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  • Name: Tim Cook ( Timothy Donald Cook )
  • Date of birth: 1 November 1960.
  • Age: 56 years
  • Place of birth: mobile, al, USA
  • Height: 190
  • Activity: Apple CEO
  • Marital status: not married

    Tim cook: a biography

    The current head of Apple, the second person after Steve jobs, Timothy Donald cook was born in 1960 in the small American town of Alabama, near the sea Bay. Father Tim was a simple dock-worker, mother was a housewife. In the family except Tim had two sons: Donald and Geraldine. Since childhood, the boy was calm and purposeful. As I recall his classmates and teachers, he did not like bragging, although he was one of the best students of the stream.

    Tim cook in his youth
    Tim cook in his youth

    After school he went to engineering College course Auburn University, where in 1982 he received the rank of bachelor in the field of industrial manufacturing. Despite his shyness, as a student of Timothy tries himself in the work: in College, he speaks with one of the youth bands as a bass guitarist. Through the life of Tim cook carried the love of rock-n-roll of the hippie era. In his youth, in his judgment, Timothy tried to imitate their idols: Martin Luther king and John Kennedy.

    Early career

    After College Tom gets his first job in the company «IBM». The young man made a good career working at the firm for 12 years. During this time cook rose to the position of regional sales Director. In parallel with the work of the cook finishes graduate school of business at Duke University majoring in business management. Timothy was awarded a master’s degree. He also entered the top ten students of the school.

    Tim cook and Steve jobs
    Tim cook and Steve jobs | Kleinburd

    At the age of 34 years, Tim cook has replaced a place of work more profitable. Accepting the offer of the company «Intelligent electronics» in them, he became Executive Director. Literally three years later he was circling to his command of the brand «Compaq» on the prestigious position of Vice-President. But despite the high fees, «Compaq» in a few months of work, cook still goes to Steve jobs, which begins rebranding of Apple. Here Tim cook expects at least a high salary, but much more interesting activity.

    Team work of the founder of Apple

    In their speeches, Tim cook often says that in choosing the life path he was often guided by intuition. When choosing a place of work, Tim always listened to my inner voice, which eventually did not disappoint him. The transition to Apple became a turning point in the biography of Tim cook. 1998 was a difficult time for the company jobs: profit plummeted, production was idle. We need fundamental changes in the ideological production and optimisation of sales.

    Tim Cook
    Tim Cook | Brasil Diário

    Steve jobs made the role of a daring dreamer and idea generator. In order to support their development he needed a strong team of managers and programmers who helped him eventually to realize all your dreams in life. His team consisted of competent and talented people. Among them include the top managers Jonathan Ive Luca Maestri, Philip Schiller, Angela Arends and Tim cook, who immediately took the post of head of the operations Department.

    Tim Cook
    Tim Cook | AppStudio

    Jobs made the right decision, reducing the number of designs from hundreds of up to a dozen, and sending all the engineering power to create innovative products. So, since 2000, you receive the technology of the future: the new iMac computer, iPod, touch smartphones iPhone, tablets iPad. In addition, in 2003 offers a large online market of the iTunes Store which increases the sales growth of Apple products in many parts of the world.

    Tim Cook
    Tim Cook | Lenta

    Tim cook of Apple becomes an indispensable figure, the right hand of Steve jobs. He not only engaged in all routine work to ensure the marketing promotion of products, but also become a confidant leader. In 2004, when Steve carried out an operation to remove a cancerous tumor in the pancreas,Tom takes leadership of the company. The same thing happened in 2009, when Steve jobs re-admitted to the hospital for a liver transplant.


    After the death of a computer guru in 2011, the post of the head of Apple Tim cook is passed. Since his appointment to the post of Director Tim gathered a considerable fortune. From the beginning his salary was $1 million per year, and the amount of the annual premium reached just under $3 million in addition, Cooke became the owner of the shares of the holding company, in the amount of $ 50 million. According to the magazine Forbes as the CEO of Apple is just over $500 million recently, Tim cook purchased the mansion for $2 million in Palo Alto. This is a fairly modest purchase to the head of the Corporation on a global scale.

