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  • Name: Tatyana Lazareva ( Lazareva Tatyana )
  • Date of birth: 21 July 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Novosibirsk
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actress, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Tatyana Lazareva: biography

    Tatyana Lazareva, popular participant of KVN, actress and presenter on TV. She was born 21 Jul 1966 in a family of teachers. Her childhood was spent in Akademgorodok of Novosibirsk. Gwen was in love with his profession. They met when he studied at the pedagogical Institute. Father Lazarus lost his sight at the age of 16, but the disability did not prevent him in his work and personal life. The artist says he has always been active and independent.

    Tanya and sister grew up in a family with traditions. On weekends the girls are with their parents went to the forest for mushrooms, and on holidays in their house guests gathered, talked, sang songs. Parents wanted Tatiana continued to them, but she learn not to love was a strong » C » student, but he loved to sing, play piano and guitar.

    In the 8th grade Lazarev became a member of the group AMIGO — the only minor in the team. The ensemble has performed political songs. First, Tanya played the violin, and then became a soloist and the author of some songs. The group often toured the country.

    After school during the year, Tatyana Lazareva worked as a typist in the University newspaper, and then decided to enter the vocal Department of Moscow. Universities in the capital she was not accepted, and she went back to Novosibirsk. Here she twice failed — in the exam singing her single of the entrants, put two points. Then in favor of parents Tatiana entered the faculty of foreign languages of Novosibirsk pedagogical Institute. Her patience enough for two years — she took the documents when the Dean refused her characterization to tour with AMIGO.

    Lazarev got a job as a laboratory assistant at Novosibirsk state University, enjoy taking part in the skits. One of them she showed a parody of the Lima Vajkule, after which she was invited in the KVN team of the University of Novosibirsk.

    In the life of Tatyana Lazareva began a new phase. Shortly about sparkling Siberian girl spoke the whole country. In absentia she continued to study, but now in the Institute of culture in Kemerovo. She went to a «red diploma», but on the 5th year threw Institute. Lazareva says that KVN has become a school-University. She played for teams of NSU, «In a jazz only girls» team of the CIS.


    Tatiana in films and TV shows. Her film debut took place in 1992, when she was offered a small role in «the Flowering of the dandelion».

    In 2004-2005 Lazareva has played a major role in the TV series «33 square meters». The audience saw her in one episode «My fair nanny», the films «Double two» and «Adjutant of love».

    In 2009 Tatyana Lazareva has played a major role in the film «Europe-Asia», and in 2012 appeared in the TV series «happy together».


    She wanted to work with leading television, this moved to the capital. In 1995, the dream has come true — Tatiana was invited in the program «Once a week», then was «yum», «Good jokes», «OSP-Studio». In 2007, She became the host of his own program on the channel «Home» — «Children’s day with Tatyana Lazareva». From this project, she received not only material but also moral satisfaction.

    In may 2010, Lazarev became the host of the TV game «This is my child.» Viewers often see her as the host of a popular show. Among them — the project «dancing with the stars», «song of the day», «star» and others. Her charm, humor and instant reaction to jokes, the ability to improvise and easy to chat with participants and spectators, making it the project rating.

    Social activities

    For many years She was involved in charity work. She holds events BF Sozidanie, financially supports the needy, organizes and participates in public events. In 2011-2012, Tatyana Lazareva and her associates are not allowed to demolish the historic building in Moscow.

    The actress took part in the elections to the Coordinating Council of the opposition and passed, finishing in 11th place. In the spring of 2013 Lazareva supported sexual minorities openly opposing the law prohibiting propaganda of same-sex relationships.

    Personal life

    The first whirlwind romance Lazareva happened when she was 20 years old. With the same age as Dima she met in the international camp, fell in love, took a dip in the pool with his head. When the dust settled, Tatiana learned that Dmitri is simultaneously met with a few girls.

    To 25 years Tatyana Lazareva, replaced a number of universities and professions, realized that it was time to get married. Her husband was Alexander Friends: he was older than 8 years, actively had money and was friends with the parents of the artist. In those days Friends were enviable groom – with a cooperative apartment, Packed imported equipment, private car and opportunities. Wedding dress for Tatiana he brought from Moscow. This marriage lasted six months.

    In June 1995, Tatyana Lazareva was born the son of Stepan. They say that the actress gave birth to a film-Director Roman Fokin, with whom she had a brief affair. Lazareva she then said that she doesn’t care from whom to give birth, really wanted to be a mom.

    St. Petersburg Kvnschik Michael Schatz was secretly in love with the actress, but for a long time was afraid to tell her about feelings. Tatiana herself realized this when they toured Samara. In 1998, the lovers had a daughter, Sonia. To legalize the relationship with Schatz, Lazarev, finally officially divorced with her first husband. In June 2006, in their family happened replenishment — a daughter Antonina.


    • «33 square meters»
    • «Blooming dandelion»
    • «Voroniny»
    • «Europe-Asia»
    • «My fair nanny»
    • «Not born beautiful»


    Tatyana Lazareva

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