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photo Timothy

  • Name: Timati ( Timur Yunusov )
  • Date of birth: 15 August 1983.
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 171
  • Activity: singer, rapper, music producer, businessman
  • Marital status: not married

    Timothy: biography

    Timur ildarovich Yunusov born in the family of businessman August 15, 1983 in Moscow. Known rapper under the pseudonym Timothy has Tatar and Jewish roots. Timur lived in prosperity, because the family has always been wealthy, but her father raised the boy so that he was able to make my own. From Timothy still has a little three and a half years brother Artem.

    Timothy in childhood
    Timothy in childhood | «Bambl»

    Early biography Timothy was in Moscow on Prospect Mira, where he spent his most vivid childhood years. From an early age Timothy was creative and well-developed child. Then the parents chose to give him to study at musical school in violin class. Timur 4 years dedicated tool.

    After school, Timothy enrolled at the Higher school of Economics in Moscow, studied there for only six months. When the boy turned 13, he went to Los Angeles to teach the culture of hip-hop. Sending a child to America, the father of Timothy was hoping that my son will manifest at least some interest in learning. But expectations were shattered like a crystal. Timothy dropped out of school, I started going to night clubs. The rapper decided to join the show business, so on arrival in Moscow come to grips with the work.

    First, Yunusov engaged in the breakdance scene, then with a friend, Pasha has organized a rap group «VIP77». Their songs «Fiesta» and «I need you alone» was at the top of the domestic charts. In 2004, the team at the time broke up, a year reborn with a new composition. However, this did not help the group to keep the old tandem, so in 2006, the guys have finally completed the project. Some of the band members moved to the label Timati «BlackStar».

    Timati-Black star | «Rasevic»

    «Star factory-4»

    In 2000, Timothy made his debut on television in the clip «Party» promoted at the time of the decl rapper, who has previously worked as a backup MC. 4 years later Timothy, along with several friends auditioned on casting of the project «Factory of stars». Then the guys had the opportunity to learn from the teachers, to record their songs and gradually became national favorites.

    In the same period at the head of Timothy was created by the team «Gang», which was also one of the participants of the project Anastasia Kochetkova. Then one of the band members and not win in the «Factory-4», but the producers liked talented guys, so they were given the opportunity to record and shoot the video for «Cry heaven». In 2005, the «Gang» had an album called «New people».

    Career Timothy

    The period of glory had forced Timothy to actively develop. Then the guy opened the first night school «Black club». In 2006, Timati released his first solo album, «Black Star» and in the same year, organized by the production center «Black Star inc». After some time, Timothy gradually went into a solo project. Later died in a car accident two of his comrades, members of the «Gang», causing the band broke up.

    The first solo concert of Timati took place in 2007 in the club «Heat». In the same year recorded joint tracks with Fat Joe, Nox, Xzibit, removed the clip with the sex symbol of the Russian party Victoria Bonia for the song «don’t be crazy» and the video for the song «Dance» with the secular lioness Xenia Sobchak. In the same year Timothy plays one of the leading roles in the movie «Heat» and voiced the main character of the cartoon «Catch the wave».

    In 2008, the creative biography of Timothy supplemented his Remix of the song DJ Smash «Moscow Never Sleeps», which became a hit that summer, and the release of the track «Forever» with Mario Winncom. In the same year the artist became the face of clothing brand Sprandi.

    Timothy and brand
    «Sprandi» | «Just follow me»

    In 2009, out singles from the album » The Boss «Welcome to St Tropez» , «Groove on» (feat Snoop Dogg), «Classmate» and their clips. Together with Busta Rhymes out video for single «Love You». The presentation of the second album Timati The Boss took place on 13 November in the Moscow Milk club, the same time began sales of the album in Russia and CIS.

