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  • Name: Timofey Tribunal ( Timofey Tribuntsev )
  • Date of birth: 1 July 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Kirov, Russia
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Timofey Tribunal: a biography

    Timofey Tribunal was born in Kirov. His father Vladimir Tribunal worked at the plant. Mother Tatiana Semakov actress Kirov drama theatre «Grotesque». There was subsequently made, and a cousin of Timothy Alexey Panteleev.

    After school in high school, Timothy often come to work for mother and watched rehearsals of different performances. At the age of 15 he began to take part in productions of the theatre «Grotesque». Director of theater Galina Amebic asked the guy to try himself as an actor, and he gladly agreed. But for a young Tribuntsev scene for a long time was the only outlet, a favorite hobby. After high school, Timothy worked as a foreman for repair of railway tracks, a welder in the garage, a merchant at the flea market, served in the militia. But the theater did not forget and took part in a large number of performances.

    In 1998, 25-year-old Timofey Tribunal finally decides to associate with the scene. He travels to the capital of Russia and entered the Higher theatre school named after Schepkin, where his teachers were Vladimir Beilis and Vitaly Ivanov.


    Tribunal graduated from College in 2002 and accepted the offer of Konstantin Raikin to join the troupe of the theatre «Satyricon». There he played until 2013 in the famous performances of «plum», «King Lear», «Macbeth», «Richard III», «Othello», «the Seagull», «Funny money» and «the Lonely West». For a small part the Earl of Kent in Shakespeare’s tragedy «King Lear» Timothy was awarded the theatrical award «the Seagull» as the best actor of the second plan.

    Since 2006 the actor took part in performances of other theatres. He collaborated with theater music and poetry Elena Kamburova, where he played a Sniff in the production of «Point left» on fairy tales Tove Jansson, and was the only actor in a solo performance «1900».

    In the center of drama and directing Kazantsev and Roshchina Timothy of Turbinal participated in performances of «the Tale of captain Kopeikin», «the Death of Tarelkin», «Moscow — open city» and «Galina Motalki».

    He also played the cook in the play «Dreams of Rodion Romanovich» theatrical Association «814», hedgehog in the play «the hedgehog and the Bear» Centre named after Vsevolod Meyerhold, Pelegrina in the production of «Santa Cruz», which puts Another theater. Also participated in the theater performance «the Practice» titled «This child».

    According to the actor, he prefers serious, tragic, or tragicomic role.


    Television debut for Timothy Tribuntsev took place in 2001, when the screens went 16 a series of «Your business» road of the famous TV series «Truckers». Then was minor and episodic role in the military drama «the Star», the television series «Provincials», serial melodrama «give me life» war movie, «Shtrafbat». The popularity of Tribuntsev as to the actor came after the release in 2006 of the drama movie «the Island», in which he played the main character priest Anatoly in his youth.

    After this success, the actor has participated in more than 80 movies and television series. They were mostly supporting roles in television films and serials, of which it is necessary to highlight the melodrama of «Cruelty», multiseries detective «Liquidation», the psychological drama «Gromozeka» Thriller «the Escape,» biographical drama «Peter Leshchenko. All that was…», Thriller «homeland» and the screen adaptation of the epic novel of Sholokhov «the Quiet don».

    Timofey Tribunal played the Central characters in 8-a serial detective film «Detective Putilin», a crime drama mystic «Cross in circle», detective, «Pelagia and the white bulldog», a short feed in the spirit of black Comedy «Accidentally», the romantic Comedy «ladies day» and the tragicomedy «Patients».

    Now the actor is working on a main role in the fantastic Comedy Nikolai Dostal «the Monk and the demon», which will be released in 2016.

    Personal life

    The first time Timofey Tribunal got married when still living in Kirov. Relationship with his wife did not work and they broke up, despite the fact that in marriage a daughter of Alexander.

    Second marriage he entered into with his colleague the theatre actress Olga Tenyakova.

    To their own popularity is philosophical, believing that its meaning lies only in the possibility to obtain interesting and unusual role.


    • 2002 Macbeth
    • 2004 — Richard III
    • 2005 — Funny money
    • 2006 — King Lear
    • 2006 — a Tale of captain Kopeikin
    • 2007 — The Lonesome West
    • 2008 — The Death Of Tarelkin
    • 2009 — plum
    • 2011 — Seagull
    • 2013 — Otello


    • 2006 — Island
    • 2007 — traveling with Pets
    • 2007 — Detective Putilin
    • 2009 — Cross in circle
    • 2009 — Pelagia and the white bulldog
    • 2012 — Odessa-Mama
    • 2013 — Women’s day
    • 2014 — Accidentally
    • 2015 — Quiet Flows The Don
    • 2015 — Patients


    Timofey Tribunal

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