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  • Name: Tatyana Arntgolts ( Tatyana Arntgolts )
  • Date of birth: 18 March 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Kaliningrad
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: Dating Gregory Antipenko

    Tatiana Arntgolts biography

    Tatyana Arntgolts was born on March 18, 1982 in Kaliningrad. Twenty minutes after the birth of Tatiana came to light her twin sister Olga. Exotic name the girl inherited from her grandfather Alphonse Avgustovich, which in origin was German, and the name Tatiana appeared due to older sister Larina from the novel «Eugene Onegin».

    Parents of girls albert Arntgolts and Valentina Galich were actors of the Kaliningrad drama theatre. Poor family was forced to live in a small apartment. Parents were literally fascinated by theater and all the time spent on stage. Daughters were left in the care of the apartments of the old woman, which allowed little girls to observe the life of the theatre from the inside. The debut of young Taani on the stage took place at the age of nine, when she played the frog in the production of «Golden chicken».

    Tatyana Arntgolts was growing up an active and lively child, the soul is not cassim in her younger sister. Future actress was engaged in gymnastics and pentathlon. In second grade my parents decided to give the twins to a music school. Tatyana independently chose to play the violin, but classes did not bring the girl joy, learning was slow and difficult. When the time came for exams at the music school, sisters Arntgolts just came, very upset mother.

    The school Arntgolts very annoyed when their sister confused. The situation changed once the girls got into the acting class profile of the school, and their parents moved after the ninth grade of General education. First Arntgolts didn’t want to go to the theater, she dreamed of becoming a journalist, but succumbed to the entreaties of the parents after he learned that the educational program includes the study of Russian and foreign literature, and art history. In the theater class sisters finally began to distinguish. Teachers explained to them that Tatiana and Olga are different not only in character but also on the behavior of nature as an actor, teacher gave them to play a completely different role.

    At the end of the entire school acting class, including Tatiana, went to conquer Moscow theatrical institutes. In several schools, the twins openly stated that they do not need the same actress. But the Schepkin school teachers immediately saw the enormous potential of Tatiana and Olga in the movie. The entrance exams they were held purely for formalities. The girls got on the course the rector of the school of Nicholas Afonin.

    Sisters Arntgolts settled in a small Dorm room at the Institute. The girls quickly led the room in order, forbidding to smoke and drink alcohol to their roommate. Children from the school were constantly trying to hurt talented girl, but she stood firm. His first role in the movie, Tatiana played, while still a student, which caused a serious wave of envy among the classmates who didn’t even congratulate the girl with her first victories.

    After graduating from the Institute in 2003, Arntgolts went to the shows in the theatres in the capital to find a job. Talented girl refused to take the corpses, and the only theater that agreed to take her, put impossible for an actress condition: stop shooting film. At the same time, Tatyana was offered the role in the TV series, she chose a career in the movies.

    Tatyana Arntgolts movies

    In 2000, the first-year student Tatyana Arntgolts was invited to the shooting four-part film «

  • NEXT,» where she played the girlfriend of the main character. This role was her debut on Russian television. In the same year it adopted the role of Katya Trofimova in the cult teen series»
  • Simple truth».

    The series «Simple truth», released in 2001, made with Arntgolts celebrity. The girl began to learn on the streets, to interview and to invite to future projects. She became the idol for many teenagers. Before graduating, Tatiana went on to star in the popular series.

    In 2003, she tried to break into the theatre scene, but her attempt failed, and she again began shooting in several pictures, through which Tatiana entrenched image of the gentle, vulnerable and romantic girl. Because of the tight shooting schedule Arntgolts had to abandon several roles, where it was successfully replaced by sister Olga.

    In 2004, the TV screens went series «

  • Mana», where the actress played a completely atypical role. Its heroine Faith had plight: in prison and in a mental hospital. Such a bright change has benefited the career of Tatiana, she was taken as a serious actress, capable of showing the complex and multifaceted nature. A special place in the career of the actress is a movie about the war. Arntgolts grew up with these iconic Soviet films as «go To fight some «old men», «the dawns here are quiet…». In 2006, she took part in the filming of mini-series devoted to the great Patriotic War — «
  • Under a rain of bullets» where he played a simple nurse. This role, the actress considers herself to be one of the most successful in her career. Besides filming in movies and TV series artist actively takes part in Russian TV shows. In 2008, Tatiana took part in the filming of the dance show «Stars on ice-2», which were paired with figure skater Maxim Stavisky. The actress was forced to leave the project in connection with pregnancy and health problems. At the end of the show she was replaced by sister Olga.

    Tatyana Arntgolts: personal life

    My husband Ivan by Zhidkova Tatiana met at Domodedovo airport when he arrived to visit his friend. Ivan instantly fell in love with a fragile blond girl. It turned out that Tatyana and Ivan for the full six years of living in Kaliningrad is almost in the neighboring houses, but fate brought them together only in Moscow. Soon the lovers began to live together. Tatyana Arntgolts not insisted on marriage, but Ivan still invited to register their relationship. In the autumn of 2008 they were married, calling only seven friends. In the evening, the couple went to the restaurant where they celebrated a solemn event.

    A year Zitkovich the couple had a daughter Maria. Soon the relationship between the spouses began to deteriorate. It was rumored that the cause was professional jealousy Zhidkova success Arntgolts. Ivan was also an actor, but his career did not develop as rapidly. In summer 2013, the couple officially filed for divorce, but concealed this fact from reporters for about six months.

    In 2014, Tatiana Arntgolts often see accompanied by colleagues in the play «Two for the seesaw»

  • Grigory Antipenko. Together, the couple attends festivals and events. The actress on the new novel has not commented.

    Tatyana Arntgolts: filmography

    • The simple truth
    • Miracles in Reshetov
    • Manu
    • Talisman of love
    • Under a rain of bullets
    • The opposition
    • And all-taki I love…
    • Furtseva. The legend of Catherine
    • Swallow’s nest
    • Snipers: Love at gunpoint
    • Second revolt of Spartacus
    • I leave you love
    • Champions

    Tatyana Arntgolts: photo

    Tetyana Arntgolts

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