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  • Name: Theresa May ( Theresa Mary May )
  • Date of birth: 1 October 1956.
  • Age: 60 years
  • Place of birth: Eastbourne, United Kingdom
  • Activity: Prime Minister, ex-interior Minister of Britain, leader of the Conservative party
  • Marital status: Married

    Theresa may: biography

    Theresa may – «the iron lady» of Britain, which entered the history of the role of the second woman, took the post of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. She is known for her cold and rigid policies, which has allowed her to build a successful political career and to enlist the support of the British in times of national changes in the country related to the exit of Britain from the EU.

    Teresa was born Mary may (nee Brayzer) 1 October 1956 in Eastbourne, situated in the County of Sussex, in the family of a priest Hubert of Brisera. Primary education she received in two schools, public and parochial, who graduated with honors. At the end of high school, the future politician went to Oxford at the faculty of geography, from which in 1977 came out with a bachelor’s degree.

    Career Theresa may started from the Bank of England where she worked as a financial consultant. After almost 10 years of career of the future policy started up and she went to work in the APACS clearing company which has a simple analyst was promoted to senior adviser to international destinations.


    Political interest in Theresa may appeared back in the early 80-ies. For several years, the future Prime Minister of great Britain failed to create initial image of the politician and become a member of the local authorities of the Council of the borough of Merton. There she headed the Commission on education.

    Since 1992, Theresa may began to break into the British Parliament – she several times took an unsuccessful part in the elections, but was elected to the House of Commons only in 1997. Since then, she has held various minor positions in the conservative government, and in 2002 became the first female Chairman of the Conservative party.

    Doing the technical functioning of the conservatives, the future Prime Minister of Britain at the same time was shadow Minister of transport and food, and also headed the Ministry of sport, media, culture, pensions and labor. In 2005, Mei chose shadow leader of the house of Commons, which it remained until 2010.

    With the coming to power of former Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron Theresa may has been appointed head of the interior Ministry and received the portfolio of the Minister for equality and women. In these high positions she has proven herself a tough and cold-blooded politician, speaking for the invasion of Iraq, granting equal rights to same-sex couples.

    In addition, Teresa may was one of the few political opponents of the adoption of the laws for further integration of the UK into the EU, to combat climate change, and also opposed the ban on Smoking in public places.

    The Prime Minister of great Britain

    The political Olympus, Theresa may, reached after a referendum in the UK on the country’s withdrawal from the EU. She spoke against Brexit and supported Cameron, who spoke against the national change in the country. However, after the resignation of Cameron, it has put forward his candidacy for the post of Chairman of the Conservative party and consequently Prime Minister.

    In the first stage of the elections of the new leader of the conservative party may become the favorite of the race and scored 165 votes of parliamentarians. As a result, 11 July 2016, she was elected Chairman of the Conservative party and became the sole candidate for the Premiership.

    July 13, 2016 Queen Elizabeth II has appointed Theresa may as Prime Minister of the country. Entrusted to her post, the politician promised to continue the policies of the country David Cameron and to preserve the unity of the British, restoring the country social justice.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Theresa may’s less successful political career. In 1980 she met the love of his life, which was John Philip may. With her husband, the new Prime Minister of great Britain lives in marriage for over 35 years, however, children in pairs.

    It is known that Theresa may has some health problems – in 2012, she was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type I, which involves regular support of the body’s insulin.

    The British media called Theresa may’s most glamorous politician of the house of Commons because of her love of designer clothes and shoes. Her fashion images are repeatedly exposed to noisy criticism, as the company considers unacceptable the emergence of policy on business activities in inappropriate outfits with a deep neckline.


    Theresa May

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