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  • Name: Tim Robbins ( Timothy Francis Robbins )
  • Date of birth: 16 October 1958.
  • Age: 58 years
  • Place of birth: West Covina, CA, USA
  • Height: 195
  • Activities: actor, Director, screenwriter, producer, musician
  • Marital status: not married

    Tim Robbins: biography

    Timothy Francis Robbins, for a beautiful sound reduced the name Tim Robbins, the famous American actor, who gained worldwide fame thanks to his roles in the films «the Shawshank redemption», «mystic river» and «war of the worlds». He is the winner of the honorary award «Oscar» as best supporting actor, and was nominated for the Academy award as the Director of crime drama «Dead man walking».

    Tim Robbins
    Tim Robbins | Chinabank

    Tim Robbins was born in the town of West Covina located in California. His father, Gil Robbins, was a musician, performer of folk songs, the singer / guitarist and Manager of the band «The Gaslight Cafe». Mother Maria Cecilia Robbins-Bledsoe played on the stage. Timothy has two sisters, Adele and Gabrielle, and brother David. None of the other children Robbinson great popularity not achieved.

    Tim Robbins
    Tim Robbins | Cinemania

    Tim Robbins was very young when the family moved to the village of Greenwich village. It is noteworthy that the parents, despite the creative professions were religious people and raised children in a very strict Catholic tradition. In addition, the father did not want Timothy to follow in his mother footsteps. He was allowed 12 years to participate in the theater club in high school «Stuvesant». But when the boy received a matriculation certificate, at the request of Robbins Sr. enrolled at the University of the state of new York.

    Tim Robbins
    Tim Robbins | Best pictures of celebrity

    However, Tim Robbins, gasp, finally, to freedom from under a constant care, has turned two years of study at the University into one continuous party. In the end, a young man expelled from school, he returned to his native state and begins to study film making at the University of California. For the sake of the son have received at least some education, Gil Robbins did not prevent the choice of the acting profession, although for a long time did not approve of this path.


    Career novice actor Tim Robbins kicked off with the participation in numerous television series, among whom were such famous projects as «Santa Barbara», «Toy soldiers», «the Blues hill Street» and «Detective Agency «Moonlight». First major role was given to him in 1985 in the teen Comedy «fraternity vacation,» which, however, have not made Tim Robbins a famous actor.

    Tim Robbins in the movie
    Tim Robbins in the movie «Darenskii bulls» | CBS Europa

    Much more notable works were a fantastic Comedy «Howard the duck», the tragicomedy «Five corners» sports romance «Darenskii bulls» and fantasy adventure «Erik the Viking». Made a lot of noise unusual Thriller «Jacob’s Ladder». Director Adrian Lyne was chosen for the lead role of a postman Jacob singer, who was a war in Vietnam and now see demons, that’s Tim Robbins, because I saw in his eyes the necessary baby charm. Unfortunately, the picture got rolled in the midst of war in the Persian Gulf, so financial is not paid off, although it remains one of the most significant works of Hollywood in the early 90-ies.

    Tim Robbins in the movie
    Tim Robbins in «Jacob’s Ladder» | DVDBeaver.com

    In the same period came the romantic Comedy «I. Q.» and the psychological detective «the Player». But the highlight of the first half career of Tim Robbins was based on the novel by Stephen king «the Shawshank redemption». The film was a resounding success and still remains among the leaders in lists of the best movies of all time. Subsequently, Tim Robbins has drawn attention to himself with the Comedy «Nothing to lose», fiction «Mission to Mars», the crime drama «a Dangerous truth» and action-Thriller «the Truth about Charlie.»

    Tim Robbins in the movie
    Tim Robbins in «the Shawshank redemption» | Filmolog

    The following striking rise in his career came in 2004. Duet work with Sean Penn in a confused crime detective Clint Eastwood’s «mystic river» Tim Robbins brought the «Oscar» for best supporting actor. Almost immediately there was a fantastic utopia of Steven Spielberg’s «War of the worlds», where, apart from Tim Robbins was involved such stars as Tom cruise, Dakota fanning and Morgan Freeman.

    Tim Robbins in the movie
    Tim Robbins in «mystic river» | Geek.xyz

    The actor continues a lot and often to act in films. From recent works we can note the military drama «sharp turn», the political Comedy series «On the verge» and a fantastic tragi-Comedy «Marjorie Prime». I should add that Tim Robbins three times tried his hand at directing. His first film, the political satire «Bob Roberts», has had some success. Noticeable was the project – a melodrama «the Cradle will rock». But the most grandiose he published a second work, the crime drama «Dead man walking», thanks to which Robbins was nominated for an Oscar as a Director.

    Personal life

    The first well known actor Tim Robbins was an American model and businesswoman Carol Perkins. They started Dating when Robbins didn’t even appear on the screen, and were together until 1981. Then Tim had a short-term affair with a star of soap operas «Dynasty» and «Santa Barbara» Terri Garber. Their relationship began after working together on the television movie «Toy soldiers».

    Tim Robbins and Terri Garber
    Tim Robbins and Terri Garber

    And in 1988 on the set of the sports drama «Darenskii bulls» Tim Robbins met the actress Susan Sarandon. She was older than her husband for 13 years, but almost immediately Tim and Susan realized that in love. In addition, a few combined and common interests relating to public life. Very happy with the choice of the son remained with his parents.

    Tim Robbins and wife Susan Sarandon
    Tim Robbins and wife Susan Sarandon | Open Azerbaijan

    Since Sarandon was a feminist and an ardent opponent of official marriage, Tim Robbins and his wife lived in de facto Union. They had two sons Jack Henry and miles Guthrie Robbins and raised a daughter wife eve from her previous relationship with Director Franco Amurri. The couple lived in happiness and harmony for more than 20 years. So it was surprising to see the fans and actors that in 2010 they broke up.

    Tim Robbins and wife Susan Sarandon
    Tim Robbins and wife Susan Sarandon | Showbiz Geek

    As explained to journalists this act Susan Sarandon, it has ceased to hold that attitude spilled over into «sleepy existence». However, some people believe that the real reason for the breakup of Tim Robbins and his wife was the fact that Sarandon, whose age is approaching 70, suddenly decided to make a video with pornographic content. The actor has not endorsed the initiative and chose to part with the outrageous wife.

    It should be noted that distracted from the breakup with his girlfriend, Tim Robbins helped work. He locked himself in a recording Studio and recorded together with his band «The Rogues Gallery Band albums of original songs.

    Tim Robbins with his family
    Tim Robbins with family | beauty.ru

    The actor is an ardent fan of hockey club «new York Rangers» and basketball team «new York Mets». This love of sporting spectacles reaches out even from his student days when he studied in new York University. By the way, Tim Robbins a few times gratuitously participated in promotional videos of their favorite teams.


    • 1988 — that’s bull Durham
    • 1994 — intelligence quotient
    • 1994 — the Shawshank redemption
    • 2001 — a Dangerous truth
    • 2002 — Truth about Charlie
    • 2003 — mystic river
    • 2005 — the secret life of words
    • 2005 — war of the worlds
    • 2015 — On the verge
    • 2016 — Marjorie Prime


    • 2010 — Tim Robbins And The Rogues Gallery Band


    Tim Robbins

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