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  • Name: Tatyana Konyukhova ( Tatiana Konyukhova )
  • Date of birth: 12 November 1931
  • Age: 85 years
  • Place of birth: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • Activities: actress, people’s artist of the RSFSR, public figure
  • Marital status: widow

    Tatyana Konyukhova: biography

    Remember recognizable time Oscar-winning film «Moscow does not believe in tears», when the exalted heroine Irina Muravyova falls into the crowd of fans greeting the actors at the festival? Under her enthusiastic exclamation: «I Love konjuhovu!» comes a charming movie star that played in this episode itself. The objective of the film was to show the General idol of the Soviet cinema of the 1950-ies. For this purpose he chose Tatyana konjuhovu.

    Karina Konyukhova
    Tatyana Konyukhova | Kinder

    Some viewers took what is happening in the frame, as is harmoniously inserted in a feature film the story of Chronicles or special effects. It was hard to believe that almost 25 years after the actress so authentically played himself in early youth. This interesting fact of the biography is still admired by the professionals of cinema and the great army of her fans.

    Tatyana Georgiyevna Konyukhova was born on November 12, 1931 in the Uzbek Tashkent, where he was in the military service of his father. At the age of 15, Tatyana together with the family moved to Baltic, where the father got a new assignment. I finished high school in Liepaja.

    Tatyana Konyukhova in his youth
    Tatyana Konyukhova in his youth

    In childhood Tatiana dreamed of becoming an actress, although her parents belonged to her choice without the approval of the Pope wanted to become an accountant, my mother advised the doctor. But talented girl dreamed about.

    At school she earned the title of chief artist — best of all sang and recited poems. According to the memoirs of the actress, after she saw the film «Circus», her idol was the Lyubov Orlova, and fate was finally resolved.


    In 1949 she came to Moscow and filed documents to VGIK. Great passing all the exams, she became one of 13 lucky people enrolled in the competition 60 people in the place. The first two courses she studied in the Studio of St. St. Vanina, getting straight as.

    In one of the student performances, the young talent was noticed by Alexander rou and was invited to debut in his film «may night». The film was shot in stereoscopic format, which was then a great rarity. The first role Konyukhova was for her a landmark. Posters «May night» with a photo of the heroine, the beautiful Anne, was pasted over the Central streets of Moscow. The actress began to learn passers-by and asking for an autograph.

    Tatyana Konyukhova in the film
    Tatyana Konyukhova in «the may night» | Movie-Theater

    The shooting was not without unexpected surprises. On scoring the role of a young artist confused – the sophomore simply didn’t have enough experience. To voice the role, the Director had to invite another actress. This case will help to understand further the act of a young artist. For the actor’s biography.

    To doubt your gift, it is the institution of a sabbatical year to figure out what to do next. Returning to the third year, Konyukhova gets to other masters. A. a Friend and Professor. V. Bibikova. Legendary teacher trained a lot favorite Russian actors, among which Nonna Mordjukova, Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Yekaterina Savinova, Rufina Nifontova.

    Karina Konyukhova
    Tatyana Konyukhova

    Together with Nifontova Tatiana was invited to star in the film «the ordeal». The Council approved it after successful trials on the role of the heroine Dasha. Due to this arrangement, the actress has refused the seminal role of the Soviet cinema, which could make it a world celebrity.

    Eldar Ryazanov saw blond, blue-eyed beauty in the role of Elena Krylova in the cult classic, «Carnival night». But she gave up this opportunity, as dramatic roles valued much higher Comedy. And advised instead to try yourself Ryazanov, Lyudmila Gurchenko.

    Konyukhov I. Gurchenko
    Tatyana Konyukhova and Lyudmila Gurchenko

    Konyukhov invited for the role of Veronica in the film «the cranes are Flying». Again, failure. So great was the desire to play the main character in the film adaptation of the epochal work of A. N. Tolstoy. And suddenly she was called on «Mosfilm» began shooting pictures «Calvary», but the long-awaited role was transferred to another actress.

    «I don’t forgive betrayal so far» — says about this case today Konyukhov.

    Karina Konyukhova
    Tatyana Konyukhova | People

    Despite the impossible dream, the actor’s fate to her well. Extremely popular Soviet actress made her character roles in famous films of the fifties:

    • «Destiny Marina»,
    • «Outlaws»,
    • «Good morning»,
    • «First joy»

    The names of these pictures say little the moviegoer of the 21st century, but in the era of world malokartinya each of them met with joy and with delight has been revised several times. Films with the participation of Konyukhova won first place at the box office and made it popular in the vast vast country.

