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  • Name: Timur Batrutdinov ( Timur Batrutdinov )
  • Date of birth: 11 February 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Raven, Moscow oblast
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor, comedian, broadcaster
  • Marital status: not married

    Timur Batrutdinov: biography

    Timur «Kashtan» Batrutdinov popular, especially among young people, the Russian comedian, Kvnschik and sandpaper. His popularity with Comedy programs Comedy Club, and later secured success, starring in several high-profile films and becoming a professional entertainer.

    Timur Batrutdinov
    Baby photo

    Tahirovic Timur Batrutdinov was born on 11 February 1978 in the small village of Voronovo Podolsk district of the Moscow region. By mistake of workers of the registry office sometimes in the column field specifies the actor Podolsk.

    Parents of Timur nothing to do with the TV, no show business, no jokes. Today’s mother of the humorist by profession an economist, and father was in the military, it directly influenced the biography of Timur Batrutdinova, because the family often moved to different cities and sometimes countries. Timur is not the only child in the family, he has a sister Tatiana, nor has no relation to the celebrity.

    Timur Batrutdinov sister
    With her sister Tatiana | World of Men

    In the early years, the comedian has had to spend his childhood in Kaliningrad, Baltiysk, Moscow and in Kazakhstan. In this regard, Timur changed several schools, moving with his parents from town to town. But this inconvenience did not affect the development of the humorous talent of Timur.

    Already in Junior high a guy took an active part in all school activities and a good «light» at the morning. Grandstanding Timur was amused, but serious about a career as a professional actor, especially a comedian, he thought. At the end of the school Batrutdinov went to St. Petersburg, where, despite the clear tendency to literature, creativity and acting, and decided to do the first time he entered the University of Finance and Economics, where he received a degree in «Management and personnel management». Timur repeatedly said that this profession in the difficult 90-e was one of the most promising.


    Of course, Timur never worked a single day, but that graduated from St. Petersburg University, does not spare a drop. This education has allowed Batrutdinova to take to the stage. At the University, studying in the first year, the comedian became a member of the KVN team of the faculty. The staff is not very professional, but Timur was the starter at the beginning of his comic career.

    Timur Batrutdinov in the WHC
    On stage with a team of KVN | Liveinternet

    For a long time after the Batrutdinov tried out for a team, he wrote the script of the city KVN team. With the help of «the Team of St. Petersburg» has twice reached the final of the Higher League of KVN. Timur and he wanted to be on stage as an actor of KVN, but Batrutdinov had a fight with one of the existing members of the team. The conflict has led to the fact that the only thing that could hope the young man in this team, it was a place of «dancers». It is very upset the future of the showman, but KVN is not forced to quit. Another kind of earnings humorist was earning the master of ceremonies at corporate events and weddings.

    After graduation, Timur Batrutdinov at the time tried to put «comic craft» and went to give back to the Motherland, having served in the army Express. But in the service of Timur lost his powers and led his team colleagues in the Champions League of KVN Moscow military district. After DMB the young man was offered a job with a degree in automotive company. The offer seemed attractive, an artist, in principle, wanted to agree, but only one trip was the deciding factor in his doubts.

    With a team of KVN «Desolata youth» | artchange

    Timur went to the Sochi festival of KVN, which I accidentally met a good old friend Dmitry Sorokin. Sorokin proposed to Timur to enter the command «Nezolotaja youth.» Humorist, without thinking twice, agreed and soon the events began to develop with such speed that Batrutdinova completely absorbed the desire to succeed in a Comedy career. Although the team of Timur is not very lucky. It is already allowed on stage not only the «dancers», came large role, but more charismatic and the main images have been taken and distributed long before the invitation Batrutdinova to the team. He had often been in the crowd and from there attempting to prove himself and to show your talent. But the team becomes endowed with a ticket to the new and popular Comedy shows.

    «Comedy Club»

    Already in Moscow the national team of KVN, the comedian met with Garik Kharlamov. In the end, the boys became inseparable. Timur Batrutdinov and Garik Kharlamov are still my friends. Colleagues and friends together wrote scripts for performances in KVN, and in a few years began to work in the new TV show «Comedy Club». Everyone knows the scene with a distinct letter «C» has become a second home for Timur Batrutdinov and gave him a long-awaited rise in popularity. For several years the Duo Batrutdinova and Kharlamov was a symbol of the program. In 2009, Timur was recognized as the most popular resident Comedy club, voted for by more than half of the audience. An autographed photo of Timur Batrutdinova wants to obtain every fan of his.

