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  • Name: Taylor Lautner ( Taylor Lautner )
  • Date of birth: 11 February 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Grand rapids, Michigan, USA
  • Height: 174
  • Activity: American actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Taylor Lautner: the biography

    Star Taylor Lautner came on the Hollywood firmament not so long ago. However, shone so bright that the army of fans of young – early 20s-ti – guy today, hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Mostly it is girls, after all, Taylor is still the handsome.

    Glory literally collapsed on the Lautner after the release of the acclaimed vampire Saga «Twilight». But today, in his filmography there are many works which he can be proud of no less than the role of a vampire Jacob black in the twilight Saga.

    Taylor Lautner Pogledaj
    Recently Taylor Lautner noticeably stouter | selebrities

    Born Taylor Lautner in February 1992 in Michigan, in the small town of Grand rapids. The boy’s parents Deborah and Daniel Lotery – the relation to art did not have. They only wanted son to grow up healthy and beautiful. So took 6-year-old Taylor for the section of martial arts. Guy became interested in karate and soon began to show considerable success, standing out among peers.

    The first victory he won in 7 years. Taylor Lautner won the tournament in his age category. Little karate sent to represent the country in international competitions.

    It was during this period the boy began to think about the appearance on the screen. His coach saw that Taylor not only has athletic potential. The coach understood that the future of man may be much more interesting. So, after hearing about the casting is «Burger King», he insisted to participate in the trial of Lautner.

    Taylor Lautner in childhood
    Baby photo

    But the casting was not successful for Taylor’s success. It affected a complete lack of acting experience. But Lautner had already developed a «fighting spirit. He’s not used to stop on the way to the goal. His pride was hurt, and the guy decided that I will take this «height». He had the «sports enthusiasm», which was supported by loving parents. Together with his son they have been in the auditions, which were held in Florida, where the range of possibilities was wider than in his native Michigan.

    But the sport Taylor Lautner dumped. To achieve even greater results, he worked in the section of the legendary Mike Chat, seven-time champion of America. 12 the teenager got the championship title and became the winner of the world championship among juniors. In his collection at home was barely enough space for all prizes and awards.

    Taylor Lautner is a karate
    Taylor Lautner is a karate

    For all that Taylor Lautner has turned into a rather attractive young man with a bright and memorable appearance. This is not surprising, because in his veins mingled French, Dutch, German and Indian blood. In the family star has the ancestors of the tribes, the Ottawa and potawatomi.


    To achieve the desired and to appear on the screen, the boy was able when he was 9 years old. It was then, in 2001, launched a cinematic biography of Taylor Lautner. Future Hollywood star starred in a small role in the Comedy series «My wife and children.»

    The success inspired and Lautner, and his family, who for the sake of career of his son decided to move to Los Angeles, where he opened a wide opportunity for everyone who dreams of becoming a movie star.

    From that moment Taylor Lautner is constantly on the castings and samples involved in all the auditions, where he could offer the role. And the result has not kept itself waiting long. In the same breakthrough 2001, a few months after the completion of the work in his debut Comedy, the boy was invited to play in several movies. He appeared in the witty Comedy «the Bernie Mac Show», which was followed by a vivid role in the adventure film «Shadow-killer».

    Taylor Lautner in the film
    In the film «the adventures of Sharkboy and Lava» | Dwijok

    The following year the young actor was able to try on a new role – he tried his hand at scoring films. Voice Lautner talking characters animated cartoon «What’s new, Scooby-Doo?», «Duck Dodgers», «Danny phantom» and several more.

    At this time Taylor Lautner don’t forget that an actor is a profession which, like any other, you need to learn. He attends acting classes and greedily absorbs teaching.

    Success comes rather quickly. In 2005, the teenager was offered a job in the 3D film «the adventures of Sharkboy and Lava». It is noteworthy that there was useful not only acting, but also sports the talents of Taylor Lautner. The film received positive feedback from viewers and critical acclaim. 13-year-old actor for the first time really tasted the taste of fame. He was out on the street and asked for autographs. But most importantly, now Taylor Lautner should not have down feet in blood, running to auditions in search of a new role. The Directors themselves found him and offered a job.

    Taylor Lautner in the movie
    In the film «cheaper by the dozen 2» | vlogspot.com

    Filmography of Taylor Lautner rapidly expanding. In the Bank young artist appeared in the series «Love incorporan» and family Comedy «cheaper by the dozen 2». The young man continued to work in the scoring. Now his voice spoke the heroes of the animated film «It is Bally’s, Charlie brown».

