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  • Name: Tatyana Dogileva ( Tatyana Dogileva )
  • Date of birth: 27 February 1957
  • Age: 59 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 161
  • Activities: actress, Director, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Tatyana Dogileva: biography

    Tatyana Dogileva is a famous Russian actress of theatre and cinema. She was born 27 Feb 1957 in Moscow. The little girl’s parents were ordinary workers and making little. Tatiana was a very impressionable child that she viewed each film remained in the memory and turned her worldview. So, at the age of five she fell in love with the young d’artagnan from «the Three Musketeers». Soon, she loved the image of Shurochka from the hussar ballad, and she wanted to go and fight for the Motherland. And in more Mature age, after watching «Romeo and Juliet», the baby a month could not understand why people in love are unable to be together. That’s how much the idols influence on young Tanya.

    As parents Dogileva had higher education, they insisted that the girl his brother had finished high school. But Tatiana did not want to listen to their parents, because she’s still at school manifest themselves in various Amateur productions. Girl about in school at the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, but at the age of fourteen, the future star came into the Studio a young actor at Central television, where he successfully took courses of acting. When it came time to decide with the Institute, Dogileva has applied to all College theater and eventually became a student of GITIS course. P. Stalskogo. He graduated in 1978.

    In his student years, the actress led an active creative activity, was shot in episodic roles. Graduate work of a young talent was the role of Beatrice in the play «Much ADO about nothing».

    Tatyana Dogileva: theater and movies

    After GITIS young girl went to work in Moscow theater of the Lenin Komsomol. Where she played in productions of 1985. She is well behaved on stage, gave a full audience. But soon she wanted more glory, fame, recognition. And this was only possible film roles.

    After perfectly played the role of Nelci in performance «Cruel Games» Dogileva was invited to the shooting. Her first role was basically a cameo, but she played them brilliantly. Such films as «Private life», «Bee», «One in a million», «the Pokrovskie gate» and others have given Tatiana an invaluable experience behavior in the frame and every picture was better and better. Most viewers remember her role as a saleswoman from the movie «

  • Blonde around the Corner», where her partner was Andrei Mironov. Later Tatiana paused in the movie for four years. During this time she has even forgotten. But the actress never went away from the theater, and after much experience actress once again proved that it is more inclined to the theater. Such a long silence was soon replaced by rapid acting. In the paintings Dogileva was appearing with already famous and popular artists. Most film Dogileva become not only popular, but a real classic that I love to watch nowadays.

    Great place in the creative work actress takes the sitcom «Luba, children and factory». Daily twelve hours Tatiana was in the frame. It was just a crazy rhythm that almost drove Dogileva crazy. Constant change of partners in the set, great lyrics and many of the recommendations of the crew. Every morning exhausted star was trying to get away from it all and just go under the spotlight to demonstrate there his artistic talent and professionalism. There were moments when the woman couldn’t keep it all to myself. Nervous breakdowns, tantrums and tears – that’s the negative side of popularity, which only know the real popular star.

    Tatyana Dogileva: direction

    In 1988 Tatyana tried his hand as a Director. Then Dogileva was able to put interesting the play «Moonlight, honeymoon» on the play by the famous playwright Noel Coward «Private lives». This successful debut gave young talent the strength and desire to continue to work in this field. Further, the Director put the «do Not renounce loving …» and «Moscow passion.»

    All these performances are well welcomed by the audience, that’s just the critics of the work of the actress did not like. After reading their reviews Dogileva once and for all decided never to read criticism, but simply to do their favorite thing. That is why Tatiana boldly undertook the filming of this feature film. She always wanted to shout the word: «Action!». But to bring the matter before the end of the first time could not — the film was shut down due to financial difficulties.

    Such failures only fueled a strong woman, and she is still implemented as a filmmaker, taking off in 2007, his film «

  • Lera» just twelve shooting days.

    Tatyana Dogileva: TV

    Tatyana Dogileva was a member of one of the seasons of the TV show «the Last hero». In that moment, when she received the invitation, the actress had long wanted to escape from everyday problems and, therefore, gladly agreed to go on a desert island.

    According to the actress, the feeling that will stay with her for long. A world of adventure, excitement and new, it is a really difficult survival conditions. For some time, as admitted itself Dogileva, her night dreaming this desert island.

    Tatiana also participated in the show «dancing with the stars». Star almost immediately left the project, her partner on the floor was Paul eagle.

    Tatyana Dogileva: personal life

    The famous actress had two official marriage. The first time she went down the aisle at a very young age, immediately after graduation. But at that time completely absorbed Tatyana, she was not quite time to take care of his family. So the man after three months of married life decided to file for divorce.

    The second time Tatiana became the wife of the famous St. Petersburg writer and satirist

  • Mikhail Mishin, 1990. And in 1994, the couple appeared adorable daughter, Kate. She Dogileva really loves their child, sometimes even excessively. Unfortunately, what would not seem a happy marriage is the Union Dogileva and Mishina, to be together, they failed. 18 years of marriage ended in divorce. Currently Dogileva free and dedicates his life to creativity and self-development.

    Tatyana Dogileva: alcohol

    Tatiana was the brother of Vladimir, who was born disabled. In the last years of his life he was strongly tied to alcohol. Tatyana has always helped Vladimir and money, and work. She was trying to hide his passion and in his spare time ran to him. Dogileva was brother to the very end.

    Today Tatiana any other family except a daughter left. At one period are all gone. First the father, who was unable to overcome cancer, a brother and a mother who died after a stroke. This time it was the most difficult in the life of a famous actress, and worried it painful and long.

    Due to the constant stress and black stripes in life, the artist repeatedly seen in a state of intoxication, and journalists talked about alcohol addiction Dogileva. Tatyana did not hide that he had binges once she went to the Moscow narcological hospital №17, where she underwent a course of treatment.

    You have to be a really strong person to admit that the problem exists, and to overcome it.

    Tatyana Dogileva: filmography

    • Lights
    • Free wind
    • Loop
    • One in a million
    • A sinner in the mask
    • Luba, children and factory
    • Enchanted party
    • Impotent
    • Hide and seek
    • Ice Queen
    • Crazy angel
    • Distance
    • Porcelain wedding

    Tatyana Dogileva: photo

    Tatyana Dogileva

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