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  • Name: Tatyana Larina ( Tatjana Larina )
  • Date of birth: 21 February 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: Singer, model, psychic, member of season 15 of «the battle of psychics»
  • Marital status: Married to Julius Mydevice-Galecki

    Tatyana Larina: biography

    Member of season 15 of «the battle of psychics»

  • Tatyana Larina remembered by the fans of the show since the first show. Strong will of the medium, strong character and natural talent allowed her to reveal their capabilities to a broad range of viewers.

    Tatyana Larina: model and singer

    Detailed information about his childhood and adolescence psychic fans was not presented. We only know that Tatyana was born in St. Petersburg on February 21. It is a hereditary esotericum. Their supernatural abilities and talents, the woman received from the next of kin.

    Tried Tatyana Larina in the role of a singer. Reaching professional heights, the psychic realized that at the moment does not want to engage in musical evolution. As a result, she left the country.

    Lived in the West and worked as a fashion model. But Larina had never stayed there. The constant practice of their capabilities and talent development allowed to increase the power of the spirit. In the period of the model is Larina noted quite a relaxed and carefree lifestyle. However, the desire to return Home took up. And medium went to Russia.

    Return Larina noted in musical circles. One of the ongoing secular parties, Tatiana talked with the composer by Kurasova. It was decided to record an album.

    Music like Tatiana, has folk and ethnic touch. Therefore, it was not difficult to create a shared album with singer Zara. General work has improved the ratings of Tatyana Larina.

    Tatyana Larina: extrasensory

    Full development of the talents of Tatiana came after the recognition in the music industry. This woman went to Israel. The main field of study was concerned with energy management. So today, in the opinion of the Larina, she is the strongest psychic in St. Petersburg.

    The main direction of activity is the management of human fears and phobias. The medium is taken even for very severe cases. But her work has helped many sufferers. Tatiana claims that their gifts finds nothing but a curse. Flowing through me all the pain clients, she experiences immense suffering.

    Tatyana Larina: personal life

    Work in the field of psychics has an impact on the personal lives of Tatiana. She believes that separation from one of the sons happened because of the success in the development of talent. About ex-husband Larina is not known, however, on 20 December during the ceremony of awarding the fans of the project were stunned by the news that members of «the Battle» Tatiana Larina and Julius Mitkevich-dalecki announced publicly about their feelings.

    During the ceremony, Larina and dalecki came out dressed in white and did not hesitate to Express in public a warm feeling. To the delight of fans Tatiana showed an engagement ring.

    July 8, 2015 Larina and dalecki got married. The solemn ceremony was held in the Pavlovsk Palace near St. Petersburg. The bride wore a dress of blue, and the groom in a traditional black suit. The wedding of Tatyana Larina and Julia Mitkevich-Dalecki was the first in two centuries, held in this historic building.

    Tatyana Larina: the battle of the psychics

    To take part in the 15th season of «the Battle of psychics» Tatiana Larina was decided after the convictions of his mentor — Natalia Banteay. Natalia is a winner of the 9th season of «Battle of psychics». They work together in the center. Familiarity between women occurred at a time when Larin had nightmares. Pantaeva after a personal meeting with Tatiana asked her to work together for the benefit of those in need.

    The first issue of a new 15 season allowed Robinson to get a lot of fans. She admitted she considers herself a witch, despite the gift that he owns. To reach its full potential participant was able during the test called «Trunk». In addition, viewers were able to see firsthand that Tatiana — the energy vampire. And the medium he confessed this to his fans after the release. She hugged the lead before the test to get more energy to progress.

    After the first release, Tatiana earned the nickname «Lara Croft» because of its strength and opportunities to apply themselves and external similarity.

    The audience and the experts, guests and trial participants said that reaching the final is the minimum possible developments finding Larina in the project. She managed to conquer the hearts of the men of his strong nature. In addition, the psychic is often sincerely concerned for others. So, the modern witch-a psychic is not devoid of ordinary human feelings and experiences.

    Among the strongest opponents Larina — the mysterious Julia Wang. The views of the audience about winning the project was divided almost equally between the two psychics. Long before the middle of the project, these two mystical girls began to share the attention and love of the audience.

    20 December, after the final series of tests, learned the name of the winner of «the battle of psychics-15». Sorry fans Larina strongest psychic of the country has become outrageous Julia Wang, which managed to win with a huge margin. Tatiana remained in second place but most importantly she’s already got the love of millions of fans.

    The Wedding Of Tatyana Larina

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