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  • Name: Tatyana Tolstaya ( Tatyana Tolstaya )
  • Date of birth: 3 may 1951
  • Age: 65 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 157
  • Activity: the Russian novelist, essayist, literary critic, educator, journalist and TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Tatyana Tolstaya : a biography

    Tatyana Nikitichna Tolstaya, which its numerous army of fans loves for the excellent intellectual program «School for scandal», an amazing novel «Kys» and many other works, was born in St. Petersburg (then Leningrad) in may 1951. Her family is as colorful and unusual as the writer herself. Grandfather on my mother’s side, a famous literary translator Mikhail Lozinsky, the poet. Grandfather’s father – the famous writer Alexei Tolstoy, created the unforgettable «Golden key, or adventures Buratino» and «the Hyperboloid of engineer Garin». His wife, the grandmother of Tatyana Nikitichna, the poet Natalya Krandievskaya.

    Succeeded father Tatyana Tolstaya, although did not go on the literary and scientific lines. He became Professor of physics.

    In the house, in which grew the future writer, it was always noisy and fun. After all, in Thick increased 7 sons and daughters.

    Not surprisingly, reading was a favorite pastime of Tatiana Nikitichna Tolstoy in his childhood. After school, she went to enter the Leningrad University, choosing a classic Philology. Here she studied not only literature, but two fairly complex language – Latin and Greek.

    After graduation in 1974, the future writer and TV presenter moved to the capital with her husband, the philologist-classic and Andrey Lebedev.

    Books and TV

    In the capital, the writer of Peter gets a job as a proofreader in the editorial office of the publishing house «Science». Here began the literary biography of Tatyana Tolstaya. Her debut is a critical the article «with Glue and scissors…», published in the journal «Questions of literature» in 1983.

    As later told Tatyana Nikitichna, to take up the pen, not only to read and review other people’s works that made her banal circumstance. The eye surgery she had about a month to lie with a bandage. Idleness, to pass the time, Tatiana Nikitichna started to write lyrics. Thus was born the first scenes of the future works of the writer Tolstoy.

    After removing the bandage, Tatyana Tolstaya immediately began to transfer their imagination on paper. Thus was born her debut story, published in the popular magazine «Aurora» called «On the Golden porch sat…». The story was immediately recognized as the best literary debut of the 1980s. Inspired by this success, Stout wrote two dozen stories that have been printed since 1984, and 1988 years. These works willingly accepted fashionable «thick» magazines, such as «New world», «Banner» and «October».

    The first collection of stories St. Petersburg writer got the same title as the first story. Admirers of talent of Tatiana Nikitichna was able to buy the book in 1987.

    Soon after the publication of the collection of Tatyana Tolstaya was admitted to the Union of Soviet writers. But Soviet critics responded to new works by member of the writers ‘ Union quite cold. The young writer was accused of «dense writing, intellectualizing and stereotyped works.

    However, the number of fans of Tatyana Tolstaya grew rapidly. Young author with a sharp mind and an original point of view, is not afraid of the sharpness and brightness of colors, a Thick burst into the modern literary party. She has a reputation as an intellectual and even a rebel. The characters of her works become unexpected characters such as the old-old women, disabled children, crazy city and the homeless. Especially sharply ridiculed the philistinism and consumer psychology of modern society.

    In 1989, Tatyana Tolstaya took the Russian PEN-center. And next year, the writer went to the USA where she was asked to teach Russian literature and writing at one of the colleges located in Princeton. Thick works with well-known magazines, including «The New Yorker» and «TLS».

    The 1990s Tatiana Nikitichna regularly visited to America, where he lectured in different universities. She lived a few months in the US and soon noticed that under the influence of the environment, the language of immigrants is filled with «nedoslov», some ugly hybrid of several languages. In detail this phenomenon witty writer managed to reflect in his essay «Hope and support».

    In Russia, beginning in 1999, Tatyana Tolstaya is in active journalistic activities. She collaborates with the weekly «Moscow news» and the magazine «Capital». Her essays and stories appear in «Russian Telegraph».

    In 2000 appeared the first novel by Tatyana Tolstaya, named «kitty». He was ambiguously received, but gained a lot of fans. His novel brought the Creator of the award «Triumph» and soon became a bestseller. And the next year he released three books-collections of short stories, «Day», «Night» and «Two».

    Since 2002, Tatiana Nikitichna Tolstaya appears on the screen. First, in «Basic instinct» and later in «the School for scandal». Latest talk show she leads together with Avdotia Smirnova. Transmission becomes a favorite for many intellectuals and leading brings the award «TEFI». Fat later appeared in another show called «Minute of fame».

    And in 2010, Fat along with niece Olga Prokhorova publishes first book for children. It’s called «Same Alphabet Pinocchio.» It is linked with the most famous work of the grandfather of Tatiana Nikitichna «the Golden key, or adventures Buratino».

    Personal life

    As the person clever and intelligent, Tatiana Nikitichna does not discuss his personal life and does not expose its details to the public consideration. It is known that the private life of Tatiana is her sons Artemy Lebedev and Alexei Lebedev.

    Artem is a talented designer. He has his own Studio where Lebedev provides artistic leadership.

    The youngest son of Tatyana Tolstaya – Alexey – photographer. He lives in America, is engaged in computer graphics and architecture.


    Tetyana Thick

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