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  • Name: Tatyana Lyalina ( Tatyana Lyalina )
  • Date of birth: 12 February 1994
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place of birth: Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
  • Activities: theater and film actress, singer, songwriter
  • Marital status: not married

    Tatyana Lyalina: biography

    Lalin Tatiana, a young Ukrainian actress already well known in Russian-speaking countries for his roles in such melodramas as «Distorting mirror of the soul», «Find me if you can» and «After many troubles».

    She was born February 12, 1994 in the Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrovsk. During his school years Tatiana has discovered his creativity. She learned to sing and play musical instruments, started to write own songs. Later he realized that he wanted to become an actress.

    After receiving the matriculation Lalin sent to the capital of Ukraine and entered the Kyiv national University of theatre, cinema and television named after. K. Karpenko-Kary. There she studied in the Studio of a famous actor and teacher of Nikolai Rushkovskiy, who had previously trained such stars as Sergey Strelnikov, Olga Sumska.

    Interestingly, the actress has not abandoned his passion for music continues to perform original solos and even introduced the audience to this side of his talents. For example, in the melodrama «the Distorting mirror of souls» songs «mirrors» and «You tell me», words and music that wrote it. Performed these songs for the soundtrack, too, Tatyana Lyalina, which got a lot of good songs.


    In the movie, Tatyana Lyalina debuted in 2012 due to epic «Lecture for Housewives,» in which she played the role of Lada, the daughter of the main character. Then there was the involvement in the medical series «Dr. baby dust-2» and their first big project, which brought the actress popular in Russia and Ukraine. It was a sentimental melodrama about a girl from a provincial town «Distorting mirror of the soul».

    Tatyana Lyalina in the film
    Tatyana Lyalina in the movie «Know me if you can» | the Cinema

    Just today Tatyana Lyalina 12 ready projects. Very well the viewers took the story of love «While sleeping village», criminal drama «Find me if you can,» drama «Forget and remember» a family band «After many troubles». Now the young actress is finishing work on a historical film «the Babysitter» and the military picture of the «Corridor of immortality» about the terrible blockade of Leningrad during the great Patriotic war.

    Personal life

    On the private side of life Tatyana Lyalina absolutely does not apply. According to her social media pages, the girl is not married yet and through participation in various television projects actually lives in two countries: it often happens in Kiev and Moscow.


    • 2012 — Lectures for Housewives
    • 2013 — Female doctor 2
    • 2013 — Distorting mirror of the soul
    • 2014 — Ambulance
    • 2014 — Major
    • 2014 — While the village sleeps
    • 2014 — See me if you can
    • 2016 — Forget and remember
    • 2016 — After many troubles
    • 2016 – the Babysitter


    Tatyana Lyalina

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