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  • Name: Tigran Keosayan ( Tigran Keosayan )
  • Date of birth: 4 January 1966
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Actor, Director, producer
  • Marital status: Civil marriage with Margarita Simonyan

    Tigran Keosayan: the biography

    Tigran Keosayan was born on 4 January 1966 in Moscow. The boy’s family was closely associated with the world of cinema: his father Edmond Keosayan was well-known and respected Director, screenwriter and actor, mother Laura Gevorgyan — in demand actress in Armenia. Tigran was the youngest child, his older brother David in the future also became a prominent figure in television. Almost all of his childhood the future Director spent with his father on the set of a big movie, his life was inextricably linked to the world of cinema. In four years the young artist first showed his acting talents in the Soviet film «the Crown of Russian Empire, or Again imperceptible».

    Like many children his age, his parents sent the boy to a music school where he learned to play the piano. Thanks to this young Director fell in love with classical music.

    In 1983 Tigran Keosayan graduated from high school, passing final exams without the help of cue cards. Then the young artist knew exactly where he wanted to do and who to be. From childhood the boy dreamed of becoming a Director like his father. University dream boys was the all-Russian state University of cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov, where, however, Tigran was not able to do. A considerable role was played by the article published in the newspaper «Izvestia» that in colorful detail told the townsfolk about how the renowned Director and screenwriter, Edmond Keosayan tries to attach to the University his «worthless son». However, this trouble is not only not repulsed by Tigran from the movie world of his dreams, but strengthened his intention to study in this school.

    In 1984 Tigran again tried to enroll at the University and was at the directing Department in the workshop of Igor Talankin. Tigran made his first short movie «Sunny beach», which tells the story of a fleeing soldier. The film starred his College friend Fyodor Bondarchuk, now known Russian actor and Director. Keosayan was forced to interrupt his studies at the Institute and went to serve in the army. In 1988, he was reinstated at the University and got into the Studio of Yuri Ozerov.

    In the 1990-ies is doing the same thing together with Fyodor Bondarchuk began shooting videos and commercials. Then the field of cinema was not very well known and popular, so young filmmakers can easily occupy a free niche and achieved considerable success. They shot music videos for such figures of show business, as Irina Allegrova, Igor Saruhanov, Natalia Vetlitskaya and many others.


    1991 was for the debut of Tigran Keosayan. The screens went great movie Comedy film by Yuri Kuzmenko «the Joker», where the actor played his first full role. In the same year, Tigran has started shooting his debut film «Katka and Shiz», where he acted as the Director of the film. For the filming was invited to the famous Soviet actors, many of whom previously worked with his father Keosayan, and the script was written by his brother David. The picture was released in 1992 and was generally accepted as good by the audience and critics.

    A year later, the Director together with his brother founded the Studio «GOLD VISION», which deals mostly shooting commercials, music videos, and television series.

    In 1996 Tigran Keosayan decided to try yourself in the role of Director in a Comedy series «funny Business — the family business». The producer’s chair in this project was taken by his brother David. The tape was about four generations of one family, which is forced to adapt to new conditions of life, and decides to establish a «family affair», arranging in house Laundry.

    Real fame young Director brought his Christmas Comedy «Poor Sasha», released in 1997. In this film Tigran again turned to the subject of magic of thieves (and his debut tape) who by their actions help the girl to return Sasha to have it for the holidays. The picture became very popular and was the best film of the year by «taffy».

    The next film also enjoyed great success with the audience. In 1999, the world saw another Christmas Comedy Keosayan «the President and his granddaughter». In 2000 he made a film on his own script (co-authored with Anna slucki) «silver Lily», where the actor also appeared in a cameo role. Five years later, on the television came the continuation of the film, but as a 12-episode television series. «Lily silver-2» was attended by all the actors (with the exception of Olesya Zheleznyak, who played Zoe Milochkina).

    In 2008 came the movie «Mirage», which was negatively assessed by critics. In the future, the Director returned to the theme of the TV series and for two years took three telecartes: spy mini-series «Yalta-45», romance «Three comrades» and the series about the Olympic village near Sochi «Sea. Mountains. Keramzit».


    Since 2007 Tigran Keosayan actively participated in the filming television: he was the host of a popular talk-show «Evening with Tigran Keosayan» on TV channel «Ren-TV». Leading is doing the same thing together with two invited guests who were either experts in a certain area, or well-known personalities of the Russian Beau Monde, discussing pressing and relevant topics. The program was so popular that after its closure in 2009, the Director decided to make a «Hot evening with Tigran keosayanom». The show changed the channel and changed the format. Now in the Studio invited guests, who have diametrically opposed views on the subject.

    From 2009 to 2010, the Director led the TV show «You and I» together with actress Alena Khmelnytsky. As part of the show doing the same thing and Khmelnitsky talked about the family life of the famous Russian pairs, and invited them to his Studio for an interview. The project’s producers tried to present information as objectively as possible, to avoid the label of «yellow press». In 2011, the artist became the leading talk show «Enough silence!», where were discussed current issues and topics of everyday life.

    Personal life

    In 1992, Tigran Keosayan met aspiring actress Alena Khmelnytsky. The Director was searching the actress for shooting commercials, and suggested to Lena that role. A novel, not a sign of anything serious, it soon developed into a strong relationship. The lovers settled Elena in Smolenka and in 1993 officially became a young family. A year later they had a daughter, Alexandra.

    The family first Keosayan had hard times, their only income was the few fees of Tigran, which quickly ended. After some time, she had left the theatre in connection with pregnancy and birth of a child, he became Director of the fashion store, and things went smoothly. In the future, the Director filmed his wife in almost all his films. In 2010, family Keosayan was born the second daughter Ksenia, but Tigran again be able to attend the birth. Then famous Director was in the hospital due to heart attack.

    Press for a long time called a few Keosayan and Khmelnytskyi one of the strongest families of the Russian show business, however, in late 2011 the Director were even more without his wife at events. And in 2012, Tigran began to go out with the chief editor of the TV channel «Russia Today» Margarita Simonyan. In 2013, the actor filed for divorce, but long refrained from commenting on his personal life.

    Together with Margarita Simonyan, the Director opened the restaurant «Hot!» in Sochi. In August 2013, the couple had a daughter, and in September 2014 they had a son Bagrat what Keosayan wrote in his account «Twitter».


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    Tigran Keosayan

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