    Karina Konyukhova
    Tatyana Konyukhova | Belarus-online

    The only thing that did not suit the young artist is the similarity of the proposed roles. Generally, Directors saw her as just a courageous member of the Komsomol’s personality. The most deeply revealed her dramatic talent when I was able to play close in to the inner world of the heroine. So Sonia Orlov from the film «Different destinies».

    Career in the theatre

    A number of one dimensional film roles led to the desire Konyukhova to realize itself on the stage. The theatre she is «sick» having been a student of VGIK. Being the daughter of an officer who moved from one place to another, childhood and youth she spent in the provincial towns, do not differ theatrical life.

    The talent of the young actress was interested, and the goddess of Melpomene. In 1960, she was accepted into the troupe of the Maly theater. After a successful debut in the role of Sasha in Chekhov’s «Ivanov,» the venerable theater-goers predicted her glorious future, but a year later she is forced to leave the little theatre. However, to leave the stage quite Konyukhov has already failed.

    Tatyana Konyukhova at the theater
    Tatyana Konyukhova in the play «the Fool» | Flight.On

    A real home for it was a Theater-Studio movie actor, to whom she gave 36 years of his life, coming to the stage from 1956 to 1992 until the closing. Here Tatiana brought to life your most powerful internal impact and content of the images. Come true and a dream — to play the barbarian Stavrogin in «the possessed» by F. Dostoevsky.

    Fruitfully worked as an actress in radio and TV dramas, was engaged in dubbing. It is her voice we hear from the lips of a charming Farmer Damongo in the famous epic about Fantomas.

    In 1991 she was awarded the title of people’s artist of the RSFSR.

    Tatyana Konyukhova right now

    Now Tatyana Konyukhova is teaching — she’s the head of acting Department at the Moscow state University of culture. Speaks with the author program — reciting poems of their favorite poets Anna Akhmatova and Marina Tsvetaeva.

    Karina Konyukhova
    Tatyana Konyukhova | Movie-Theater

    The famous actress has long been planning to write a book based on their unique memories. Name ready — «Serene pessimist». I hope that someday she will tell numerous army of fans of the amazing facts of his biography.

    Personal life

    Favor of Tatyana Konyukhova was sought by many famous men — after all, she was voted beauty Queen Soviet era. Among them Evgeni Dunaevsky, Vladimir Vysotsky, Leonid Bykov, Peter Todorovski.

    First husband of the actress became a promising student Cinematography Valery Karen (the future editor of «Mosfilm»). Acting marriages are often short-lived, and this student Union lasted only a few months.

    With her second husband, the famous sound engineer Boris Vengerovsky, the relationship lasted three years. The reason for the divorce became acquainted with Vladimir Kuznetsov, her last love.

    Tatyana Konyukhova and Vladimir Kuznetsov
    Tatyana Konyukhova and Vladimir Kuznetsov | Womanhit

    The third choice didn’t belong to the actor’s environment – he was an outstanding athlete, 4-times champion of the Soviet Union in the javelin. Subsequently, Kuznetsov gave not only his athletic career, he created a new scientific direction, which was engaged in the study of human reserve capabilities.

    With him she met on the set of the film in Sochi. Temperamental athlete rapidly began the siege of the strong fortress, it turns out, he had long been a fan of her talent. Disappointed in two previous marriages with representatives of creative professions, the actress drew attention to a confident young man. Dazzling handsome six-foot tall, with a figure of Apollo – the envy of many women. He killed Tatiana, a statement that their future marriage will be her last. These words proved to be prophetic.

    Tatyana Konyukhova with my son
    Tatyana Konyukhova’s son | Movie-Theater

    Shortly after the wedding, in 1961, he was the long awaited son of Sergei, because the actress has long wanted children. Motherhood has been tough on her. In the seventh month of pregnancy, she did not stop shooting, keep your position secret from the Director. With the advent of the child actress was less to do, trying to spend more time with his beloved family.

    Years of married happiness was cut short for the actress very suddenly due to transient her husband’s death at 55 years of age. Since the most significant priorities in life Konyukhova – her only son, granddaughter Tanya and endless creative and educational activities.


    Besides theatrical roles, the actress participated in more than fifty films, the most popular being:

    • 1952 — may night, or the drowned — Anna
    • 1954 — reserve player — Valea Oleshko
    • 1955 — Good morning — Katja
    • 1956 — Different fates — Sonia Orlova
    • 1958 — Over Tisza Theresa
    • 1958 — Oleko Dundich — Dasha
    • 1961 — Dima Gorin’s Career — Gal Birch
    • 1964 — The Marriage Of Balzaminov — Khimki
    • 1981 — Portrait of the artist’s wife — Cooking
    • 1986 — On the Golden porch — Queen


    Karina Konyukhova

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