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  • Name: Telman Ismailov ( Telman Ismailov )
  • Date of birth: 26 October 1956.
  • Age: 60 years
  • Place of birth: Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Height: 177
  • Activity: entrepreneur
  • Marital status: married

    Telman Ismailov: biography

    Mardanovich Telman Ismailov, a Russian businessman of Azerbaijani origin, also has Turkish citizenship. He was the owner of the Cherkizovsky market in Moscow and is the founder of the famous group «AST».

    His biography Telman Ismailov began in 1956 in Baku and was the tenth of twelve children in the family. His father by birth was an Azeri, and my mother, also, had Jewish roots. Mardan Ismailov was engaged in trade, and worked hard and amazing work ethic, what he always needed assistants. At 14 years old Thalmann was not just to help, namely to work together with his father, and soon became Director of the first and the only commercial shop in Baku.

    Telman Ismailov
    Photo Telman Ismailov | Baku magazine

    In 1973 Ismailov entered the Baku Institute of national economy, but after the mandatory military service was transferred to the same educational institution — Moscow Institute of national economy named after Georgi Plekhanov. The distribution of young man working as an economist in the Ministry of Commerce and later as an expert in «Vostokintorg». When Mikhail Gorbachev announces in the restructuring, Telman Ismailov organize their own cooperative enterprise and becomes an official businessman.


    In 1988 Ismailov creates a company called «Commercial charitable company», which sells various products, including casual dress. This cooperative was destined to become the first link in the chain of the future famous group of companies «AST». By the way, developing the first enterprise, Thalmann became friends with the future mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov, which always remained on friendly terms.

    Over time, the range of the financial interests of Telman Ismailov has expanded. He became involved in the hospitality business, construction, jewelry production, opened a security company and a private city taxi. Company Ismailov owned the Cherkizovsky market in Moscow, but now the Bank already has in this lucrative spot sales, which had considerably diminished his revenue.

    Telman Ismailov
    Photo Telman Ismailov |

    Interestingly, after the businessman lost the Cherkizovsky market, he tried to buy the best accounting company in Ukraine – market «Seventh kilometer» in Odessa, where people specially come to buy entrepreneurs from across the country, but also from Moldova and Belarus. But Telman Ismailov on the market had their eye then-President Viktor Yanukovych, and the organization passed into the hands of his representatives.

    Hotel Mardan Palace
    Hotel Telman Ismailov «Mardan Palace» in Antalya, Turkey | StopKadr

    Himself Thalmann decided to wait out the crisis in Turkey. He opened in Antalya, Turkey hotel «Mardan Palace», named after the father the businessman, who on the opening day of the hotel would have turned exactly 100 years old. Incidentally, the German newspaper «Süddeutsche Zeitung» called «Mardan Palace» the most expensive hotel on the continent, as its construction took at least a billion dollars. When the company was put into operation, businessman Telman Ismailov asked Turkey to give him a second citizenship and this was granted.

    Telman Ismailov sons
    Sarhan and Alekper Ismailov, Telman Ismailov sons | Discover Azerbaijan

    But in November 2015, the public became aware that the ownership of the hotel «Mardan Palace» was transferred to the Turkish Bank «Halkbank» through sale at auction, as Russian businessman were many debts to Turkish companies.Today, Telman Ismailov is not considered one of the richest people in the country. In 2015, the arbitration court of Moscow region it is officially declared bankrupt, and shareholders founded the group «AST» now has his sons.

    Personal life

    In his personal life Telman Ismailov everything is stable. He is long married and raised two sons-Sarhan and Alekper that changed it in the business. Public known some of the numerous brothers of the entrepreneur. For example, Fazil Ismailov few years ago performed the duties of the prefect of Northern administrative district of Moscow. And just recently, sadly famous other brother, Rafik Ismailov. He is suspected in the murder of two businessmen — the founder of the «Lublin motors» brileva and Yuri the owner of a chain of shopping malls, Vladimir Savkin.

    Telman Ismailov with his wife
    Mardanovich Telman Ismailov and his wife Samira | Express newspaper online

    Telman Ismailov is a very generous man. His entourage used to get gifts. Also, the husband was not deprived of such attention and their star guests. For example, singer Nikolai Baskov, he gave a Villa in Turkey, the actress Sharon stone – diamond necklace, TV host and psychologist Ilham Mirzaev Golden Koran, and singer Tom Jones platinum watch. In addition, among the familiar Ismailov include such celebrities as Jennifer Lopez, Richard Gere, Monica Bellucci, Paris Hilton, Iosif Kobzon, Andrei Malakhov, Philip Kirkorov, and many others.

    Telman Ismailov and Monica Bellucci
    Telman Ismailov and Monica Bellucci | Woman

    The main hobby of the businessman from Azerbaijan is a collection of watches, which are in his collection there are more than two thousand couples. Also, the Bank tried twice to become a co-founder of the football club. In 2010, he became Vice-President of the command of Ramzan Kadyrov, Terek Grozny, but actually took the club only three years later, organizing a friendly match with the Israeli Beitar from Jerusalem, which was executed two of the best transition players. Then Telman was going to buy an Israeli team in the property, but the fans blew that deal, and then the businessman has lost interest in football.


    Telman Ismailov

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