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  • Name: Tatyana Drubich ( Tatyana Drubich )
  • Date of birth: 7 June 1960
  • Age: 56 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress, doctor
  • Marital status: divorced

    Tatyana Drubich biography

    Tatyana Drubich is a Russian theater and film actress. Unlike many of his colleagues she had never received special education. Moreover, Tatiana for many years worked as a doctor, and then was a successful business woman. Domestic audience familiar with this actress in such films as «Ten little Indians», «AssA», «Anna Karenina» and «the Last tale of Rita».

    Tatiana was born and raised in Moscow. Her mother Lyubov Vladimirovna was an economist, and father Lucien Nikolaevich worked as an engineer. Early death of his father was incredibly impressed with Tanya and she was very slow to recover.

    Despite the fact that even as a child Tatiana has played two successful roles in film, Drubich after school could not say with certainty that he wants to be an actress. For some internal reasons she goes to medical dental Institute named after N. A. Semashko and becomes a doctor-endocrinologist.

    After graduation, Tatyana Drubich working as a doctor in a Moscow clinic, but nevertheless continues to act in films, and often gets on the cover of the magazine «Soviet screen», which placed the most sought-after Actresses. Later, the woman was engaged in business in the early 90s she opened a trendy nightclub in Moscow «Assembly hall», and after its closure was organized in Germany, a private pharmaceutical company.


    In 12 years, Tatyana Drubich said representatives of the Moscow Studio and invited to take part in the casting. As a result, the girl debuted in the heroic adventure film by Inna Tumanyan «the fifteenth spring». Two years later, the screen comes romance «one Hundred days after childhood», for which the young actress was awarded the prize «Silver bear» at the Berlin film festival.

    In adolescence Tatiana starred in the youth drama «Confusion of feelings» and the detective «Especially dangerous…». But after she began to study in medical Institute, the girl did not stop shooting. The actress appeared in the films «Lifeguard» and «the Heiress in a straight line», which in the story was a continuation of the «one Hundred days after childhood.» Then, together with Leonid filatovym starred in the drama «my Favorites» and Oleg Yankovsky in a love triangle «Keep me, my talisman».

    Extremely popular were the two films of 1987 mystery «Ten little Indians» by Agatha Christie and crime drama «AssA». In «aces» was the sequel to «Black rose — an emblem of sorrow, red rose — emblem of love» and «House under the starry sky».

    For the Comedy «hi, fools!» Tatyana Drubich was nominated for Nika, but then for a few years disappeared from the screens, except for the appearance in the video for the song Valery Meladze «Dawn». She returned in 2000 with the drama «Moscow», which was followed by roles in the melodrama «About love» and social drama «Volunteer».

    The most famous work of the actress in recent years was an adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s novel «Anna Karenina». It has created drama «2-ASSA-2», which miraculously combines the stories and «assy» and «Anna Karenina». Latest released film, Drubich today is fantasy, «the Last tale of Rita».

    If you look at the work of Tatyana Drubich in General, it can be noted that its role — the classic type of femme fatale, which national cinema is almost absent since the legendary Cold Faith.

    Personal life

    The only official husband of Tatyana Drubich was a famous film Director Sergei Solovyov, who opened it as the actress moviegoers. They had known each other for a very long time before their wedding, held in 1983.

    The family had a daughter Anna, who was a gifted musician. The girl studied the piano in Munich, collaborated with many orchestras worldwide, including the «Moscow Virtuosi» and the «Salzburger Mozarteum».

    In 1989, Tatiana and Sergey got divorced, but their relationship is not interrupted. Says their daughter, the love between them did not disappear never.

    Many years later, Tatyana Drubich had a second daughter Mary, who in the film adaptation of «Anna Karenina» «played» little girl, little daughter of Anna Karenina and Vronsky. The actress does not advertise who the father of this child, while in the press rumors were different. Said that maybe dad is still the same Sergei Solovyov, and also put forward the version that the child is receiving. Anyway, Drubich all questions about this says only one phrase – «No comment.»


    • 1975 — one Hundred days after childhood
    • 1986 — Keep me, my talisman
    • 1987 — Ten little Indians
    • 1987 — ACCA — Alika
    • 1988 — the Black monk
    • 1989 Black rose — an emblem of sorrow, red rose — emblem of love
    • 1996 — greetings, fools!
    • 2000 — Moscow
    • 2003 — love
    • 2009 — Anna Karenina
    • 2012 — the Last tale of Rita


    Tetyana Drubich

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