    Unique, vibrant and original performances in the project «Comedy Club» Timur helped to become a real star of the Comedy genre. His numbers fell in all the collections of the best jokes and funny videos of the club that brought him popularity not only among the audience but also on the Internet. Also the guy began to receive various offers of cooperation. In 2004, he became the host of the show «hi, Kukuyev!» on the channel MUZ TV. In 2005 became the first face of the TV show «Hello» on channel TV center.

    Timur Batrutdinov in the film
    In the movie «the best movie 2» | Ruskino

    Now Timur Batrutdinov continues to participate in the project «Comedy Club», but at the same time manages to appear in other comic programs. Thus, Timur had to be lighted in six projects, from 2005 to 2012. Among them: «Happy together», «Zaitsev+1», «South Butovo». It is also worth noting that Timur received the main role in the production of feature films: «Two of Anton», «the best movie 2,» which he did best.

    In 2013, Timur actually got their own show. He became one of the co-host of the program «HB» on TNT. In the show, he continues to perform in Duo with Kharlamov what the name suggests.

    Timur Batrutdinov and Garik Kharlamov
    With Garik Kharlamov in the «HB» | KVN for all

    Without any doubt, Timur Batrutdinov is one of the most promising comedians of the Russian scene. Not only is he talented, clever and smart, his jokes remain in memory for a long time, causing a sincere smile.

    Personal life

    For a long time, Timur Batrutdinov hide his personal life. He rarely was seen on the secular parties in the company of the beautiful half of humanity. But Timur always focused attention of journalists on that, what should be the ideal girl. Batrutdinov strongly believes in the institution of the family, just for laughs emphasizing that is the godfather of the three children of his friend and colleague at the «Comedy Club» Le Havre.

    Timur Batrutdinov
    Photo of comedian | Things-Dryukov

    In April 2013 Timur appeared in public with a girl Katya. The media says that Catherine has nothing to show business, and with Batrutdinova met at a party of mutual friends.

    «The bachelor»

    In 2015, Timur Batrutdinov took part in the third season of the show «the Bachelor» on TNT. About the project «the Bachelor,» the comedian says she must help him to get rid of the phobia of family life. The plans of Timur to take in personal life to the fullest. Comedian dreams about strong family and children, apparently this pushed him to a desperate act of taking part in the show «the Bachelor.» Showman serious approach to their task, it is not just involved in the transfer, but also really acquainted with the girls, talked with them outside of filming, trying to get to know the participants and engage with them in a cordial relationship.

    Timur Batrutdinov in the show
    In the show «the Bachelor,» | KP

    According to the rules of the project, the participants passed the screening, and although many Batrutdinov later have maintained friendly relations, have reached the final two contenders. One of the finalists, Galina Rzhaksinsky was the favorite of viewers of the show. The comedian himself has been identified among the first and hung out with her much more active than other girls, but later admitted that their relationship is more friendship than love. And in the end, Timur was suddenly attracted by his frankness and naivete another candidate Daria Kananoja, but before the wedding it never came.

    Timur Batrutdinov and Galina Rzhaksinsky
    Galina Rzhaksinsky | StarHit

    The pair rarely appeared together in public, there was no joint photo either in the press or on social networks. But direct questions about personal life both answered, that meet each other. Daria is explained by the fact that young people did not want to make their relationship public and romantically met in her free time, inviting each other to walk under the moon, not at a professional event.

    No matter how beautiful and romantic was this story actually, it was over quite fast. Secret affair did not last year. Daria Kanawha’m tired of fighting for the heart of Batrutdinova that has not stopped close communion neither with its former rival Rzhaksinsky, nor with his old friend Alina am hiding. At the same time, sister Batrutdinova in his microblog argues that no relationship actually existed, was only a contract with the Studio.

    Timur Batrutdinov and Daria Kanawha
    With Daria Cananachas | Wmj.ru

    The former bride has returned to Kazan, he received higher education and opened a school of ethics. The girl already in a relationship, but she hides them from reporters.

    Timur’s no hurry yet to start a family and will continue to actively communicate and appear in the light of the various beautiful women of show business, what continues to give fans and reporters a ground for rumors. In an interview with the artist expresses feelings and complains that all his friends are married and constantly remind him of the age and the need to have a family. He Batrutdinov do not mind and even wants a serious relationship, but have not yet met the one who could have.


    Timur Batrutdinov

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