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  • Name: Teona Dolnikova ( Teona Dolnikova )
  • Date of birth: 24 August 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 164
  • Activity: singer, actress
  • Marital status: Dating Maxim Shchegolev

    Teona Dolnikova: biography

    Teona Dolnikova V., Russian theater and film actress and singer, born July 24, 1984 in the capital of Russia. Theon and her sister Ketevan grew up in Moscow in a family of scholars: his father was the head of the editors of the literatures of the peoples of Russia the publishing house «Contemporary», and my mother worked as a school teacher of French.

    The parents paid great attention to the development of daughters: Theon began studying ballet at three years and five years have gone to music school. The actress notes that this varied programme was a personal choice, and the parents just went to the daughter’s wish.

    As one of the most striking episodes of his life, Theon recalls the story of the first own instrument: the night before my Birthday my mother asked what the daughter wants to get a gift. The girl wanted a violin, which found that waking up in the festive morning.

    In 12 years, Theon went to musical College Gnesin, combining it with regular school. There’s a girl studied violin and piano as well as singing. Dolnikova from childhood had a good vocal, secured in school productions, but having a desire to get on the big stage, the girl rightly decided that teachers will not be superfluous.

    In College he studied for two years, and then worked in a jazz school at its base. According to the actress, it was there she received the knowledge that enabled her to maximize his own talent.


    On the big stage Theon was due to coincidence and his own courage. In 1999 it was decided to put on the Russian stage of the Polish musical «Metro». The authors of the original musical tried not to use the well-known names, and give a chance to get new talent: that’s why the Russian version of a musical selection was open for the first time in history Russian-language productions of such a plan.

    Heard on the radio that there is a casting for a role in a new musical, Dolnikova was not afraid to come and compete with thousands of other ambitious young people. Theon at the time was only 15 years old, and Ketevan denied younger sister to participate in the selection, appealing to the need for a modicum of fame or connections to interest the Director. And producers, as it turned out, originally wanted to see starring famous actress, to musical been easier to spin. But it turned out otherwise.

    After the initial selection of talents came to the casting itself. A few months the actors were taught all the relevant parties to the audition the Director decided if he wants to see this man on stage, and if he wants in what role. Hearing Theon takes one of the most difficult arias of the musical Janusz józefowicz has insisted that the girl was given the main role.

    The musical «Metro» suddenly was a great success. It sought to see everything from grassroots to the stars of show business. There, the troupe met with Alla Pugacheva, approvingly responded about the statement. Separately, the Diva noted talent Teona, and in the future, when Alla Borisovna has invited actors to participate in the program «Christmas meetings» in 2001, the whole company only Dolnikova gave a solo number. For the role of Anna in «Metro» Theon was nominated for the State prize of the Russian Federation.

    In 2002, again thanks to their own perseverance, Theon was approved for the role of Esmeralda in the musical «Notre Dame de Paris», where he played until 2004. To make this happen, the girl recorded a CD with a demo version of the song «Live» from this statement and sent it to the composer Richard Cociente. The Maestro was impressed with the performance of the composition so that immediately invited Dolnikova to the casting, where the talented girl was not difficult to charm other leaders of the project.

    Subsequently, the role of Esmeralda Theon got youth theater award «Triumph» — the highest non-government award in the arts, and the award «the gold mask».

    In 2004 Dolnikova invited to a production of «spirit Warriors» and approved for the lead female role. This show Theon played Dmitry duuuum Paul and Mike, but the girl is not lost on the background of more famous colleagues.

    In subsequent years, Theon has played in several musicals: «Viva perfume», «Prophet», «Mata Hari», and then in 2009 moved to the U.S. to study theatre arts in school, Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

    After two years of training Teona Dolnikova returned to Moscow to play a major role in the Patriotic musical «the Times did not choose». The show has raised a lot of rave reviews as a performance that can easily compete with the famous musicals of Broadway.

    In the same year she played in another successful production under the name «Graf Orlov». In an interview the actress said that is not a joke became interested in the history of the time in which the unfolding action. Dolnikova won the National award «Musical heart of theatre» for the role of Elizabeth Tarakanova.

    Her latest at the moment most of the work in the field of musicals — the 3D production of «Pola Negri», which goes in Moscow and St. Petersburg in 2013 to date. Teona Dolnikova performs in the play the main role.


    In addition to musicals since the beginning of zero Theon actively involved in films, although mainly or voice acting, or in secondary roles. In particular, in the group «Slot» actress took part in creating the soundtrack to the movie «Bumer».

    In 2003-2004, the actress played the role of Roma women are Excited in the popular television series «Poor Nastya».

    Until 2008, Theon is removed in episodes, and then performs one of the main roles in the serial «TSyganochka with an exit». In 2009, the girl voiced Pocahontas in the Russian dubbing of the same name cartoon.

    Further development of the Russian film career of the actress stopping her departure to America. In 2012-2014 year, Theon played in three series, preferring to pay more attention to theatrical productions

    Music and TV

    Theon has also won several awards as a singer. In 2001, the girl took part in the festival «Slavic Bazaar», where she performed «Swan song» — this song brought her the Grand Prix, which was presented personally by Alla Pugacheva. The diva noted that classic song Teona performed fresh and interesting.

    Second vocal award Dolnikova in Los Angeles: it was a Grand Prix competition of young performers «Golden Voices» in 2010.

    In addition to festivals, the girl showed his talent in several national vocal show «Universal artist» in 2013 and One in 2014. She didn’t win, but, of course, was the decoration of both shows.

    Personal life Teona Dolnikova

    Affairs of the heart beauty-the actress has long been a secret behind seven locks. In an interview, she mentioned the «ex-husband», but who the actress was referring to is unknown. She admitted being very amorous, but in dealing with the press wanted to change the subject.

    The only relationship Teona, she stopped to hide this affair from actor Nikita by Bychenkova. Their love became known in the end of 2013 and in June 2014, the actress was waiting for a terrible shock: her lover had died on the tour of the theater Cetera. Dolnikova, as she herself admitted, for a long time could not recover from what happened, trying to hold back the pain, investing in the work.

    At the end of 2016, it became known about the novel Teona Dolnikova and actor Maxim Schegolev. As told reporters familiar couples, young Dating about a year, they for a long time hid their relationship. In December, the media reported that in March 2017 Theon Dolnikova and Maxim Shchegolev ready to become parents. If in case Teona is a long-awaited first pregnancy, the Maxim already has three children from a previous choice.


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    Teona Dolnikova

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