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  • Name: Thomas Sangster ( Thomas Brodie-Sangster )
  • Date of birth: 16 may 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: London, UK
  • Height: 179
  • Activities: actor, musician, model
  • Marital status: not married

    Thomas Sangster biography

    Thomas Brodie-Sangster is a young British actor who appeared in films from early childhood. He is best known to fans of modern cinema to participate in such films as «Becoming John Lennon», «nanny McPhee», «the maze Runner» and «Game of thrones».

    Thomas Sangster in the film
    Thomas Sangster in the film «the Guarantor».

    Thomas was born in London, into a family of professional actors Anastacia Bertram and Mark Sangster. He has a sister Ava, who had also chosen the path of creativity. It is interesting that «Brody» was first middle name Thomas, but in adulthood he turned it into a prefix to the name became Brodie-Sangster.

    Thomas Sangster in the film
    Thomas Sangster in the film «the Surety» | Trunkweed

    The boy from childhood been behind the scenes and imbued with the atmosphere of the actor’s environment. His mother played on stage, and also starred in several films «bi-Bi-si», for example, in a detective serial «Ms. Marpl Agatha Christie». Father’s age was more musician than actor, but, nevertheless, was a permanent member of the troupe, which in London staged the famous musical «the lion King». It is also worth adding that the actor Hugh Grant Thomas have second cousins uncle.

    Having a number of relatives who can not live without a scene, Thomas Sangster, and himself, that is, «from the cradle» began to dream of becoming an artist. And already at the age of 11 he gets his chance.


    The first on-screen Thomas Sangster appeared in 2001. He started from the television movies «the Cards for a miracle,» «Bobby’s Girl», «Stig of the Dump» and the like. For drama «Guarantor» and learned to play piano and won the award for «Best actor in a mini-series».

    Thomas Sangster in the film
    Thomas Sangster in «love actually» | We Heart It

    And on the big screen, a young singer debuted with the tragicomedy «love actually», where he collaborated with such stars as keira Knightley and Colin Firth. Thomas got the role of a son of the Liam Neeson character, and he again had to learn a new musical instrument, this time drums. Helped the teenager in this case his father.

    A good work of critics have considered the role of a little Tristan in the action-drama «Tristan and Isolde». And the first commercially successful picture was the Sangster family fantasy Comedy «nanny McPhee,» where he played Thomas, the eldest of the seven children of widower Mr. brown. This work gave the young actor award «British Teen Choice Award».

    Thomas Sangster and Aaron Johnson in the film
    Thomas Sangster and Aaron Johnson in the film «Becoming John Lennon» | Cinema

    Most popular Thomas brought the role of young Paul McCartney in the biographical picture about the musicians of «the Beatles» «Becoming John Lennon». Interestingly, for this image to Sangster, who is right-handed, had to completely re-learn the left-handed, including trying to play the guitar with his left hand, as did Paul.

    Following a loud tape of the actor became a psychological drama about a cancer patient boy «death of a superhero». Thomas also appeared in several episodes of the famous television series «Doctor Who» and was involved in ten episodes of the acclaimed blockbuster «Game of Thrones» in the role Goyena reed.

    Thomas Sangster in the film
    Thomas Sangster in the movie «the maze Runner» | full Movie

    But perhaps the most striking work of British actor newt with youth dystopia «the maze Runner». This action was released in 2014 and created a furore among young fans of the genre. Thomas starred in the movie – «the maze Runner: the Test of fire.» Then Sangster has joined another high-profile project — «Star wars. Episode VII: the Force awakens,» which turned into officer Tanisha.

    Personal life

    Thomas Sangster from his early years focused on his career as a movie star, so, according to him, he had almost no time for personal life. However, according to information from the global Internet we know that the actor for some time met with Isabella Melling. She is also an actress and, by the way, have the sister to William Melling, who starred in the Saga of «Harry Potter» in a role of Nigel Wolpert.

    Thomas Sangster and Isabella Melling
    Thomas Sangster and Isabella Melling | Twitter

    But some fans Sangster assured that their favorite actor has a bisexual orientation. There are special communities that collected and published data allegedly proving the close relationship of Thomas and his friend Dylan o’brien, with whom he starred in the dystopian «the maze Runner». Thomas did not confirm this information, but does not refute. Its normal human reaction to such questions is a shy smile.

    Thomas Sangster and Dylan o'brien
    Thomas Sangster and Dylan o’brien

    Interestingly, Thomas Brodie-Sangster not only actor but also a musician. Since 2010, he plays bass guitar in a rock band «Winnet». This is something of a family music project, as in the repertoire of the ensemble includes his mother Tasha Bertram, and it involves the sister of Ava.


    • 2005 — nanny McPhee
    • 2006 — Tristan and Isolde
    • 2007 — the Last Legion
    • 2009 — Bright star
    • 2010 — Becoming John Lennon
    • 2011 — Death of a superhero
    • 2013-2014 Game Of Thrones
    • 2014 — the maze Runner
    • 2015 — Wolf hall
    • 2015 — Star wars: the force awakens


    Thomas Sangster

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