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  • Name: Timur Karginov ( Timur Karginov )
  • Date of birth: 6 June 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Vladikavkaz
  • Height: 201
  • Activity: comedian, comedian, player of KVN, member of the show «Stand Up»
  • Marital status: not married

    Timur karginov: biography

    Timur karginov – Russian humorist, former member of KVN team «Pyramid» and permanent resident of the project «Stand Up».

    He was born June 6, 1984 in Vladikavkaz, in a traditional family of severoosetinskom. During his school years, the boy attracted the attention of classmates and teachers with his unusual sense of humor. Timur never climb into his pocket for his word for every situation he already was ready with a witty joke.

    Timur Karginov
    Timur karginov | Agency for the organization of concerts

    After receiving the matriculation Kargin arrives at Vladikavkaz University, but lectures and seminars of interest is much less than the rehearsal of the student teams of KVN. In the team of the faculty he performed at the contest «Student spring», and then is finally convinced that he wants to connect his life with the scene. A young man quits his studies and turns into a cheerful and resourceful professional.

    Stand Up

    Timur karginov received the first known nationwide thanks to the performance of the KVN team «Pyramid». The guys attracted the attention of the topical themes of their rooms, their scenes have raised social and more often national issues. A feature of the «Pyramid» was the constant entertainer, whose role was played by Timur, and soon the audience thought for Karginova the right to be called the «brains» of the team.

    Timur Karginov
    Timur Karginov | Rutube

    However, the comedian did not intend to stay permanently in the WHC, where you need to be focused on the team. Timur wanted to work alone, so moved first in the TV show «Comedy Women», and then the Ossetian humorist occupied its own niche in the alternative to the program «Comedy club» — Comedy pilot «Stand up». Almost all of his jokes karginov takes the life, but the most fun way exaggerates real life situations, turning them into grotesque.

    Personal life

    Timur karginov has crossed the 30 year mark, but still not married. While this does not mean that in Vladikavkaz comedian heart is free. For many years, he meets a girl, although her name carefully hides from the public.

    Timur karginov and his girlfriend
    Timur karginov and his girl | VK

    The couple lives together in a Moscow apartment, but don’t see the need of formalizing their romantic relationship.


    Timur Karginov

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