    Then followed a 2-year break. Taylor Lautner has devoted time to learning. But a return to cinema in 2008, was a triumph. The actor auditioned in a Hollywood project «Twilight», which is destined to become a hit all over the world.

    Taylor Lautner in the role of Jacob
    In the role of Jacob in the «Twilight» books | Person

    But for the sake of filming the movie Taylor Lautner had to recover and build muscle. Werewolf Jacob black in the script should not be thin and graceful. Directors saw the vampire raised an impressive biceps and torso. The artist really wanted to get the role knowing that it could be truly stellar. So a few months of attending gym, Solarium, increased muscle mass special protein drinks and hard to eat.

    As a result, within a short time Taylor Lautner «got fat» at 15 pounds. The role was not easy. In addition to changes in diet and regular grueling workouts, the guy had during the whole shooting process to carry bulky wig. But the Saga was worth it. Taylor woke up famous all over the world. «Twilight» was seen by millions of viewers from different countries.

    Taylor Lautner
    For the filming of the Saga of increased muscle mass | vlogspot.com

    A successful project will be continued. Were removed the new part of the vampire Saga «new moon», «Eclipse» and «breaking Dawn.» Fanclubs Taylor Lautner emerged in many countries of Europe, Asia and of course America. Fans did not let pass the star. Exalted one girl even committed suicide, saying that can’t live without Taylor.

    The popularity of Lautner as his fees, has grown rapidly. In 2010-11 actor has starred in several popular films, including the most brilliant Comedy «Valentine’s Day» and the Thriller «Pursuit». In the latest project, Taylor Lautner played the main character.

    Taylor Lautner with purple hair
    The violet-haired | single

    Among the most «fresh» film actor, he gave fans in recent years, the movie «Tracers», «the Ridiculous six» and «scream Queen». To work in the latest project, Taylor Lautner dyed her hair purple. Photo appeared in 2016 on the stars page in Instagramm.

    Personal life

    A star handsome and vigilantly watching the paparazzi and annoying fans. Personal life Taylor Lautner is of interest to many. Therefore, each novel or short fling yourself into the view and into the camera lens. And he never ceases to give rich food for conversation.

    Rumor has it that a Hollywood playboy had Affairs with such stars as Selena Gomez, Kristen Stewart and Taylor swift.

    Taylor Lautner and Taylor swift
    Taylor Swift | Shining Stars

    Country singer Taylor swift Lautner began Dating in 2009. Together they starred in the Comedy pilot «Valentine’s Day». But at some point the couple decided to leave. In parting she gave to former lover the song «Back to December».

    Romance with Selena Gomez has been in the same 2009. But it was a rather short affair, which ended in the same year. The couple has maintained a friendly relationship.

    Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins
    Lily Collins | Our news

    Then followed a romantic relationship with Lily Collins, Mike Monroe and Marie Avgeropoulos. Particular attention was drawn to a couple Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins. They appeared together and seemed happy. But the difference is still held. Rumor has it that the girl wanted beloved officially announced about their relationship. But he was in no hurry, silent and long-lasting intrigue.

    In the end, Collins understood that this playboy and heartthrob it is impossible to build a long and serious relationship. The affair ended almost before it began. To replace him came a gentle friendship of Taylor Lautner and Marie Avgeropoulos. The relationship lasted for 2 years, but in 2015 it became known that they come to an end.

    Kiss Lautner and Pattinson
    Kiss Lautner and Pattinson | Itskika.wordpress.com

    A lot of noise was made history with a kiss Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson. This extravagant thing happened at the awards ceremony MTV Movie Awards. The initiative belonged to Pattinson. Lautner looked a little confused, but resist not.

    Taylor Lautner and Billy Lourdes
    Billy Lourdes | Rory

    In 2016, it became known that, along with Taylor Lautner is the new beautiful colleague on the project «scream Queen» Billy Lourdes. How long will this relationship – we will see in the near future. But at the moment the star’s Dating this girl.


    • 2005 – «the adventures Sharkboy and Lava»
    • 2005 – «Love Incorporan»
    • 2008 – «Twilight»
    • 2009 – «Twilight. Saga. New moon»
    • 2010 – «the Twilight. Saga. Eclipse»
    • 2010 – «Valentine’s Day»
    • 2011 -«Twilight. Saga. Dawn»
    • 2012 – «Twilight. Saga. Dawn.» Part 2
    • 2013 – «Schoolmates 2»
    • 2014 – «Tracers»
    • 2015 – «the Ridiculous six»
    • 2016 – «Queen of scream»


    Taylor Lautner

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