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  • Name: Efremenkov Timur ( Timur Efremenkov )
  • Date of birth: 23 June 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Safonovo, Russia
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Timur efremenkov: biography

    Actor Timur efremenkov was born on 23 June 1976. He spent his childhood in the small town of Safonovo, Smolensk region. Timur lived without a father, raised him up mom. Since childhood, the boy wanted to protect her, because I went to Boxing. Tough sport he chose is not surprising, as the boxers have a high threshold of sensitivity, the ability to take a punch is formed on a subconscious level. Timur efremenkov became a candidate master of sports in Boxing.

    His second sporting passion was football. He now plays 3-4 times a week.

    To associate life with the acting profession Timur efremenkov was not going – his choice determined the case. After school, the boy moved to Moscow. There he accidentally saw near the hostel filmed an episode of the film «Antikiller». The process hit him – he decided to enroll in drama school.

    Efremenkov enrolled on the course. . Ivanov at the Shchukin school in 1999 graduated.


    Six years after graduating from College, he was in demand as a movie actor. His finest hour came in 2005, when Timur adopted the role of the doctor in the TV series «Cursed Paradise». In the future, he often offered to play bandits, assassins, guards, soldiers. A landmark in the life of an actor began in 2009, when he played a former investigator Anton Karev in the TV series «Sword». The story tells about a clandestine group of former law enforcement officers and military personnel who have joined together to fight against crime. They fought its methods, not always legal.

    By the way, in an interview Timur efremenkov said that the position of his hero, who dispenses vigilante justice, he is familiar and intuitive, because in life the law is often powerless before the criminals. Before Timur Efremov approved for this role, he went through several auditions and screen tests. Helped sports training. The actor recalls that the creative team quickly found a common language on set, no misunderstandings arose. But the injuries were. But, according to Timur, it was a pleasant injury, because all the tricks in the «Sword» they performed themselves.

    After the show was more of a role. Efremenkov starred in the Thriller «the Skerry-18», TV series «the Lawyer-7» and «Law and order». For his role in the military drama «the silent Outpost» actor received the prize of the International festival of military films.

    In the film «the Legend № 17», he played the legendary hockey player Boris Mikhailov. During the filming of Timur efremenkov became interested in hockey. Today he is in demand in film – 5-7 films a year. With such a busy schedule he still have time for a personal life.

    Personal life

    Timur efremenkov married to singer Yuliya Kiriyenko. They formalized the relationship in 2012, been together 7 years. Timur met with Yulia in one of the clubs of Krasnodar. Says that fell in love at first sight, and the cool girl responded to him. Timur had to win her over. As soon as Efremenkova it happened, he said that they never parted.

    Yuliya Kiriyenko – the participant of the project «I Want in «VIA GRU». The actor was supported by his girlfriend during the filming of the show.

    Children the couple yet, but have a favorite Milena York. The couple loves to travel by car. In such visits they always take Milena with you. And Timur efremenkov loves to cook. He even participated in the show «the Hunger games».

    There was a time when the actor has proved himself and others that he is better than all that he’s a winner. But, says Ted, the age is different. The older he gets, the more it flexibility, a desire to avoid conflict situations. He jokingly compares himself to Superman – a lot of what can and what can not, so will learn fast.

    Timur efremenkov dream is to act in an interesting and dignified roles better, of course, in the main. Unfortunately, what they propose Directors now, it relates to the category of «have to do».


    • «Airport»
    • «Chas Volkova»
    • «Stunt performers»
    • «Ermolovy»
    • «Silent Outpost»
    • «The beekeeper»
    • «Sword»
    • «Evidence»
    • «Two fathers and two sons»
    • «Champions»
    • «Nowhere man»


    Timur Efremenkov

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