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  • Name: Gianluca Vacca ( Gianluca Vacchi )
  • Date of birth: 5 August 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Bologna, Italy
  • Activity: businessman
  • Marital status: married

    The Gianluca Vacca biography

    Athletic body, stylish clothes, yachts, planes, luxury villas and equally luxurious women, nearly 5 million followers on Instagram – Italian millionaire Gianluca Vacca lives, nor in denying themselves nothing. About such as it is, as the Italians say, «Born with a silver spoon in his mouth».

    Gianluca was born on 5 Aug 1967 in Bologna. In 1961, father Vacca founded a company to manufacture packing and packaging machinery for the pharmaceutical industry. He found a profitable niche – soon his firm entered the global market.

    The Gianluca Vacca is one of the oldest Italian families in their family were not only businessmen, but also artists. In one interview he mentioned ancestor, whose works are exhibited in the famous gallery «Palazzo Pitti in Florence: apparently, it Gianluca and inherited an insatiable craving for beauty.

    From adolescence he was used to tuck the left statio on jeans, trousers and even shorts. Today this habit has remained, except for the Vacca only makes for a Tux.

    Millionaire Gianluca Vacca
    Millionaire Gianluca Vacca | Dead bees

    After school, Gianluca enrolled in the University of Bologna, faculty of Economics and Commerce, and in 1993 received a diploma. To 29 years he worked in the family business, and then decided to expand the field of activity.


    In the company’s family of Fin Vacchi Gianluca of Wakka holds the position of member of the Board of Directors and owns a 30 percent stake. Headed by his cousin Alberto modest and closed to the press. Gianluca said that he was lucky to Alberto Vacca, because he can launch and maintain a successful business. This allows the millionaire to live the way he wants, self-actualization.

    Businessman Gianluca Vacca
    Businessman Gianluca Vacca | SUN

    The first belongs to the SEA, which has been producing RV. He also owns shares of the company Eurotech and Toy Watch. The fashion industry has always attracted the eccentric Italian. Stake in watch brand Toy Watch he bought, and then to establish their own brand GV. The brand produces t-shirts and accessories.

    In the last few months Gianluca Vacca moved away from business management, to live as he likes. Photos and secrets of the happy life he actively shares with his readers in Instagram and in a few months became the Internet star.

    Personal life

    Gianluca Vacca of in good physical shape – his acrobatic feats will be envied by many young men. In the privacy of an eccentric millionaire either – he is free from prejudice.

    The Gianluca Vacca
    The Gianluca Vacca | Cucumber.

    The Vacca loves young women, younger than him at 18-25 years. He had Affairs with Nina Senicar and Belen Rodriguez. In 2011, he stated that he is engaged to TV presenter Melissa Cattoi, but after a month they broke up. In 2014, the press wrote about the novel of Gianluca Vacca with actress Michelle Rodriguez, but if something happened between them, it was only a short affair. Recently the millionaire lit up in the company of Lindsay Lohan.

    The last few months, the main character of his strip in Instagram – model GA Gabriele, Wakka calls her his wife. GA is 18 years younger than her husband, but says the age difference doesn’t feel. She likes trained body of Gianluca Vacca – every day he does 2 hours. Fantasy millionaire it is not confused – she’s trying to play along with the man. It happened with their incendiary dance – video, which reviewed hundreds of thousands of users.

    Gianluca Vacca and the GA Gabriel | ELLE

    Gianluca and GA met by chance – she came with my friend to the party, which was organized by the Vacca. Once a businessman saw the girl said to herself that she will be his other half. And so it happened.

    Millionaire recently published a book, «Enjoy», in which shared principles of hedonism, which he professes.


    A family company, which co-owner is Gianluca Vacca, a world leader in the market of packaging machinery for the cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries. According to the Italian magazine Il Fatto Quotidiano, the state of the Vacca is estimated at 1.1 billion Euro.


    The Gianluca Vacca

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