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  • Name: Teri Hatcher ( Teri Lynn Hatcher )
  • Date of birth: 8 December 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Palo Alto, CA
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: American actress and writer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Teri Hatcher: a biography

    Teri Hatcher famous for roles in the famous American sitcom «Desperate Housewives» and the 18th film in the James bond movie «Tomorrow never dies».

    Teri Lynn Hatcher is the full name of the actress – was born in December 1964 in California, Palo Alto. But childhood passed Terry in the neighboring town of Sunnyvale. She is the only child in the family. Her parents had no relationship to the world of cinema and any other art form. Father is a nuclear physicist, my mother worked as a programmer.

    Teri Hatcher grew up like all her peers. She loved to dance and well studied. In the companies has always been the ringleader, but never upset parents bad behavior or bullying.

    The only thing sorely lacking Terry in childhood is communication with parents. They worked very hard and almost left the daughter alone. He never refused money on entertainment and fashion.

    On «factory of dreams» Teri Hatcher came quite by accident. One day her friend asked me to support him and go with him to audition for one of the Hollywood project. The girl agreed and did not regret it. She was offered the role of a mermaid in one of the popular TV show. Then a few small roles. Thus up to 16 years in Hatcher already had a decent Bank account.

    Having received a high school diploma, Teri Hatcher entered the Conservatory of San Francisco.


    After graduation, a cinematic biography Teri Hatcher continued. She appeared in episodes of several popular TV series. Most popular of them was «the love Boat» and «Secret agent MacGyver». Soon, she was entrusted a lot of work in the soap Opera «Capitol.»

    A young actress with model looks and piercing eyes brown eyes eager to take in a variety of popular designs. After «Capitol», she was entrusted the role of the second plan in the famous TV series «Star trek: the Next generation», «the Law of Los Angeles» and «Murphy brown.»

    In 1989, Teri Hatcher gets wide popularity after the release of the drama «Big picture». Famous Hollywood Directors trust her the characters of the second plan in the movie «tango and cash», «lather» and «straight Talk».

    Loud but the real success comes to a young actress with the Comedy series «Lois and Clark: the New adventures of Superman», which is broadcast from 1993 to 1997.

    Skills Teri Hatcher grows, and it does not go unnoticed by critics and Hollywood Directors. After one of the main roles in the melodrama «Two days in the valley» everyone understands that it is perfectly get any, and sometimes opposite images and easily suitable for work in a variety of roles.

    The peak of my career, Hatcher is considered the role in the latest film about agent 007, entitled «Tomorrow never dies». The picture was released in 1997 and brought the actress from California incredible world-wide fame and status of a Hollywood star.

    Later in life Terry was a popular Comedy show «Saturday Night Live». But after his career of the actress has come a long lull.

    A new surge of love and honoring Teri Hatcher got after the mega-rating TV series «Desperate Housewives» in 2004. The resounding success had been the pilot episode of the sitcom. Here shone felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria and Nicolette Sheridan. But fans of the series in one voice acknowledged that the heroine Hatcher eclipsed all others.

    For the work in this project, Teri Hatcher has received numerous honorary awards. She was awarded «Golden globe», «Emmy» award and screen actors Guild USA. The sitcom came out 7 years in a row. It was filmed 8 seasons, in each of which appeared Hatcher.

    In 2007, 40-year-old Terry managed to earn recognition as one of the most interesting models. She signed a very lucrative contract with a modeling Agency and became the face of famous label «Badgley Mischka». Before the faces of the brand was Mary-Kate, Ashley Olsen and Sharon stone.

    Personal life

    The first husband of actress was a colleague of Richard Dean Anderson, whom she met on the set of the TV series «Secret agent MacGyver». They married in 1985 but divorced after 3 years.

    A year after parting ways with Terry Dean married again. Her husband was once again the actor Marcus Leithold. But here, life is not formed, and the pair put an end to your marriage, not stretching out together.

    Personal life Teri Hatcher again made a turn in may 1994. Hollywood star and model was married to John tenney, a famous actor. After 3 years of joint was born the daughter Emerson rose tenney.

    In the winter of 2002, Hatcher learned of a terrible tragedy: in Sunnyvale, where she spent her childhood and youth, committed suicide a teenage girl. When the actress heard the name suspected of pedophilia the man that killed the child, then made a sensational recognition. Richard Hayes stone was once my husband, mother and aunt Hatcher. Shocked by the tragedy of the girls, Terry, unable to keep silent and courageously admitted experienced in childhood such a tragedy, which was involved in stone.

    Recognition and courageous act of a Hollywood star has caused a real shock in society. Police officers who received the necessary evidence could be put in jail maniac-pedophile. But his personal life Teri Hatcher was then destroyed. The man was unable to cope with their feelings and in March 2003 went. But the star got respect and recognition as a multi-faceted and a strong personality, able to civil action.

    In the spring of 2006 Teri Hatcher presented the autobiographical book «Burnt toast and a philosophy of life.»


    • «Quantum leap»
    • «Murphy Brown»
    • «The big picture»
    • «Tango and cash»
    • «Lois and Clark: the New adventures of Superman»
    • «Two days in the valley»
    • «Heaven’s prisoners»
    • «Tomorrow never dies»
    • «Spy kids»
    • «Desperate Housewives»


    Teri Hatcher

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