    Next year has pleased fans of the clip «Time», the emergence of the world wide web of the track «Foreign Exchange» artist S. A. S. together with Timati, and Fler Camron. In Miami presented a joint track of Laurent wolf and Timothy. The Director of the video «How much love» became Pavel Khudyakov, has identified this clip as record duration.

    Timothy in juried shows
    The project «Want to Meladze» | «Arguments and facts»

    June 1, 2010 Timothy opened his clothing store and held a charity concert, which was attended by Sergey Lazarev, DJ Smash, Neposedy. In 2012, the star becomes Ambassador of Universiade 2013 in Kazan. The presentation of the clip «Sex in the Bathroom» 12 Oct Timothy performed the track live along with Craig David. The result of a decade of the artist’s stay on the wall failed solo concert «#Igor Krab» in Crocus City Hall on November 29. In 2013’s fourth Studio album, «13», Timothy starred in the film «Classmates.Gee: naCLICKay luck.»

    In 2014, the celebrity gets the title of Honored artist of the Chechen Republic, produces own film «Capsule» becomes one of the members of the jury of the show «Want to Meladze». Comes the track «the Beard» music video for the song «show-off», the track «Girl Bomb».

    Timothy and Vladimir Putin
    Timothy and Vladimir Putin | «allWomens»

    The track «Hey, you che such daring?» (feat Natan) comes out in 2015. Appears after the track «Rocks» together with L one of these tandem runs round «GTO» in Russia. Together with Sasha. Timati releases the track «My best friend is President Putin» about Vladimir Putin.

    Rapper releases new tracks and videos as a solo artist and with renowned performers such as John legend («Let me go»), ‘Studio («the Little Prince»), Egor creed (the song «Where are you, where am I»).

    Personal life Timothy

    On the project «star Factory 4» personal life Timothy first opened publicly. Roman Timati and Alexa singer many considered a publicity stunt. But the photo Timati and Alexa, it was obvious that the children spend a lot of time with each other. In the clip of the singer «Where are you» rapper starred as the romantic hero. The couple broke up in 2005

    Timati and Aleksa
    Timati and Aleksa | «Band»

    Then the singer went to Donetsk, where she broke new romance with a local businessman. But the separation of «factory» a couple did not last long, and Timothy with Alexa resumed relations. The media reported that the musician directly from the altar took his beloved. Later, the pair recorded collaborative hit, «When you’re around», but in 2007 their relationship was completely exhausted.

    Timothy a few times went out with Masha Malinovskaya. And after the release of the video «don’t be crazy» was talking about when Timothy Victoria Bonya, but these rumors are not officially confirmed.

    Timothy and Masha Malinovskaya
    Timothy and Masha Malinovskaya | «Blog news»

    Sofia rudyeva (Miss Russia 2009″) and Timothy contrary to the predictions of many fans of fast weddings were only together a short time.

    Timothy and Sophia rudyeva | «Woman.ru»

    Pair Timati and Mila Volchek also did not work.

    Timati and Mila Volchek
    Timati and Mila Volchek | «PimTV.ru»

    Alena Shishkova and Timati met in 2012 at the filming of the video. The couple started Dating immediately. Elena was rather modest girl. Timur had to hit on her to get attention. Later, the lovers began to live together.

    In 2014, Alena Shishkova and Timati began with mom and dad, they had a child Alice. Daughter of Timothy blonde like mom, but looks very similar to dad. The rapper never left his beloved at the time of birth and even cut the umbilical cord.

    Timothy, Elena Shishova and their daughter
    Timati Alena Shishkova and daughter Alisa | «JetSetter.ua»

    After some time, the couple broke up. Timothy is actively involved in my daughter’s life, and supports Elena. The pair managed to maintain friendly relations.

    After breaking up with Shishkova appeared in the media information about the novel, the rapper with model Anastasia Reshetnikova.

    Albums Timati

    • «Black Star»
    • «The Boss»
    • «SWAGG»
    • «13»
    • «Audiocapture» EP»
    • Olimp

    Photo Timothy


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