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(biography, photos, videos) Sophia Maria Vieira Goncalves

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  • Name: Suzano Vieira ( Maria Sofia Vieira Goncalves )
  • Date of birth: 23 September 1942.
  • Age: 74 years
  • Place of birth: Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Activity: Brazilian actress
  • Marital status: not married

    The suzano Vieira: biography

    Sonia Maria Vieira Goncalves, better known as suzano Vieira was born on 23 Aug 1942 in são Paulo city in Brazil. The girl grew up the son of a diplomat father Marius Vieira served as military attaché at the Brazilian Embassy in Argentina, mother Maria da conceição in his youth was a pianist, but later took care of the house and raised five children.

    The Vieira family moved frequently in connection with the professional activities of his father. Little suzano lived in Argentina, Brazil and the UK. Children received an excellent education, which included knowledge of etiquette and learning several foreign languages. Living in the capital of Argentina, suzano Vieira was seriously involved in classical ballet and dreamed of becoming a famous ballerina. Her teachers were immigrants from the Soviet Union, which was very hard on the young ballerina and taught her to hard discipline. The singer even performed at the famous Teatro colon. However, growing up, she was lost common to all ballerinas cattle and was forced to forget about his dream. However, Vieira continued to dance and even enrolled in a ballet school, which he graduated from in 1963.

    In addition to film career, the actress has been teaching drama and acting: in Angola, she taught a course «Horizonte Njinga Mband». The suzano is a teacher of classical ballet.

    Vieira also participated in theatrical productions of works by Brazilian writers: she played in productions of «Life goes on», «Living water» and many others. In 2010, the actress played Maria in a production of «the passion of the Christ», which was held in the outdoor theater «the New Jerusalem».

    In 2010 the suzano Vieira released his music album «Brasil Encena». To record vocal parts of songs, the actress had to endure an operation to remove polyps from the vocal cords.

    The suzano Vieira: TV shows

    Returning to Brazil, suzano sixteen Vieira got into dance ensemble, which participated in the filming television show on a local channel. For filming the girl had to change her name to Sonia in the name of their younger sister Susana, to avoid confusion between her and another member of the team. Talented and extraordinary artist was noticed by the Director of Kassiona Mendez and invited to participate in several other shows, and the filming of melodramatic series.

    In 1966 actress has starred in three melodramas from the Studio «Excelsior»: «Stone soul», «Silver mines» and «Nobody believes in me».

    In 1970, Suzanne was invited by the largest Brazilian TV channel «

  • Globo», which made her a television star. Her first project at the new place of work was the series «70 Pygmalion,» where she played with famous Brazilian actors, Sergio Cardoso and Maria Louise Castelli. In 1974, at the request of one took her in the TV series «spike», a role which she received an award from the theatre critics Association of Sao Paulo. In 1976 he released this melodrama «
  • Cruel angel», where suzano has played a major role. The actress played the nice, young ambitious girl willing to do anything to achieve his goal. Two years later, the artist again took the lead role in the TV series»
  • The heiress», which allowed the actress to go global. The series was shown in Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the Soviet Union. These two projects brought her worldwide popularity.

    The suzano Vieira continues to appear in films and TV shows to this day. Her filmography includes more than sixty projects, of which about fifty are serial melodramas, which show on TV for years.

    The suzano Vieira: personal life

    Personal life of Susana Vieira no less eventful than her shooting on television. In 1961 suzano married Director

  • Regija Cardoso, whom he met while filming in the Studio «Tupi». At the time of marriage VIERA ceased to act in films, and after the birth of her son Rodrigo, in 1964, took care of his education. Her husband was strongly against a career in the movies, but in 1966, the actress returned to television. In 1972, their marriage broke up. In 1986, Vieira on the set of the film «Morbid passion» met with a businessman
  • Carson Guardia with Sabal, who took part in the crowd. The guy at that time was twenty-four years, and from childhood he was in love with a popular Brazilian actress. Novel forty-year old artist and a young entrepreneur caused a lot of noise in the press, but the Suzano age difference with her lover not the least bit frightening. After Carson got into a car accident, the actress almost around the clock sitting by his bed, caring for the health and well-being of the beloved. The lovers bought a plot of land 130 km from the capital of Brazil, where he built a luxurious house with garden, swimming pool, soccer field and horse stables. Family life Vieira and Guardia of Sabal has not done without scandals. Reporters repeatedly tried to catch the young chosen of the actress cheating on her and asked her provocative questions on the topic of jealousy. The suzano with dignity withstood all the interviews and never gave reason to doubt his faith in the fidelity of her husband. The pair also became involved in a criminal investigation: the mansion was found the body of managing their estate. According to one version of the investigation, a man was killed in a jealous rage by the chosen artist, but a lawyer was able to dismiss all charges against the famous Brazilian couple. However, despite the events in 2003 the couple broke up due to irreconcilable differences.

    In 2006, suzano again had an affair with a young man who was younger than her twenty-eight years. Her lover was a COP

  • Marcel Silva. The pair met at the annual carnival in Rio de Janeiro. But the romance ended in tragedy. In 2008 it became known that Silva regularly changed popular actress with her lover Fernando Kunya. At the same time the guy with the scandal was expelled from the police: a few days earlier he beat and raped a prostitute in a Motel. After a month in the apartment in Rio de Janeiro found the body of Silva: he died from an overdose of cocaine, which was addicted even at the age of 14. Two months after the tragedy, the suzano told reporters that during their life together but also stole the money he carried from the apartment appliances, stealing gold and jewelry, threatened and blackmailed a popular actress videos in which she is Nude taking a shower. In 2009, the suzano Vieira appeared in public with the actor novice
  • Sandro Perdosa, which, like the previous men actress was younger than her many years. The pair met at the carnival and a year later began to live together. They even planned to officially legalize their relationship, but in 2013, Vieira and Perdosa broke up on the initiative of the actress who was tired of the constant goings of a young lover.

    Suzanne Vieira: filmography

    • A Unica Verdade
    • Pair
    • The heiress
    • The Secret Of Tropikanka
    • Predator
    • Cruel angel
    • In the name of love
    • The music of her soul
    • Women in love
    • The mistress of fate
    • Two people
    • Blood ties
    • Love of life

    Suzanne Vieira: photo

    Susana Vieira and Sandro Pardosu

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