baby».

    You also need to say that Timur has three children. I wonder what the first girl was called in honour of his mother Helen, and the first boy after the father – Timur. And only the second daughter received the name Valentina, of which their apartment is the only one.

    Recently Timur Kizyakov seriously interested in political activities. He thinks he can help the citizens of their country, so went to the high Council of party «United Russia», where he was invited personally by the representative of the General Council Olga batalina. Timur Borisovich was going to deal with the issues of children left without parental care, as well as to collaborate directly with the TV to try to minimize the tongue-tied modern TV presenters, as well as to influence in a positive way on a number of high-quality children’s programs.


    Timur Kizyakov

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