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  • Name: Timothy Karataev ( Timofey Karataev )
  • Date of birth: 9 December 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor
  • Family: married Anna Mikhailovskaya

    Timofey Karataev: biography

    Timofey Karataev S. was born 9 December 1986 in Moscow, far from the cinema and theatre family. But a youthful dream of becoming an actor took the boy in that direction. After graduating from high school in 2004, Timofey Karataev from the first time he entered the Theater school Shchepkin, where he studied on the course in Korshunova. These were the years of Titanic work on yourself, improving acting skills and knowledge of their capabilities.

    Very soon Karataev began to achieve initial success. Teachers of Cod was pleased to see an incredible performance of a young guy and he predicted good prospects.

    In 2007, the year the talented student of the Chips was the winner of the first prize in the Competition of readers Yermolova». A year later he appeared on «the all-Russian international competition of reciters named Jacob Smolensky», where he took the third place prize.

    But it was only the first, small victories. Tangible success the novice actor was the first role before the end of the training course: Karataev played Yegorushka in the statement «Poverty is no crime» at the Maly theater. Further, he was involved in classic performances of «plum», «Invitation to the castle», «hamlet» and other popular productions, which were staged on the stage of student theater.

    The first popularity to Timothy Karataev roles in the plays «the Days of turbines» and «School for scandal». Latest – thesis Karatayev. In this play, the actor brilliantly played by Charles.

    Successfully graduated from the Schepkin theatre school, the young graduate, the actor went to look for work. His choice fell on the same State academic Maly theatre of Russia, where he was lucky to debut. Timofey Karataev played Kai in «the Snow Queen» the Baron of Logau in «Tsar Boris» and artisan in the production of «children of the sun». Followed by roles in productions of «Smart things» and «Heirs of Raburden». In all projects the actor said.

    At the Maly theatre Timofey Karataev is working today.

    Timofey Karataev movies

    Bright, good looks and talent helped Timothy Karataev to the first offers from film Directors in his student years. It was then, while studying at the Schepkin, an aspiring actor made his debut in the author’s short film «Tyson» and the TV series «CID. Simple guys». Then there was a short period when Karataev offered only a small cameo role.

    But soon, in 2009-m year, fortune again smiled graciously Timothy Karataev. He starred in the TV series «Gypsy» and the movie «children of the white goddess». In these two tapes Karataev showed his acting skills very clearly. It seems that these paintings have attracted the attention of Director Oleg Asadulina, looking for an actor for the main role in the Russian fantasy Thriller «Phobos. The club of fear«. Timofey Karataev had been invited and after the screen test approved by the main character Alexander. The Film «Phobos. Club of fear» became visible and a bright page in the creative biography of Timofey Karataev.

    Then again there was a lull: Karataev played a cameo role in the Russian-Ukrainian Comedy «Dads» and the historical tape «Furtseva. The legend of Ekaterina». In the last movie Karachaevo lucky to play alongside such masters as Dmitry Nagiyev, Irina Rozanova, Maxim Averin.

    Truly successful period in the cinematic biography of Timofey Karataev began in 2012. He played in the family Comedy «Five stars», the series «If I were Queen» and the military drama «the Spaniard».

    The film career of Timothy Karataev gradually moved up to new heights. The artist grew up in a significantly creative skill, studied hard. A successful career has become for the artist 2013. During this period, the actor starred in the Ukrainian series «the Sniffer» and the joint Ukrainian-Russian romance, «You’ll be mine.»

    Timofey Karataev: personal life

    Actors Timothy Karataev and Anna Mikhailovskaya met at the screen test. The first meeting was memorable for both, but was not fatal. The young men soon went about their business. The break was two years. But the second meeting of young actors – they met on the set of the film «Who if not I?» – was decisive.

    Flashed sense developed gradually. Anna is a supporter of conservative views on relationships. Only six months Karataev got to kiss the girl on the cheek. In August 2012, Anna Michael and Timothy Karataev were officially Dating. Timothy admits that he always wanted to see a woman with a sense of humor and ability to give. And he seems to have met the one I dreamt about.

    Offer Anna Mikhaylovskaya Karataev had made at the airport. On this day he was flying to Minsk. A month later, they filed an application to the Registrar in August 2013 and got married, which invited about 70 people. Friends gave the happy couple a telescope and land on the moon. After the wedding they went on a romantic trip to Italy.

    Personal life of Timofey Karataev and Anne Michael – the subject of attention of many fans. Today the pair didn’t give the tabloids any food for gossip and gossip. It seems that the couple really happy. Anna claims that her husband is a true romantic. He constantly gives her a pleasant surprise. And Karataev does not get tired to praise his wife for culinary excellence.

    Timofey Karataev: filmography

    • Sniffer
    • Tyson
    • CID. Simple guys
    • Phobos. Fright club
    • Furtseva
    • A little off
    • Five stars
    • Bank
    • You will be mine
    • It’s only the beginning

    Timofey Karataev: photo

    Timofey Karataev

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