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  • Name: Timothy Olyphant ( Timothy David Olyphant )
  • Date of birth: 20 may 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Honolulu
  • Growth: 183
  • Activity: American actor
  • Marital status: married

    Timothy Olyphant biography

    Timothy David Olyphant was born on the Paradise Hawaii. But on the Islands passed the first years of his life. Family in search of a good earnings moved from Honolulu to California. O mother of the future stars of Hollywood, not known almost nothing, but the head of the family and brother Andy Timothy quite often mentions in interviews. The father has a teaching degree, but life worked in a winery. And the brother is now working with the Director of one of the recording studios «Warner Bros».

    Youth Timothy Oliphant was in the town of Modesto. There’s a guy who was fond of swimming. In the pool he was gone all day and achieved considerable success. The young athlete has already begun to take medals in competitions local and even national scale, but his Majesty the case pushed the sport on the list of priorities Oliphant in the background. Youthful love has brought Timothy to the theatre, where she did his girlfriend. Passion for the theatre made him forget about everything, including the pool and the girl.

    After high school, Timothy Olyphant is sent to the city of unlimited possibilities of new York. Here is the future star with morning, noon and night honing his acting skills in a theatre Studio, William Esper. Soon his efforts were crowned with the first victories. For their excellent work in the play «Monogamist» Oliphant awarded the prize «World of theatre». On stage Timothy feels great. But at some point realizes that the real fame came to him not on the stage and on the set. And sent to Los Angeles to conquer Hollywood.


    Rise to covered with glory the hills could not immediately. Work on the theater stage and movie set very different. Because bright and talented guy first, trust only the episodes, but he is happy and this, laying out in front of the camera in full force.

    After a series of tiny fragments newbie actor finally trust a significant role in the film «Ecstasy». The project will be released in 1999 and gaining high rankings. So begins the star’s biography Timothy Oliphant in Hollywood.

    For his work in «Ecstasy» Oliphant awarded the prize «Young Hollywood» and pass on American idol. Now trust him more and more significant role in projects whose budgets measured in multiple millions of dollars. Timothy appears in the films «Gone in 60 seconds», «Dreamcatcher», «Rock star» and «a man apart», starring such well-known Hollywood stars as Nicolas cage, Angelina Jolie and mark Wahlberg.

    Timothy Olyphant aspired to the heights of Hollywood. He is actively starred in the TV series that helped him become more recognizable. And it works. In 2007 Olifant trust starring role in a TV project «Deadwood». It is also a series, but what. The work in «Deadwood» brings the artist’s glory, which he so long dreamed of, as well as a prestigious award from the screen actors Guild USA.

    Thus, 2007 marks a turning point in the career of Timothy Oliphant. The actor appears in the lead roles in such blockbusters as «die hard 4.0» and «Hitman». He now offers just the key characters. In the distant past remain episodes and the role of the second plan.

    The army of admirers of talent of Timothy Oliphant is increasing with each new hit. The audience is delighted to watch his films «Fight», «a Perfect getaway» and «I am number four».

    With the latest Hollywood masterpieces, in which appears a star, like the brightest can be called a tape «Mad men,» «Justice» and «Here I’ll leave.»

    Personal life

    Unlike many of his colleagues star Hollywood star is an exemplary family man. Personal life Timothy Oliphant is the beautiful wife of Alexis NIF and three children together: daughters, grace and Vivian, and son, Henry. Journalists of the tabloids and paparazzi savvy Timothy does not give reason for gossip: he’s not seen in any intrigues and scandals.

    In September 2016 in the United States and Russia, will premiere a new film in which the audience will see the beloved actor. This political Thriller «Snowden», where Timothy will stand in the way of a CIA agent.


    • Ecstasy
    • «Dreamcatcher»
    • «Rock star»
    • «Deadwood»
    • «Hitman»
    • «Fight»
    • «A perfect getaway»
    • «I — the fourth»
    • «Crazy»
    • «Justice»
    • «Here, I’ll leave you to it»


    Timothy Olyphant

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