The Tolmachev sisters — biography, photos, details of their personal lives and participation at Eurovision 2014

The Tolmachev Sisters

(biography, photos, videos) Maria and Anastasia Tolmachevo

the picture Sestri Tolmachevo

  • Name: the Tolmachev Sisters ( Maria and Anastasia Tolmachevo )
  • Date of birth: 14 January 1997
  • Age: 20 years
  • Place of birth: Kursk
  • Activity: Singer, representatives of Russia at «Eurovision-2014»
  • Marital status: Not married

    The Tolmachev sisters: a biography

    Maria and Anastasia Tolmachevo – twin sisters who became first and to date the only winners of the children’s song contest «Eurovision – 2006».

    The Tolmachev sisters were born in the Russian town of Kursk, on 14 January 1997 in an ordinary family of workers. The girls ‘ father, Andrey Tolmachev, no relation to creativity had worked as an ordinary worker at the local plant «Istok». The love of music instilled in girls from a mother who worked as a teacher in a music school and was a true artistic Director for their talented daughters. Later the woman said she first learned about the talent of his daughters through children’s songs, the girls began to sing along with their favorite cartoon characters.

    Already in 6 years, simultaneously with entering primary school, the twins began seriously studying music at children’s music Studio called «Cricket». Later Tolmachevo began performing in the theater Studio «Jam». Antonina Perfilieva, teacher girls and teacher pop singing Studio admitted that at first she didn’t want to take Masha and Nastya to his training, because he thought them too small. However, as soon as Antonina had heard children singing and saw their talent immediately changed my mind.

    Interestingly, in early childhood musical preferences twins are very different. Masha was more to the taste of domestic artists, with which she was most identified Larisa Dolina and Alla Pugacheva. But Nastia preferred overseas pop music, but especially Sarah Connor and Whitney Houston. Later the sisters agreed on Nikolai Baskov, whose work is both like girls.

    In subsequent years, the Tolmachev sisters intensively studied music and participated in numerous musical competitions. So, their first achievements were unconditional victory in competitions of young performers «Golden boat», «pink star» and «Constellation of young», which was held in 2005. The girls were elated with each victory and each new success was only an incentive to keep working and to wait for his hour of triumph, which soon, not used to attack.

    Victory Tolmachevo on children’s «Eurovision-2006»

    In 2006 the Tolmachev Sisters on children’s «Eurovision» were able to bring victory to Russia and thus fulfilled his cherished dream. For this contest, Masha and Nastya were able to get through the song of his own composition «Spring jazz», which they wrote themselves. The young singer with moms and their music Director has applied for the national selection contest that was decided which artist will represent the country.

    In his native Kursk in children was a huge competition in GTRK Kursk passed serious selection and audition candidates, as well as videos of performances of the children. Michael Lukash, head of the local television, immediately saw Tolmachevo huge potential, and understood that these girls have to represent the country. Many have tried to convince Michael that in the capital a simple provincial singers from Kursk hardly notice and all prizes purchased long ago, but he believed in the sisters Tolmachev and was very pleased when they were selected from a huge number of applicants (which, incidentally, was originally more than a thousand).

    The Tolmachev sisters — «Spring jazz»

    After the triumph of the Governor of Kursk region gave an Tolmachev some valuable gifts. Despite her young age, the girls began the creative activity and managed to Shine in several projects. In 2007 they participated in the opening of the famous festival «Slavic Bazaar» and received a prize at the Muz-TV 2007. In the same year, he starred together with Alla Pugacheva in the musical «Kingdom of distorting mirrors», where the diva performed the song «Ding Dong». Thanks to the support of sponsors were able to release their debut album «Halves». And, of course, acted as guest star at numerous events of local importance.

    The Tolmachev sisters at «Eurovision-2014»

    However, Tolmachevo was not limited to their childish glee and decided to take part in more adult and serious competition. At the end of 2013 it became known that the Tolmachev sisters will represent Russia at «Eurovision-2014» in Copenhagen.

    Girls will perform with the song «Shine» that was written by Filipp Kirkorov in tandem with the Greek producer Dimitris Kontopoulos.

    The Tolmachev Sisters — «Shine» («Eurovision-2014»)

    The fact that the most prestigious European song contest this year will be to conquer the Tolmachev sisters, was a big surprise to many. The TV channel «Russia 1», which is the official broadcaster of the competition, for the first time abandoned its traditional national selection and personally chose the candidate of the twins.

    In order to re-enter the Eurovision song contest, Masha and Nastia had a lot to do vocals, learn English and all the free time to dedicate to music and sports to maintain a good shape. Girls believe that competition is their life, because they just have to go to Copenhagen and win.

    In the first semifinal Tolmachevo had number 7. Despite strong competition and even outrageous to some participants, Nastya and Masha surely one of the finalists. Note that Denmark and many visiting fans from other countries were receptive to our girls. Just a few days the twins have become popular with the public. Many noted tenderness, nobility and spiritual purity of the Russian family duet.

    May 10 was held the Grand final of the biggest musical events of the year. In the final of «Eurovision» Nastya and Masha Tolmachevo perfectly sang the song. In the end, the Tolmachev sisters took the seventh place, the winner of the competition was outrageous Conchita Wurst from Austria.

    Sure that after the «Eurovision-2014» the Tolmachev sisters career is rapidly go up, because they adequately represent Russia in this difficult time.

    Pictures of sisters Tolmachev

    Sestri Tolmachevo

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