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  • Name: Lukeria Ilyashenko In ( Ilyashenko Lukerya )
  • Date of birth: 9 June 1989.
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Samara
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    The lukeria Ilyashenko : biography

    The young actress of theatre and cinema lukeria Ilyashenko was born 9 June 1989 in Samara. The girl was seriously engaged in dancing. The parents of Luceri divorced daughter lived with her mother-a doctor.

    Since 1996 Lusha mother moved to Moscow. Then she continued dancing while studying in the «School of ballet named Irina Tikhomirova» specialty «ballet dancer». In 2004-2005, the lukeria Ilyashenko was twice winner of the Russian Championship for tap-dancing «Golden taps» in the category «formation».

    In 2006, after graduating from the «School of ballet», lukeria Ilyashenko was accepted into the troupe of «Revival – New Imperial ballet», dancing in ballets «Rasputin», «the Sleeping beauty», «Swan lake». But the girl had to leave ballet due to injury and low-paid jobs.

    In parallel with the dancing Ilyashenko studied Philology, but dropped out in the fifth year, thinking that it’s not her. In search of himself, the girl began to work in musicals. She was lucky to work with this team of professionals «Stage Entertainment Russia» in the musicals «beauty and the beast», «the Sound of music». But it was not a matter of her life.

    From 2004 to 2010 Ilyashenko was an actress «of the Theatre » at Nikitsky gate» led by Mark Rozovsky. Parallel girl studying in «the School of drama Herman Sidakova». In any other theatrical institution, the Luz is not accepted, referring to its «respectable» age (she turned 21). In 2012, when Ilyashenko graduated from the «School of drama Herman Sidakova», it began to attract film projects.

    «Sweet life»

    Creative biography of Lukeria Ilyashenko is gaining momentum. Young actress starred in the TV series «Junior», «the Fifth guard», «Zemsky doctor. Return», «Golden». All the tapes were well-received by the audience. Truly recognizable the lukeria Ilyashenko became after the premiere of the acclaimed series «the Sweet life». The actress played the lead role of Valeria.

    «Sweet life» is the most overt Russian TV series about 30-year old generation in modern Russia. Six characters — six different lives, all United by the desire to be happy. Each of them is going to happiness my way. Sometimes this way is very confusing and complicated. Valerie, played by actress lukeria Ilyashenko, the most sexy babe of the series. Leroy arrived from the provinces to conquer Moscow.

    She lukeria Ilyashenko still not used to fame and recognition on the street. The young actress is confused when she greeted the crowd of fans and says, «don’t know what to do.»

    The role of Lera is given by the Lusha easy. Why in the fates of heroines like. Ilyashenko, too, came to conquer Moscow and faced many difficulties. The actress admits that the material side, the well-being of her concern as much as the heroine of the film played. But the road to success Lera and Lusha see differently. Young actress dreams of success, she wants to be in the movie.

    In addition to the cinema of the actress there are still a few Hobbies. Lusha enjoys music, dancing, Antiques, art and vintage jewelry.

    On the eve of the premiere of the second season of the series «Sweet life», the artist decided to warm up interest of public to the person. Photo of Lukeria Ilyashenko graced the July cover of men’s magazine «Maxim».

    High ratings of the series ensured a third appearance of the season, which will be released in 2016.

    You can also note the participation of Loceri in such films as the highly-rated series «Betrayal», the drama «Hunters» and the film «Dance to death».

    Personal life

    Life of Lukeria Ilyashenko has long been closed from prying eyes. Girl all questions were answered evasively, not mentioning the name of his chosen. At the end of 2013, reporters learned that the favourite Ilyashenko editor in chief of magazine Maxim Alexander Malenkov. Despite differences in 17 years, the couple many consider to be strong. Roman actress and Malenkov lasts for several years.

    Family life lukeria Ilyashenko has no plans. «Need «enough», to assert itself, and then, reassured, to give birth to children. After all, motherhood is a new level of development, it must be approached mindfully, with love, «—said in a media interview the actress.


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    The Lukeria Ilyashenko

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