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  • Name: Tatyana Bozhok ( Tatiana Bozhok )
  • Date of birth: 21 January 1957
  • Age: 60 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: married

    Tatyana Bozhok: biography

    Actress of the Soviet cinema God Tatiana was born in the family of a railroad worker and a housewife in 1957 in Moscow. The family she was the youngest daughter and sixth child. Since childhood, Tanya is not only well studied, but still was fond of the dramatic art: she attended the drama group of the Palace of pioneers on Shabolovka.

    In 15 years in the Studio it was noticed by the assistant Director of the film «Every day of doctor Kalinnikova» and invited Tatiana to the shoot. The film became a debut in film career of a young actress.


    In the drama of Viktor Titov on the work and discoveries of Dr. G. Ilizarov, Tatyana Bozhok has played the role of Tanya of the patient. Its partners on the shop floor of steel famous actors Iya Savvina, Valery Zolotukhin, Alexander Kalyagin, Olga Gobzeva, Igor Yasulovich.

    Tatyana Bozhok in his youth
    Tatyana Bozhok in youth | Romance

    The photo of the young Tatiana was in the files of the thumbnail, and immediately after the first works for the young artist received an offer from the Sergei Bondarchuk, who picked the cast for his film «They fought for the Motherland». Not a tall girl, with big sensitive eyes and a thin voice was approved for the role of nurses in the epic drama the master.

    After successfully performed the role of Sergei Bondarchuk Tatiana invites God to learn in his workshop at VGIK, which he leads together with his wife Irina Skobtseva. As his students completed 1 year, the girl take on 2 course without exams.

    Tatyana Bozhok in his youth
    Tatyana Bozhok in youth | Cinema

    Due to his youthful appearance even grown up and already married to the actress often got the role of young persons. This barely graduated young teacher («the adventures of Petrov and Vasechkina», «Citizens of the universe,» «Caution, cornflower!»), and pioneer («jumble», «reversed»), and young female Secretary or telephone operator («Wick»). Each role played by Tatyana Bozhok, quickly remembered the audience through her gift of reincarnation.

    After graduation, the actress managed to star in the Comedy «Ladies invite gentlemen», where she played a major role. Her partners on stage were known by the time the actors Marina Neyolova and Leonid Kuravlev.

    Tatyana Bozhko in the film
    Tatyana Bozhok in the movie «Ladies invite gentlemen» | Movie-Theater

    23-year-old inexperienced graduate of VGIK first, a bit complexed, but her partner kept the girl and often gave wise advice to work on. And Leonid Kuravlev very gently and fatherly attitude to the young artist. It happened that the shooting in another city, he even fed her a tasty stock. Still Tatyana Bozhok good relations with him.

    Another notable work of the early period was the role of Masha from the film «Lonely the hostel». And again Tatyana Bozhok falls into the company of famous stars of Soviet cinema: Natalya Gundareva, Aleksandr Mikhaylov, Tamara Semina, Frunzik Mkrtchyan. The main role the actress has also performed in the film Arnold Agababov «There, behind the seven mountains», about love of the Russian girl from the Siberian wilderness and the indigenous Caucasian, Armenian from Yerevan.

    Tatyana Bozhok and Fyodor Stukov
    Tatyana Bozhok and Fyodor Stukov

    One of the most memorable roles of the actress began her work in the films for children and in the anthology «jumble» in which she starred for over 30 years, since 1973. Many fans often wondered what Tatyana Bozhok — mom Fyodor Stukov, the actor who played Tom Sawyer. But in the life of an actress is not a relative of Theodore.

    Even a cameo appearance Tatyana Bozhok in the frame to remember the audience. And her phrase «I, too, James bond was!» from the film «guest from the future», where she played the mother Circle, became a popular expression.

    Tatyana Bozhko in the film
    Tatyana Bozhko in the film «guest from the future» | Movie-Theater

    One of the most popular roles actress is the role of teachers. It is often the naive, eccentric person, who may suffer from his negligence and indecision. These teachers performed by Tatyana Bozhok can be found in the children’s film «the adventures of Petrov and Vasechkina» «Caution, cornflower!». And for the role of the teacher in the film «Citizens of the universe» Tatiana Bozhok even won the award for best actress at the Moscow festival of young cinematographers in 1984.


    In a period of stagnation in Russian cinema Tatyana Bozhok switched to work on the articulation of cartoons and foreign movies. At first she was more used to his voice that is given to her by nature. High, almost childish tone let her voice funny cartoon characters, as well as children. But adult roles Tatyana Andreevna need to change your voice, making it lower.

    Tetyana God
    Tatyana Bozhok | VK

    From popular Hollywood films, in dubbing which was attended by Tatiana, it is possible to note «Beethoven», «Batman», «the Prince of Egypt» series «In captivity of passion». From animated films especially memorable were the «Dragon dogs», «Peppa Pig».

    Personal life

    Tatyana Bozhok rarely gives interviews and did not appear at public events. Of the few published sources we know only a few facts from her personal life. As Tatyana, in her youth she often refused offers of Directors, as could not drive to the set because of the illness of her parents. Giving your child a duty, she cared for an aged father and mother.

    Tatyana Bozhok with his son Sergei
    Tatyana Bozhok’s son Sergei | Kino-Teatr

    Unlike her heroines, who often had problems with the marriage, Tatiana still happily married. The story of her strange love. Together with her future husband she met in first grade. Since they were not parted. After school, the husband of actress graduated from the Institute of physical education and became a teacher at the school. In difficult times for the cinema 90-e years it has become a real pillar of the family and always supported his wife.

    Tetyana God at a time
    Tatyana Bozhok | VK

    According to Tatyana, her husband is a modest man, he never gave her flowers, that she was a little upset. But one day after a performance he met Tatiana with a large package, which is open, the wife discovered the bouquet.

    To the family of the actress in the mid-80s came the only son, Sergei. The boy received two degrees: after the Institute of physical culture and sports, he graduated from the faculty of Economics. Now he works in the gym. And he has a chance to give their favorite flowers for mom.


    • Each day of Dr. Kalinnikova — (1973)
    • They fought for the Motherland (1976)
    • 12 chairs (1976)
    • Front beyond the front line — (1977)
    • Adult son (1979)
    • The day of the wedding will have to specify — (1979)
    • There, behind the seven mountains (1980)
    • Ladies invite gentlemen — (1980)
    • All the way around (1981)
    • Anxious Sunday (1983)
    • Offered for singles (1983)
    • The adventures of Petrov and Vasechkina, ordinary and extraordinary — (1983)
    • Guest from the future (1984)
    • Gently, Cornflower! — (1985)
    • Face — (1989)
    • From the life of Fyodor Kuz’kina — (1989)
    • Bolotnaya street, or Means against sex (1991)


    Tetyana God

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