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  • Name: Teresa Palmer ( Teresa Mary Palmer )
  • Date of birth: 26 February 1986.
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Adelaide, Australia
  • Height: 164
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Teresa Palmer: biography

    26 February 1986 in Adelaide (South Australia) to the family of Kevin Palmer and his wife Paula Sanders a daughter – the future famous actress Teresa Palmer. Alas, the baby did not save the couple, and when the girl was 3 years old, his parents divorced. The former spouses are unable to decide with whom will Teresa, so she had to live by turns the father, the mother, but the necessary warmth and care their daughter has not received. Kevin Palmer remarried to a woman named Karen, who gave birth to four more children. And mother Teresa suffered from bipolar disorder — the disease has seriously worsened after a difficult divorce. During exacerbations of the disease, the father took the child to the farm. Unfortunately, none of the parents are not fully able to give a girl a normal family and a happy childhood.

    After high school She went to University MersedesCollege. It was then that the girl decided to connect his life with film. Had to start small: working children’s entertainer, a second-rate commercials, but she believed that her main work is still ahead. After graduating from College, Palmer has won a prestigious local competition «Search for a movie star», after which her photos came to the site of the city acting Agency, where they found K. Talluri.


    A call from Director K. Thalluri became a turning-point in her career. Teresa Palmer was invited to audition for the film «2:37» the girl with the success. Unknown provincial actress with no experience fell a great chance, and she didn’t. Teresa played the girl melody, assaulted the brother: the violence the heroine got pregnant. With not the most straightforward role of a suicidal teenager Palmer coped brilliantly. The film received a screening at the Cannes film festival and caused a sea of emotions from critics and ordinary viewers. After watching the film the audience applauded the Director and actors a standing ovation.

    Soon Teresa went to conquer Hollywood. Her debut in America was to become the main female role in the sensational «Teleport», but at the last moment gave Rachel Bilson. Palmer was very upset by the refusal and even made the decision to return to Australia. But she turned up a second chance — an invitation to one of the main roles in the Thriller «the grudge 2».

    In 2007, the actress moved to Los Angeles permanently. Orders poured in on her from all sides: the role beauty Lucy in the picture are kind of hardy, «December boys», the girlfriend of the main character in the science fiction film John Turteltaub «the sorcerer’s Apprentice», a spoiled rich girl violet in the Comedy «bedtime Stories». But most of all, she admitted that Palmer liked to work with DJ Caruso in the adventure Thriller «I am number four». The role partners plays aliens who are forced to hide on Earth from external enemies. For filming, she took lessons of extreme driving, learned to shoot a gun and has completely changed the image.

    In 2013 on screens of cinemas there was a new movie with Teresa Palmer in the title role — «Warm bodies»: an original story about friendship, zombies and a normal girl. Immediately after the shooting, the actress went on a short maternity leave. Upon her return, she starred in several films, most notable of which was the Thriller «On the crest of a wave» — a new version of the painting in 1991. She got the heroine of Samsara, which was not in the first film.

    Personal life

    The actress had many dizzying novels. First serious relationship began in Libra in Australia, her choice was a football player C. Dew. After moving to America they parted ways.

    Palmer appeared quite often in clubs and at social events with partners in the shoot, she attributed novels with Topher Grace and Zach Efron.

    Forced to stay a Hollywood Heartbreaker directed by mark Webber. After a year of a romantic relationship he did Teresa Palmer proposal, and in December 2013 the happy lovers were married. And in February 2014 the actress gave beloved son Bodhi Rhine. In may 2016, it became known that the couple preparing to become parents for the second time.


    • «And the lights go out…»
    • «Pitfall»
    • «Young hearts»
    • «Choice»
    • «Kill me three times»
    • «Three nines»
    • «Take me home»
    • «The sorcerer’s apprentice»
    • «On the crest of a wave»
    • «Bedtime stories»


    Teresa Palmer

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