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  • Name: Til Schweiger ( Tilman Schweiger )
  • Date of birth: 19 December 1963.
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Freiburg, Germany
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actor, screenwriter, film Director, film producer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Til Schweiger biography

    Tilman Valentin Schweiger was born in a modest family of teachers — this happened on 19 December 1963. The family lived in Freiburg in Germany. The boy was the same as hundreds of German boys, school, home, indulgence.

    Training Til was easy, he received high marks, particularly attracted his German language and literature. Their future, he was associated with the teaching career, wanted to follow in the footsteps of their parents.

    After school til Schweiger joined the faculty of German Philology at the University. But, after two years dropped out. The reason was simple: the German teacher was going through not the best period, content with a penny salary and lack of prospects, their background, the work of physicians seemed to him a much more enviable.

    Schweiger went to medical school, which graduated. Next was the air force that the young specialist was held in the Netherlands. When he returned from the army, could not find a use.

    As often happens, fate stepped in. Til Schweiger accidentally met a long time ago – in conversation revealed that she is studying theater arts. The young man decided to follow her example and entered the drama school in Cologne.

    Three and a half years of training, and then the dubbing of pornographic movies, work in theatre in Bonn – on the career of actor til at that time only dreamed of.


    Today in creative Luggage til Schweiger — more than fifty roles in movies. He began his acting career with an episode in the TV series «Lindenstrasse». In 1991, Thiel debuted as a comedian «Risky race» — first major role brought him his first recognition. He received the award as best young actor Germany.

    In 1994 he was invited to the filming of a Comedy «Can be, can’t be.» After the premiere, til Schweiger woke up famous.

    1997 became its furor. The painting «reach the heavens» was a great success. Critics acknowledged that til Schweiger is not only comedic, but also a talented dramatic actor. He was a co-writer and producer of the film, which became his triple success. The role of «knocking on heaven’s door», he received the prizes of the festival and the Moscow film festival.

    The role in the movie «Bandits» Schweiger brought award at the festival in Poland. The next few years, the actor received an invitation from Directors and actively acted. «Racers», «U-429. Underwater prison» and other films, strengthened his reputation, the popularity of the actor grew up.

    Steven Spielberg invited the actor to the role in the movie «Saving private Ryan», but he refused. Instead, Thiele starred in the film «Murderers on replacement».

    He has not confined himself to acting career – has sought to realize the creative potential to the max, tried himself as producer, screenwriter. His directorial debut was the romantic film «BARFUSS».

    Personal life

    With his future wife til Schweiger met in 1995 – his choice was a model and actress Dan Carlsen, an American by birth. In the same year, the lovers have legalized their relationship. The couple happily lived almost 10 years in this marriage were born four children. In 2005, the relationship Dana and til gave a crack – head family moved from the family mansion to the apartment.

    The next 4 years, the couple lived separately, but the divorce didn’t legalize, they officially divorced in 2009. While they manage to maintain a friendly relationship. The actor takes an active part in the lives of children, helps his ex-wife.

    Til Schweiger – a favorite of women. After the divorce he had an affair with Melanie Stolz, then – with Svenja, Holtman: the two girls became a model. They were followed by a series of short novels, but to connect their lives with someone of the passions Schweiger decided not to. He says he appreciates the open relationship and wants to enjoy them.


    • «Adventure racing»
    • «Adrenaline»
    • «Racer»
    • «Knockin»
    • «The fantastic four»
    • «Handsome»
    • «One way»
    • «Joe and Max»
    • «One and a half knight: In search of a stolen Princess Hertselindy»
    • «Deuce bigalow 2»


    Til Schweiger

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