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  • Name: Tatiana Morozova ( Morozova Tatyana )
  • Date of birth: 24 September 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Ufa, Russia
  • Growth: 158
  • Activities: actress, comedian, author of stage miniatures
  • Marital status: married to Paul Titanuim

    Tatiana Morozova: a biography

    Tatyana Morozova was born on 24 September 1983. Hometown actress is a Ufa. The girl grew up in a normal family and since childhood has been creative. In his free time from school she took a course in sewing and needlework, visual arts. Tatiana was a sporty child, played volleyball, worked in the dance section, where she studied folk and modern dance. As admitted by the artist herself, her line of «simple Russian woman» began to take shape from the time.

    Despite the love of art, Tatiana Morozova, interested in exact Sciences. This helped the girl to act in the Bashkir state pedagogical University, from which he graduated in 2006, received the specialty teacher of sketching, drawing and descriptive geometry.

    However, in the profession to work with Tatiana never had – in his student years she began to play in the WHC, which greatly influenced her further career.

    Tatiana Morozova: KVN

    In the KVN team of the University Tatiana Morozova came after the performances in the contest of skits, which competed faculties. Onstage she felt free and comfortable during your exit she felt no fear, no shame. Very soon a lively and vigorous participant was invited to play for the Ufa national team called «Real team». So, in 2002, Tatiana was at the Club, Alexander Maslyakov.

    New member in the team from Ufa appeared thanks to the actor Alexander Ogneva – it has invited Tatyana to rehearsals. First, the preparation, and the performances themselves did not cause the girl’s enthusiasm, but after a while things changed and she could no longer imagine life without the WHC.

    The dissolution of the team a «Real team» did not prevent to remain to Tatiana in the game. She accepted the invitation of the team from Minsk «Bits», therefore at some time moved to Belarus. In this team Tatiana Morozova played in the Belarusian Highest League of Club.

    At one festival the participant is invited in Chelyabinsk team «

  • Luna» («Persons of the Ural nationality»). Accepting the offer, Tatiana had to quickly settle on the men’s team, the season was in full swing – had the play directly in the semi-final of the Higher League. This period was very eventful for the actress. She had to get to rehearsals in Chelyabinsk, in which a trip from Ufa by train takes ten hours: the TV game was held in Moscow. Simultaneously with these difficulties Tatiana plunged into the atmosphere of fun, competition and all of the life drive, which is able to give the participants the game of KVN.

    Tatyana Morozova has gained popularity exactly the Ural in the team which achieved its best result in 2006, becoming the silver prize-winner of the Highest League. Then the team, which acted for four years, for some time ceased to exist, and each of the team members were left to himself.

    Tatyana Morozova: «Comedy Woman»

    In 2008 Tatyana Morozova has received from his longtime colleagues and famous Qunicy Natalia Eprikyan an invitation to become a participant of the project «Made in Woman». As part of a new Comedy show with some other girls from KVN Tatiana has performed in clubs, and then, with the release of the TV version of the transmission, got on the channel TNT.

    Then the show began to go under the name of «Comedy Woman». In it, Tatiana appeared before the audience in the form of «simple Russian woman», which can not understand, where are all the real men. The artist always appears in folk costume with artificial oblique to the waist. The main features of his stage character is the openness and integrity, served in a comic light.

    Tatiana Morozova: movies

    Career of comedic actress on television has done its job – the talent of Tatiana was spotted by filmmakers. For the first time on the screen Tatyana Morozova appeared in 2008 in the film «Very Russian detective», in which she played the role of Secretary of the chief of police. The following year she got a recurring role in the sitcom about the life of students «Univer». In 2011, the national star of humor starred in the film «the best movie 3-DE» taken «Comedy Club».

    All the films with the actress filmed in the genre of Comedy.

    Tatiana Morozova: personal life

    Rustic, Russian, simple natured, straight — Tatyana Morozova comfortable in this role, but she, unlike her heroine found her hero. Now the participant Comedy Woman knows — real men exist.

    In 2011, the media reported that Tatiana Morozova married. Her husband

  • Paul Titorov
  • owns a small business manufacturing equipment for service. He is a creative person with a good sense of humor, though its activity is far from show business. This, probably, he won the actress.

    They met at the birthday party of a mutual friend and felt sympathy. Later, she has grown and blossomed into love. Tatiana often recalls that trip in a taxi and on the question of the driver: «Such a striking couple, why not get married?». Paul’s reaction was unpredictable: he pulled from his pocket a box with a ring and invited Tanya to be his wife.

    The wedding couple celebrated in a big way, Gypsies, bears, and Russian songs. For a romantic trip, Tatyana and Paul went to Bali.

    After the wedding, the couple settled in Podolsk, where the parents of Paul have a vacation home. Vegetable garden, agriculture — not every actress is so life like, but Tatyana Morozova with joy and enthusiasm, immersed himself in rural life. She has enough energy to combine home with work in «Comedy Woman».

    In February 2013, the actress suddenly disappeared from the scene. And on February 19 it became known that she gave birth to a daughter. The child was named Sophia.

    Tatiana Morozova: photos

    Tetyana Morozova

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