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  • Name: Tim Roth ( Tim Roth )
  • Date of birth: 14 may 1961
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: London, England
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actor, Director
  • Marital status: Married

    Tim Roth : a biography

    A native of London, Tim Roth appeared in the family of the journalist and artist, on 14 may 1961. In fact, the actor’s name is Timothy Simon Smith in the postwar years, the surname «Smith», clearly indicates an English origin, his father decided to change to a German-Jewish «Mouth». For this step it prompted two reasons: first, solidarity to the victims of the Holocaust, and secondly, concern for the safety of his family, because not all the countries where he had been on duty, welcomed the British.

    School years had given Tim a hard time. Because of the name and appearance he repeatedly had conflicts with peers and teachers did not hesitate to apply to the disciples of corporal punishment, which is still possible in English schools. For its part, the parents, who by that time was divorced, tried to instill in his son a love of beauty. Mother taught Tim sculpture and painting, the father is attached to music and theatre.

    Despite frequent trips to theatres, exhibitions, Mouth was a teenage outcast. Once the bad behavior he had to spend the night at the police station.

    However, the talent made itself felt – the boy was perfectly able to paint, to sculpt, to imitate adults. Once, in high school complex because of their appearance Tim Roth gave consent to participate in the school play. He got the role of Dracula. Fear so possessed the boy that peed on the stage. To play the role Tim had wet his pants, and then he decided that acting is not his element.

    Then Tim Roth entered the sculptor’s Department Camberwell school of art. He is not so much the guy seriously was fond of the theater and decided to become an actor. Father advised him to attend classes at the Studio theatre at the «Oval House».


    Debut for Tim Roth was in the movie «Made in Britain» (1982): the role of Alan Clark, the actor managed to get by accident. At that time, he worked as an advertising agent in the publication «Health and safety». Once, during a detour clients on the bike, Tim had to go to friends of the theatre «Oval House» to ask for the pump to suddenly flat tire. One of the broadcasters noticed the guy with the shaved head (his Mouth was then played Cassio in «Othello») and invited him to audition skinhead — so Tim Roth suddenly started actor.

    First appearance of Tim Roth on the big screen took place in 1984 in the crime drama Stephen Frears ‘ «the Snitch», where the actor appeared in the form of a killer mercenary. Then followed a new role, which Tim was able to embody contradictory images. Among them — «Return to Waterloo» (1985), «to Kill a priest» (1988), «the cook, the thief, his wife and her lover» (1989). But the popularity of the Company has come in 90 years. In 1990 he published such important for his career movies like «Rosencrantz and Gildenstern dead» and «Vincent and Theo».

    Then Tim Roth was noticed by Quentin Tarantino, who entrusted him with the role in «reservoir dogs» (1992). In the career of the actor began a new period. The collaboration with Tarantino continued with the filming of pulp fiction (1994) — an iconic painting helped Tim Roth once again to assert itself. Custom Comedy «Four rooms» (1995) was another success for the actor, although he was understood by all. After roles in Tarantino films, Roth became the «face» of the alternative movie.

    To consolidate its position in the Hollywood star failed due to the role in the film «Rob Roy» (1995). For playing in the film by Michael Caton-Jones, he received a BAFTA and was nominated for «Oscar».

    In 1996, Tim Roth revealed himself as a Comedy actor, playing in the musical film «Everyone says I love you» by woody Allen. In «Planet of the apes» by Tim Burton (2001), the actor played General Thade. For this film he turned down the role of Severus Snape in the films about Harry Potter. In addition, Roth had the opportunity to act instead of Anthony Hopkins in the sequel to the legendary Thriller «the Silence of the lambs».

    Among the bright stars works in the second half of the 2000s, «Territory of virgins», «youth without Youth» (2007), «the Incredible Hulk» (2008), «Pete Smals dead» (2010) and others.

    Tim Roth continues to play today. Each year of his participation comes one or two of the film.

    Personal life

    The first time Tim Roth said goodbye to bachelorhood in the early 80-ies. The wife of actor became Laurie Baker, who bore him a son Jack in 1984. Three years after the birth of a child in the family problems began, which coincided with some career setbacks. In the end Tim Roth decided to move from England to the United States, leaving his wife and son, who later took to his.

    In 1993, the actor married again. At this time, his second half was Nikki Butler, who works as a designer. With her Tim and I met in 1992 at a film festival held in Sundance. In the second marriage the Tim Roth were born two sons, was born in 1995, Timothy hunter, and a year – Michael Cormack.

    In honor of his wife Nicky and three sons, the actor has a tattoo on his right arm.


    • «Youth without youth»
    • «Pete Smals dead»
    • «The Incredible Hulk»
    • «Four rooms»
    • Pulp fiction
    • «Return to Waterloo»»
    • «Kill the priest»
    • «Snitch»
    • «League of dreams»


    Tim Roth

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