The Cloister Dmitry

(biography, photos, videos) Dmitriy Klepatskiy

photo Dmitry klepatsky

  • Name: Dmitry Klepatsky ( Dmitriy Klepatskiy )
  • Date of birth: 1972.
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Nizhny Novgorod
  • Height: 179
  • Activities: actor, producer
  • Family: married Anna Nevskaya

    The cloister Dmitri: biography

    The cloister Dmitry Vladimirovich was born in Nizhny Novgorod in 1972. In childhood and youth he was very fond of sports. As a boy, Dmitri attended the sections of karate and JIU-jitsu. Soon he received a master of sports in ski jumping from a springboard. For a long time, the cloister, athletics, gymnastics and Alpine skiing, lots of swimming. Indeed, sport was his real hobby of life. About the movie or the theater the young man never even thought of.

    Klepacki Dmytro
    The Cloister Dmitry | Baskino

    After the ten-year young man was enrolled in the local University on economic faculty. After 5 of course Dmitri decides to go to the United States in order to devote himself to business. But in parallel with the creation of their own business in Los Angeles Dmitry unexpectedly opened the attraction to the movie. In order to learn the basics of the acting profession, he studied for three years at the prestigious school «Playhouse West». Along with learning the Cloister was able to take part in the filming of several Hollywood films, but only in small roles.

    Klepacki Dmytro
    The Cloister Dmitry | Baskino

    In 2000, the cloister Dmitry returned to Russia. But not in his native city, and in the capital. Continuing to run your business, which brings him a steady income, Dmitri enters the art Studio to. A. Konkin to hone your acting skills. Meanwhile, the young ambitious man not to abandon his passion for the sport. And only after seven years he decided to production education at the Russian Institute of cinematography.


    Unexpectedly, in 2007, Dimitri starts his biography in the film, playing first the role of racketeer in the domestic Thriller «the reluctant Millionaire». But really the first bright role was his work in the movie «Duel». It Dmitry has managed to prove himself not only as a dramatic actor, but also as a professional stuntman. Sporty, rugged looks and tall height allows Dmitri to create roles in the genre Thriller.

    The cloister Dimitri in the movie
    The cloister Dimitri in the movie «new marriage» | full Movie

    In 2010 Dmitry klepatsky gets a role in the film series «the Joker», which has become popular among fans of the series. The most popular films of this period are the films «the Joker», «Joker. Retribution» and «the Joker-2. Operation «Trap»». The story of the hero of Arthur’s Queen, who returned from the war zone and immediately gets into a complicated mess between the secret services and the criminal world, relished a large number of spectators.

    Production center

    Dmitry klepatsky recognizes that acting for him only a hobby but a very passionate and favorite. Its income depends mainly on the enterprise, so Dmitry has the ability to choose any scenario. Besides, creating after graduating from the VGIK your production center, the cloister itself has the opportunity to participate in the creation of movies, starting with finding ideas, ending with the production of paintings in the car.

    The cloister Dimitri in the movie
    The cloister Dimitri in the movie «Climbers» | Movie-Theater

    The most successful work of his center is the film «Last summer in Chulimsk», «It’s not me», «Climbers». Prizes at international film festivals got the last picture of the «Discovery» in which the main role played by Alexei Guskov.

    The long-awaited love

    True love of the cloister Dmitry met at the age of 38 years. His choice was Anna Nevskaya, Russian actress of the musical genre. Personal life both lovers did not develop for a long time. And, having got acquainted on shootings of the first «Joker», young people a long time just met. Both wanted to approach the creation of a family without much emotion. So when in a restaurant in the French town of Antibes, within 2 years after meeting, Dmitry did Anna offer, both were excited and happy at the same time.

    The cloister Dmitry and Anna Nevskaya
    The cloister Dmitry and Anna Nevskaya | Website about fashion

    Lovers long chose the place and time for holding the wedding. In the end they liked the small restaurant in the center of Moscow, where they gathered for a celebration just immediate family and friends. The wedding ceremony took place on 12 January 2013, but still eyes the newlyweds all the photos glow with love for each other. Dmitry cherishes his wife as Anna is very kind and loving person. On the job site, all children who take part in the filming or performances, always appear close to the girl.

    Filmography Of Dmitry Klepatsky

    • Joker — 2010
    • Moscow. Three station — 2012
    • New year’s marriage 2012
    • The climbers — 2013
    • Joker. Retribution — 2014
    • Joker-2 — 2015
    • Nakhodka — 2015
    • Rules of the hunt. Sturm — 2015


    Klepacki Dmytro

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