    Tim Cook
    Tim Cook | Svopi

    While the millionaire remains sufficiently democratic nature: he loves Cycling, doing fitness and yoga, dresses modestly. Unlike Steve jobs, Amateur black pants, Tim prefers simple office clothes. Favorite brand shoes Nike cook is. In addition, Tim loves to travel, but his favorite form of recreation are Hiking at Yosemite national Park. In his spare time CEO of Apple prefers to view CNBC and ESPN news and sports channels.

    Tim Cook
    Tim Cook | AppleNovinky

    Over time, the Board of Directors voted to cut income cook. This was due to the fact that the profits of the concern That began to drop steadily. The crisis of ideas has generated a decline in Apple sales worldwide. Currently Apple can’t offer the buyer anything new. The group is engaged in a continuous improvement of the old models of tablets and smartphones. Even a new product — the Apple Watch is not worth even the cost of their development.

    Tim Cook
    Tim Cook | TechSupportRich

    To support the production of Tim cook takes the decision to move production to China. Sam Cooke, commenting on the difficult situation in the Corporation, acknowledges two errors of the Board. First of all, the creation of low-quality apps from Apple Map, which is personally the General Director publicly apologized to users. And the second wrong step was the appointment of the Director of retailer John Browet, who during his career has undertaken a number of radical error.

    Tim Cook
    Tim cook | the latest news

    However, Tim cook invokes the sympathy of all employees of the holding company. Unlike Steve, who was quite closed to most of his colleagues, cook gets along well with all employees of the company. During lunch he can safely go up to any employee and maintain a conversation. Tim never raises her voice, even in the most controversial and conflict situations. He is always friendly and welcoming. But in order to remain at the helm of this giant of the information industry is not enough to be only a wonderful colleague and an advertising genius. According to many partners, cook lacks the talent of the innovator, which is fully owned by the founder of Apple.

    Personal life Tim cook

    Timothy Donald cook for a long time did not spread about his personal life. And it has always been active in professional activities, any information to the press about his family not been reported. But in 2012, the well-known publication «Out Magazine» published information that one of the first persons of the company from Cupertino has to be gay.

    Tim Cook
    Tim Cook | LGBTHistoryMonth

    Sam Cooke did not refuted it. Later in the interview, he did come out and confessed to their belonging to the LGBT movement. According to him, he did it primarily to support those people who are life suffer and to hide this fact. According to many analysts, this move is seen by many as another advertisement for Apple products. In the conditions of falling of sales of Apple products Frank acknowledgment of returned interest to the concern of many buyers.

    Tim Cook
    Tim Cook | Business Insider

    In 2014, under the leadership of Tim cook even held a parade of Apple employees who are gay. Tim cook openly promotes non-traditional relationships, calling them the great gift of God. For photos from the festival you can see a large number of Apple employees, supporters of non-traditional relationships. But her boyfriend Tim cook carefully hides from the press. Even at private parties, it cannot be seen in society to the second half.

    Tim Cook
    Tim Cook | Telautograph

    According to Chinese sources, his boyfriend long Benjamin Ling. The young native of China, has already achieved a great success in science: in his thirty-plus years, Ben has a PhD from Stanford. He also managed to visit the post of Director of Google, creating a software platform for the payment system Google Checkout and Google SMS. Since 2007 place of work the service Facebook.

    Tim cook and the politics

    In connection with the arisen necessity of the means of production Apple, on the example of many other Western corporations, the group moved most of its production abroad, to China. Industrial giants such policies had a negative impact on the labor market of developed countries. As a result, in particular, broke out of an unprecedented economic crisis in some States of North America under Barack Obama.

    Tim Cook
    Tim Cook | Kleinburd

    Therefore, after the 2016 election the newly elected President Donald trump made the first attempt to rectify the situation in the country. For this, he is already at the end of December invited many heads of major corporations of America for talks in the White House. It is anticipated that trump will offer such companies as Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Intel, Oracle, and Tesla, to reduce the tax rate. In exchange, they will be asked to return manufacturing to the States. Such a move will help to significantly stabilize the U.S. economy and to revive the domestic market.


    Tim Cook

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