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  • Name: Babyak Timur ( Timur Gmina Babiak )
  • Date of birth: 18 October 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Belgorod
  • Activity: comedian, kvnschik
  • Marital status: Not married

    Timur Babyak: biography

    Timur Babyak – Russian comedian, player of KVN «Detective Agency «Moonlight», which won the Ukrainian Higher League and was twice Vice-champion of the Higher League of Russia.

    Timur is a native of Belgorod. In this city he first came on the scene within a humorous game KVN. First participated in the school League, and after admission to Belgorod state University was cast in the team of the faculty of business Management.

    The team of «Salad» Timur Babyak spoke at the opening of the season in the First League of KVN, however, the boys were disappointed, as they left the game after the first round. Then they proved themselves in the Central Ryazan League, as well as in Belgorod «Kavun», which has repeatedly received the highest evaluation of the jury. But in early 2011 in the «Salad» began the crisis staff, when many members began to leave the team.

    Timur himself Babyak, decided not to part with your favorite game became his profession, has teamed up with friends from other Belgorod team «Indie» Philip Voronin and created an unusual format of the KVN team «Detective Agency «Moonlight», which on stage was a Duo.

    Team «DALS»

    As for fans of KVN much more accustomed to seeing teams with a large number of participants, Timur and Philip immediately able to draw attention to himself. But it should be noted that not originally planned, that «DALS» on stage will be released just two people. According to the guys, it all happened by chance: before the first performance, several members of the team refused to travel to competitions, while another just missed the train.

    In the result of forced necessity Babyak and Voronin were left alone, except for their permanent sound engineer Andrew Eroshkina, which also deals and decorations. And though the beginning of their careers all editors are encouraged to expand the membership, «Detective Agency» and remained few in number. Another feature of the team was that they were the only professional players of the Higher League which have not resorted to the services of paid sponsors, and all the jokes had come up with on their own.

    In his first season «DALS» took second place in the regional «League Plus» Nizhny Novgorod, but later managed to win in the Ukrainian Higher League, which gave him the right to play at a high level. 2014 brought them the Vice-champion among professionals by the children was seen as a victory, because, unknown to anyone, newcomers were able to circumvent the team «team of Murmansk» and «Team Phystech».

    One of the most popular numbers performed by Timur Babyak Voronin and Philip became the musical scene, «your lips candy taste». The success of this performance the guys explained that it was very sincere, and excludes the false.

    In 2015 the artists in accuracy has repeated its success of last year, although this time the second place they were disappointed. After the final, which took place on 18 December, Timur and Philip announced that will be leaving University and after a short rest will create their own entertainment project.

    Personal life

    Timur Babyak, despite the profession of artist, and quite a lot of popularity among viewers, especially among the fair sex, does not consider himself a public person. He doesn’t like the social network, almost does not communicate on the Internet neither with the fans nor with friends, but on the topic of romantic relationships is generally taboo.

    Timur is a big fan of bright clothing. His noisy stage to the image already used all the spectators, but it is in real life prefers to wear yellow jackets, bright t-shirts and fancy pants.


    Timur Babyak

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