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photo Tatiana Ryzhova

  • Name: Tatiana Ryzhova ( Tatyana Ryzhova )
  • Date of birth: 18 April 1991
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Ivanovo
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: participant in the show «Dancing on TNT season 2»
  • Marital status: not married

    Tatyana Ryzhova: biography

    Tatyana Ryzhova was born in Ivanovo in April 1991. She is the daughter of Aleksey Ryzhov, arranger, founder and soloist of the famous pop group «Disco Crash». Grandmother and grandfather of Tatiana – teachers.

    A few years after her birth, the parents divorced. Soon Tatiana and mother moved to the capital. Secondary education girl began to get at one of the schools of Ivanovo and graduated in Moscow.

    After finishing school Tatyana Ryzhova becomes a student of National University «Higher school of Economics». In high school girl spotted a great sense of humor and ability to sing and dance, becomes a member of the team «team «Higher school of Economics» and actively plays in the WHC. Often root for the team that played the daughter, came Gwen. Team Ryzhov took part in the Premier League and reached the semi-finals.

    In 2012, receiving a bachelor’s degree, Ryzhov decided to continue her education and enrolled in a master’s degree, by the faculty of communication. The master’s degree was successfully completed in 2014.

    After graduation, Tanya Ryzhova found a job and a degree. She took the «Dancing on TNT», where during the 1st season, he worked as a correspondent. Her job was to compile a profile of all the participants of the show. Tatiana with great attention watched the dancers, who were cast on the show, and often imagined myself in their place. The fact that Ryzhov and she knows how to dance. To this task she devoted more than 17 years of life. Her style is experimental. The girl appeared in the clips of his father.


    Two years, starting from 2008, Tatiana Ryzhov went to school dance «Street Jazz», where he taught Maxim Nesterovich and Ekaterina Reshetnikova. But the first teacher Tanya after her move to the capital was Alexander Sherman. First Tatiana just attended training. But soon her take on the speech. She often appears at various competitions and festivals.

    In 2009, Ryzhov visited Japan, where she was fortunate to attend master classes «Set of dance lessons». Next summer Tatyana has gone to the biggest European dance camp «Street Dance Kemp», which is held annually in the Czech Republic. His workshops get the best dancers in the world.

    Within 2 years, starting from 2011, Tatyana Ryzhova was organizing and directing dance projects. The most famous of them – the musicals «Valmont», «Iron egg» dance battle «Night in KC». In some projects Tanya has performed as a dancer.

    In 2012 the team «Jack-Jack», which were Ryzhov, has won prizes at the festival jazz-funk. In the same year, Tatyana together with Maria Madame Odintsov opened his own dance school «Soul Beat Crew». Here Ryzhov teaches in two areas – «Sexy Rnb» and «Jazz-Funk». Students often perform as backup dancers at concerts «Disco Crash».

    In 2013, Tanya Ryzhov created a new project called DANCELIST. This e-digest, which contains all available information about the dancers and the dance of life. Including plans of the Metropolitan groups for the month ahead.

    Known Tatiana Ryzhova and leading various events.

    The «Dancing on TNT»

    Biography of Tatyana Ryzhova has made a long-awaited turnaround in 2015. The dream of Taani to become a part of the show was realized when she was 24 years old. The girl claims that he wanted to take part in the 1st season of the project, but decided not to.

    Rumors that Tanya promotes famous dad, Ryzhov rather not offend, but encourage. She understands that her own need to prove their worth as dancers. And daddy’s connection in this way will not help.

    Tatyana Ryzhova has managed to enter the Top 24 contestants on the show. In my team invited her Miguel. Tanya herself says that he was very glad, because this mentor is very similar to itself for energy and the whimsical.

    Personal life

    Tatiana has a great relationship with his father and half-brother Ivan. They often travel together to different countries, like skiing.

    At the moment Tanya Ryzhov so busy on the project and the private dance school, it’s time for a romantic relationship is just not enough.


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