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  • Name: Glucose ( Natalia Ionova )
  • Date of birth: 7 June 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: singer, actress film and audio, TV presenter, songwriter
  • Marital status: married to Alexander Chistyakov

    Glucose: a biography

    Glucose (Natalia Ionova) – singer, songwriter, TV presenter, actress of film and audio. Her album «Glyuk’oza Nostra» became an international hit, and the songs repeatedly topped the charts of Ukraine and Russia.

    Natalia was born in the summer of 1986 in Moscow. At the age of seven she entered the music school for piano, but I quit after a year. In childhood, attended various clubs – ballet, chess, etc. grades 1 to 9 he studied in Moscow school №308, 10 and 11 classes at night school No. 17.

    At the age of eleven years Natalia auditioned for participation in the television magazine «Yeralash». In 1999 starred in the film «Princess ‘ War», in 2002, played in crowd scenes clip of Yuri Shatunova «Childhood».

    In 2001, the ions have recorded the single, «Sugar» and posted it on the Internet. Music producer Maxim Fadeev, finding the track, contacted the girl for further cooperation. Then she signed a contract with the company «Monolith», which co-owner was Fadeev. And began his artistic career Natalia Ionova.

    The Project «Glucose»

    In 2002, Maxim Fadeev organized a group of «Glucose» (the name stylized as «Gluk’oza»), which acts as a pop-punk: Natalia Ionova became a soloist of the team. Their first song «Sugar» was in the ether of Moscow radio stations, but has not received proper attention.

    Later, the capital’s record labels began to look for a young performer to be offered a contract. «Monolithians» was the most prompt: managers found out that the project is «Glucose» is directly related to Fadeyev. In the spring of 2002 was signed the contact.

    The young singer didn’t want to go on tour, giving interviews, appearing on magazine covers, so there is nothing better than to settle the 3D version girls network, do not come to mind a famous producer. Ionova drew herself. Artists and professional designers only edited the image.

    In June 2003, the audience saw a singer Glucose. Her phenomenon to the public took place during the final concert of «American idol».

    At the end of 2007 Natalia and Maxim Fadeev started a «Glucose Production». The Song «Glucose» («Schwein», «Butterflies», «Dance, Russia!», «Silicis», etc.) have held high positions in national charts, and the actress has won numerous music awards. Based on the idea of the project appeared computer game characters which were members of the team.

    In 2008, channels gets into the rotation clip «Daughter». In the video there is an updated animated version of Natalia, and Glu, the prototype of which was her daughter Lida. The plot of the movie blondes save the Earth from aliens.

    In the fall of 2009 Natalia Ionova said about change of image. The song, performed in a humorous vein, t-shirts, jeans, massive boots left in the past: fans saw what has matured, feminine, thrilling singer. At the end of the year of publication noted the girl among the brightest, most beautiful and stylish stars of the Russian show-business.

    «I’m changing — transformers, and the old me is no more. Music is changing,» says the star.

    In March 2010, premiere of the song «this is love». Provocative text and totally unexpected for a group of «Glucose» sound forced to pay attention to the song.

    On 10 November released album «TRANS-FORM», which included and already loved by many, and brand new songs («Playing», «freak», «Shot in the back», «My fault,» «Forget you not», «Schweine», etc.). The title of the album was written with the fans.

    In January 2012, the premiere of the video «My fault» that caused a lot of noise even before, becoming one of the most provocative works of Glucose.

    In addition to musical activities, the singer Glucose is the friendship Ambassador of the charity Fund «Best friends» created in her own initiative.

    Personal life

    Natalia Ionova married to a former top Manager of «FSE UES», a co-owner of oil company Ruspetro businessman Alexander Chistyakov. She admits that she has changed a lot over the years of living with her husband.

    My husband and Natalia met on the plane, which was flying to Chechnya. Didn’t have a feeling that her significant other is on Board the same flight. Everything happened as sung in the famous song: «Love descends suddenly, when you least expect it…».

    As later told Ksenia Sobchak, Alexander spotted the singer earlier and was advised to take her to the opening of the Park. After returning to Russia in parting, the businessman asked for the phone Ionova — everything and «spun».

    Glucose and Alexander Chistyakov were married on 7 June 2006. In the spring of 2007 they had a daughter Lydia, and in the fall of 2011 – Faith. The girls appeared at the most prestigious hospital in Spain.


    • «Glyuk’oza Nostra»
    • «Moscow»
    • «TRANS-FORM»


    • «Triumph»
    • «Ores and Sam»
    • Antalya
    • «Monsters vs. aliens»


    Natalia Ionova

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